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Nina Hagen was born as Catharina Hagen in the former East Berlin, East Germany, the daughter of Hans Hagen (also known as Hans Oliva-Hagen), a scriptwriter, and Eva-Maria Hagen, an actress and singer.


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Band Description:

  Nina Hagen is a German singer, songwriter, and actress who rose to fame in the late 1970s and early 1980s with her unique voice and unconventional style. Hagen has been an influential figure in the punk and new wave music scenes, as well as a symbol of counterculture and feminism. In this web-page, we will explore Nina Hagen's life, career, and impact on music and culture.

Life and Early Career

Catharina Hagen, better known as Nina Hagen, was born on March 11, 1955, in East Berlin, Germany. Her parents were both prominent figures in the East German cultural scene. Her mother, Eva-Maria Hagen, was a well-known actress, while her father, Hans Oliva-Hagen, was a scriptwriter and film director. Growing up, Hagen was exposed to a diverse range of artistic influences, including rock music, jazz, and classical music.

Hagen began her music career in the early 1970s as a member of the band Automobil. However, she gained widespread recognition after joining the band Fritzens Dampferband in 1974. The band was known for its avant-garde style, and Hagen's powerful vocals and theatrical stage presence quickly made her a fan favorite.

In 1976, Hagen left Fritzens Dampferband and formed her own band, which became known as Nina Hagen Band. The band's self-titled debut album, released in 1978, was a critical and commercial success, with Hagen's unique vocal style and eclectic blend of punk, new wave, and reggae music earning her widespread acclaim.

Career Peak and Musical Style

Throughout the 1980s, Hagen continued to push boundaries with her music, incorporating elements of rock, pop, and electronic music into her sound. Her second album, "Unbehagen," released in 1979, featured the hit single "African Reggae," which became a signature song for Hagen. The album also included the track "Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo," which addressed the issue of drug addiction and prostitution in Berlin.

Hagen's third album, "NunSexMonkRock," released in 1982, was a critical and commercial success. The album featured Hagen's trademark vocals, which ranged from operatic to punk, and included the hit single "New York New York," which combined elements of rock and electronic music. The album also included the track "My Way," a cover of the Frank Sinatra classic, which Hagen transformed into a punk anthem.

Hagen's music has always been characterized by her unique voice and her willingness to experiment with different musical styles. Her lyrics often address social and political issues, and she has been a vocal advocate for human rights, feminism, and environmentalism throughout her career.

Impact on Music and Culture

Nina Hagen's influence on music and culture has been significant. She was a pioneer of punk and new wave music in Germany, and her eclectic style and powerful vocals have inspired countless artists in the years since. Her music has also been embraced by the LGBTQ+ community, and she has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights throughout her career.

Hagen's influence extends beyond music, as she has been a symbol of counterculture and feminism. Her bold fashion choices and theatrical stage presence have inspired many, and her commitment to social and political activism has made her a respected figure in the music industry.

Nina Hagen and Herman Brood: A Clash of Punk Icons

When Nina Hagen, the godmother of German punk, met Dutch rock 'n' roll rebel Herman Brood, sparks flew – resulting in a whirlwind romance and a series of potent artistic collaborations. Their relationship became a symbol of the era's raw energy and creative rebellion.

A Match Made in Punk Heaven (or Hell)

Hagen, with her operatic vocals, theatrical stage presence, and fearless social commentary, was a singular force in the late 1970s. Brood, the Netherlands' answer to a wild-eyed rock star, was equally notorious for his hard-living and raw musical style. When their paths crossed, the attraction was immediate and combustible.

Musical Chaos and Collaboration

Their artistic synergy manifested most notably in music. Their cover of Bob Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door" became a punk anthem, the two feeding off each other's wild energy. Hagen's appearance in Brood's cult film "Cha Cha," along with her contributions to its soundtrack, cemented their collaborative efforts. They were a force to be reckoned with on stage, their live performances crackling with a captivating and sometimes dangerous unpredictability.

Romance, Rebellion, and Rock 'n' Roll

Their whirlwind marriage in 1979 symbolized both their passionate connection and defiance of convention. Yet, their shared proclivity for excess and substance abuse fueled a tumultuous dynamic. While the relationship burned bright and fast, it left a powerful artistic legacy.

Enduring Influence

Despite the inherent instability, Hagen and Brood's time together had a lasting impact. They embodied the punk ethos of their era, pushing boundaries both musically and personally. Their collaborations captured a unique blend of Hagen's avant-garde daring and Brood's raw rock 'n' roll spirit. Their influence echoes through the work of countless artists who followed, inspired by their uncompromising and audacious creative expression.

Nina Hagen and Herman Brood's artistic partnership was as chaotic and controversial as they were individually. It was fueled by passion, rebellion, and undeniable talent, making them a potent symbol of an unforgettable musical era.

Nina Hagen and Herman Brood Unforgettable Performance:
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NINA HAGEN - Angstlos 12" Vinyl LP
NINA HAGEN - Angstlos album front cover vinyl record

Angstlos is the fourth (second solo) studio album from the artist Nina Hagen, released in 1983, with an English version in 1984, Fearless. It was released on CBS Records, and features a song co-written with Flea and Anthony Kiedis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who were signed to EMI/Capitol a year later.

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NINA HAGEN BAND - Self-Titled 12" Vinyl LP
NINA HAGEN BAND - Self-Titled album front cover vinyl record

The Nina Hagen Band's self-titled debut album is a groundbreaking and influential work of German rock music. Released in 1978, the album features the band's signature mix of punk, new wave, and experimental sounds. Nina Hagen's powerful vocals are front and center, backed by the band's tight musicianship.

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NINA HAGEN - NunSexMonkRock 12" Vinyl LP
NINA HAGEN - NunSexMonkRock album front cover vinyl record

In 1982, Nina Hagen, the "Godmother of Punk," unleashed her electrifying debut solo album, "NunSexMonkRock." This audacious 12" vinyl LP wasn't just music; it was a sonic explosion that challenged conventions and ignited a punk firestorm.

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NINA HAGEN - Unbehagen 12" Vinyl LP
NINA HAGEN - Unbehagen album front cover vinyl record

Unbehagen is the second and last album by the Nina Hagen Band before the solo career of singer Nina Hagen. The German title translates to Discomfort but can be seen as a pun on the band name. "Wenn ich ein Junge wär" was recorded live in April 1979 at the Saarbrücken Congress Hall.

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