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"Lita Ford " (born 19 September 1958) is a British-born, American rock musician and singer who was the lead guitarist for "The Runaways" and achieved popularity for her solo career between the 1980s and late 2000s.

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Mercury 818 864

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LITA FORD - Dancin' on the Edge

"Dancin' on the Edge" is Lita Ford's second solo album. It features the late drummer Randy Castillo, who later played for Ozzy Osbourne , with whom Lita Ford later did the duet "Close My Eyes Forever." It also features the bassist Hugh McDonald, who is currently the bassist for Bon Jovi.

Polygram / Mercury 818 864

LITA FORD - Dancin' On The Edge (1984, Germany)

This is the German 12" Vinyl LP release of "Dancin'on the Edge" by Lita Ford and her band

Mercury 810 333-1 810333 Out For Blood thumbnail

LITA FORD - Out For Blood

"Out for Blood" is the first/debut album by the American Glam / Heavy Metal band "LITA FORD". This is genuine first album cover with Lita standing in front of a spiderweb holding a broken blood-spurting guitar. This web-page has hi-res photos of the album covers, record label and a detailed description.


RCA PL 82090 / BMG Music

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LITA FORD - Stiletto (1990)

"Stiletto" stands as Lita Ford's fourth studio gem, etched in 1990s rock chronicles. This LP resonates with hits like "Hungry" and "Lisa", spotlighting Ford's musical prowess. Released in 1991, the album harmonizes Ford's signature sound with the era's zeitgeist, offering a resonating experience for vinyl enthusiasts and music aficionados alike. An emblem of Ford's musical journey, "Stiletto" is a cherished relic from an era of melodic audacity.