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"One Nation Underground" 12" LP by Hawaii stands as a groundbreaking debut album in the world of hard rock. Released under the Shrapnel label, it marks the inception of the band's sonic journey. This album introduces listeners to Hawaii's signature sound, blending raw energy, intricate guitar work, and compelling vocals. A testament to musical innovation, it remains a cherished gem in the hard rock archives, resonating with enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Front Cover Photo Of HAWAII - One Nation Underground Shrapnel 12" LP ALBUM VINYL

"One Nation Underground" Album Description:

In the early 1980s, as heavy metal was rapidly evolving, the isolated shores of Hawaii saw the emergence of a band that would make its mark on the burgeoning speed metal scene. Hawaii, led by the fiery guitar duo of Marty Friedman and Jeff Graves, released their debut album "One Nation Underground" in 1983 on Shrapnel Records. This album would become a landmark in raw, unbridled speed metal.

Historical Context: Speed Metal Ascendant

"One Nation Underground" debuted during a pivotal time in heavy metal. Bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax were redefining the genre's limits with their rapid-fire riffs, blistering tempos, and aggressive vocals. Hawaii fit right into this movement, showcasing their own brand of unrelenting power and technical ability. The album reflected the era's raw energy and DIY spirit as new subgenres of metal were constantly emerging.

Musical Exploration: Beyond the Basics

While speed was undeniably their forte, Hawaii weren't limited to just breakneck tempos. "One Nation Underground" demonstrated a band willing to take risks and explore different moods. Tracks like "The Pit and the Pendulum" (inspired by the classic Edgar Allan Poe tale) featured slower, haunting passages in between the speed-driven onslaughts. "Overture Volcania" offered an instrumental showcase of the band's instrumental prowess. These moments of experimentation hinted at the progressive elements the band would further incorporate into their later releases.

Controversies: Challenging Boundaries

Like many of their contemporaries, Hawaii's lyrics occasionally pushed boundaries. Themes of rebellion, anarchy, and the occult ran through the album. While such themes were common in heavy metal, some critics found them distasteful or dangerous. However, this rebellious edge added to the raw, almost primal energy captured on "One Nation Underground".

Production Team and Frontman

The band served as producers on the album, ensuring it reflected their own unfiltered vision. This commitment to DIY production resulted in a sound that was unpolished but authentic to their live approach. Gary St. Pierre's high-pitched, forceful vocals further reinforced the band's uncompromising attitude. However, it was undoubtedly the guitar duo of Friedman and Graves that stole the show, with their virtuosic shredding and electrifying interplay

Music Genre:

 Speed Metal 

Album Production Information:

The album: "HAWAII - One Nation Underground Shrapnel" was produced by: Hawaii and Pierre Grill

Pierre Grill - Producer, Sound Engineer - during the 1980s Pierre Grill has produced and engineered music albums for several Heavy Metal bands from Honolulu, Hawaii, these bands include: Hawaii, Liquid Mirror, Sacred Rite, Vixen.

This album was recorded March-May 1983 at: Rendez-Vous Recording, Honolulu, Hawaii
Varney Metal Music

Airic Brummit - Cover Art

Bret H. Linford - Design

Tracy Mell - Photography

Record Label & Catalognr:

Shrapnel 1009

Record Format:

 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

 1983 Made in USA
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: HAWAII - One Nation Underground Shrapnel
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Marty Friedman - guitars, backing vocals

    Marty Friedman is a renowned musician and music producer known for his exceptional skills as a guitarist. Born on 8 December 1962, in Washington D.C., United States, Friedman's musical journey has taken him to great heights and established him as a prominent figure in the world of heavy metal and rock music.


    Friedman's interest in music began at a young age when he started playing guitar. Influenced by guitar legends such as Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, and Yngwie Malmsteen, he dedicated himself to mastering the instrument. His talent quickly became evident, and he began performing with local bands in the Washington D.C. area.

    In 1988, Friedman's career took a significant turn when he joined the American thrash metal band Megadeth . His unique playing style, characterized by intricate solos, melodic sensibility, and Eastern music influences, brought a fresh and dynamic sound to the band's music. Friedman's contributions can be heard on several iconic albums, including "Rust in Peace" (1990) and "Countdown to Extinction" (1992), both of which received critical acclaim and commercial success.

    During his tenure with Megadeth, Friedman's reputation as a guitar virtuoso grew exponentially. His remarkable technical abilities and innovative approach to playing guitar earned him recognition and praise from both fans and fellow musicians alike. He became known for his seamless blending of various musical styles, incorporating elements of classical, jazz, and world music into his playing.

    In 2000, after a decade with Megadeth, Friedman decided to pursue a solo career and moved to Japan, where he had developed a strong fan base. He embraced the Japanese music scene, collaborating with local musicians and exploring new musical territories. His solo albums, such as "Introduction" (1994), "True Obsessions" (1996), and "Loudspeaker" (2006), showcased his diverse musical influences and demonstrated his versatility as an artist.

    Apart from his successful solo career, Friedman has also been involved in various other projects. He has released collaborative albums with notable Japanese musicians, including "Tokyo Jukebox" (2009) and "Inferno" (2014). These albums further exemplify his ability to bridge cultural gaps and fuse different musical traditions into a cohesive and captivating sound.

    In addition to his work as a musician, Friedman has also established himself as a respected music producer. He has produced albums for numerous artists, both in Japan and internationally, lending his expertise to enhance their sound and bring out the best in their music.

    Throughout his career, Marty Friedman has continued to push the boundaries of guitar playing and music in general. He has left an indelible mark on the heavy metal and rock genres, inspiring countless aspiring musicians with his technical prowess, innovative spirit, and adventurous musicality.

  • Jeff Graves - drums, backing vocals
  • Gary St. Pierre - Bass guitar, lead vocals
Complete Track-listing of the album "HAWAII - One Nation Underground Shrapnel"

The detailed tracklist of this record "HAWAII - One Nation Underground Shrapnel" is:

  1. Living In Sin 3:15
  2. Silent Nightmare 3:01
  3. One Nation Underground 4:03
  4. You're Gonna Burn 4:05
  5. Escape The Night 3:49
  6. Nitro Power 4:26
  7. The Pit And The Pendulum 3:07
  8. Secret Of The Stars 4:38
  9. Overture Volcania 3:42

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Front Cover Photo Of HAWAII - One Nation Underground Shrapnel 12" LP ALBUM VINYL
Front Cover Photo Of HAWAII - One Nation Underground Shrapnel 12" LP ALBUM VINYL


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Photo of album back cover HAWAII - One Nation Underground Shrapnel 12" LP ALBUM VINYL


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