AXE - NEMESIS - Hard Rock ATCO Records 12" Vinyl LP Album

"AXE" is a Hard Rock band from Florida and was previously called "Alien" and comes from ex-members of "Babyface" with "Edgar Riley Jr", "Bobby Miles", "Bobby Barth", "Mike Turpin". In 1979 it was renamed from "Babyface" into "AXE" and "Michael Osborne" joined them as second guitarist.

  NEMESIS is the 4th album released in 1984 by the AXE band, it remains their last album until 1996.

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Music Genre:

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Album Production Information:


The album: "AXE - Nemesis" was produced by: Al Nalli

Al Nalli (1929-2016) was an American record producer and music industry executive. He was born on 19 May 1929, in St. Louis, Missouri. Nalli started his career in the music industry as a radio DJ and later transitioned into record production.

In the 1960s, Nalli moved to Florida and founded the Al Nalli Music Enterprises (ANME) record label. The label focused on producing and promoting regional music, including rock and roll, R&B, and country. ANME became a successful independent label in the Southeastern United States and helped launch the careers of several artists, including Jim Stafford and Blackfoot.

Nalli is best known for his work as a producer for Blackfoot. He produced several of the band's albums, including "Tomcattin'" (1980), "Marauder" (1981), "Siogo" (1983), and "Vertical Smiles" (1984). Nalli's production style helped define Blackfoot's sound, which blended Southern rock, hard rock, and blues into a unique, guitar-driven sound.

Aside from his work with Blackfoot, Nalli also produced albums for other artists, including Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Joe South. He was also involved in the music publishing business, owning and managing several publishing companies.

In addition to his work in the music industry, Nalli was also involved in philanthropy. He founded the Al Nalli Music Scholarship Fund, which supports music education for young people in St. Lucie County, Florida.

Nalli passed away on 14 March 2016, at the age of 86. His contributions to the music industry, particularly in the Southern rock genre, are still celebrated today.

Some of the records he has produced for the bands: Axe, Shotgun, Blackfoot. In particular he produced: " AXE - Nemesis " , " AXE - Offering "


Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Andy de Ganahl

This album was recorded at: Bee Jay recording Studio, Orlando, Florida

Record Label Information:

ATCO 79 0099 1

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1983 Made in Germany

Collector's notes ( detailed background information on the persons working on this album)

Andy de Ganahl a sound engineer working with many bands with different musical genres, some of them are: Axe, Quiet Riot, Blackfoot, Pat Travers Band and Krokus.

Album cover photos of : AXE - Nemesis
Front Cover Photo of "AXE - Nemesis" Album
Front Cover Photo of "AXE - Nemesis" Album
Back Cover  Photo of "AXE - Nemesis" Album
Back Cover  Photo of "AXE - Nemesis" Album
Close-up Photo of "AXE - Nemesis" Record Label 
Close-up Photo of "AXE - Nemesis" Record Label 

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  AXE is a heavy metal band that was formed in 1983 in Los Angeles, California. The band's original lineup consisted of vocalist Bobby Blotzer, guitarist Michael Osbourne, bassist Matthew Gorsch and drummer Bill Hutton. They are best known for their hit songs "Rock and Roll Party in the Streets," "Nuthin' But a Good Time," and "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."

  Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the band released several albums that were well received by fans and received airplay on rock radio stations. AXE was known for their high-energy live performances and their hard-rocking, guitar-driven sound, which was influenced by bands such as Van Halen and Judas Priest.

  In the years since their formation, AXE has gone through several lineup changes, but they continue to tour and perform. The band has maintained a dedicated following of fans who appreciate their hard-hitting, no-holds-barred style of rock and roll.

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NEMESIS is the 4th album released in 1984 by the AXE band, it remains their last album until 1996.

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