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ARMORED SAINT - Delirious Nomad ( 1985, EU )

"Delirious Nomad" is the second full-length (LP) album, released by the Californian Heavy Metal band "Armored Saint". This album was released in 1985.

Chrysalis 206 696


ARMORED SAINT - March Of The Saint ( 1984, EEC )

"March of the Saint" is the first full-length (LP) released by the American Heavy Metal band "Armored Saint". It was produced by "Max 'On Yer Bike' Norman" during 1984.

ARMORED SAINT - Raising Fear ( 1987, EEC )

ARMORED SAINT - Symbol of Salvation ( 1991, UK )

The L.A metal band "Armored Saint" released this album in 1991. Dave Pritchard was to die of leukemia prior to the final mix and recording.