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Vinyl LP discographies of bands and performes starting with the lettte: O


Record Catalogno
Band/Performers - Album Title
Solid Green Warner Bros Records K 46127
Orange Mecanique, Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick 1971


Fonemusic 84 2750

ORQUESTA ARAGON - Baila con el Aragon 1987 Madrid, Spain

Fuentes SOF-6021



The Sabrosura is an orchestra Colombia 's salsa music , founded on May 16th of 1987 in the city of Cartago Valle , and Carlos Rodas Trejos and Héctor Fabio Arismendi Ospina . Their lead singer was Hugo Alberto Zapata , died tragically with his wife Luz Stella in a motorcycle accident near the town of Victory Valley on May 21 of 1995 .

1991 Miami, Florida, USA
TH-Rodven 2855
OSCAR DE LEON Autentico 1991 Miami, Florida, USA
TH Top Hits 102-07637
Oscar D'Leon - Boleros, Sones y Algo Mas 1990 Venezuela
Trebol TI 70325 / THS1235

Oscar D'Leon - El Mas Grande .

"Oscar D'León" was born as Oscar Emilio León Simoza is a Venezuelan musician who became internationally famous for his salsa music. In Spanish, he is known as El Sonero del Mundo ("the Improviser of the World").

1979 Mexico / 40$


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