NENA 99 Luftballons / Ich Bleib Im Bett 7" Picture Sleeve Vinyl Single


large album front cover photo of: NENA 99 Luftballons / Ich Bleib Im Bett

Artist/Band:  Nena 

Music Genre:

Trivia:  Produced by Reinhold Hell and Manne Pracker
Tracks side 1:  99 Luftballons
Tracks side 2:  Ich Bleib im Bett

Record Label Information:

CBS A 3060 Hate/April Musik Verlag

Vinyl Record Format:

7" Single, PS Picture Sleeve  

Year & Country:

1983 Made in Germany
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Nena is the stage name of Gabriele Susanne Kerner, a German singer, songwriter and actress. She started her career as a member of the band "The Stripes" in the late 1970s. But in 1982, she formed her own band simply called "Nena". The original members of the band were:

This line-up recorded the first two albums "Nena" (1983) and "Fragezeichen" (1984). Carlo Karges left the band in 1985, and was replaced by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen. This line-up recorded the album "Liebe ist..." (1985) and some other albums. But after that, the band went through several line-up changes over the years.