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Album Front cover Photo of Dark Side of the Moon

Vinyl Album Covers: A World of Art and Controversy

Vinyl records are more than just a way to listen to music – they're tangible artifacts of cultural moments. The album cover is an essential part of this experience, with the power to entice, shock, inspire, or simply make us smile. Let's explore some of the most fascinating categories of vinyl album cover art:

The Censored and the Controversial: Music has always pushed boundaries, and album covers are no exception. From banned artwork to images deemed too provocative, these covers tell stories of censorship and the artistic fight against it.

Disco, Dance, and EDM: A Visual Pulse: The vibrant energy of disco, dance, and EDM music found its perfect visual counterpart in album covers. Think bold colors, dynamic poses, and a sense of pure, glittering joy. These covers are a time capsule for the dancefloor.

Erotic and Fantasy: Provocative Visions: Album covers have explored themes of sensuality and the fantastical. From suggestive imagery to full-on eroticism, these covers blur the line between music and visual indulgence.

HIPGNOSIS: The Design Giants: The design company HIPGNOSIS shaped the look of iconic albums by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and many more. Their surreal, thought-provoking covers are instantly recognizable.

H.R. Giger: Dark and Disturbing Beauty: Swiss artist H.R. Giger's biomechanical, often nightmarish work found its way onto album covers, lending a sense of the unsettling and the darkly beautiful.

Psychedelia on Vinyl: The psychedelic 1960s and 70s produced some of the most mind-bending album covers. Swirling colors, impossible imagery, and a sense of otherworldly exploration define this category.

Anton Corbijn: Music Through a Photographer's Lens: Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn brought stark beauty and raw emotion to album covers for bands like Depeche Mode, U2, and countless others. His work elevated the album cover to cinematic art.

Weird, Wonderful, and Just Plain Odd: Some album covers defy simple explanation. From the humorous to the downright bizarre, these covers remind us that the only limit in album art is the imagination.

Banned , Censored And Offsensive Album Covers

This original cover art features a hand gesturing an upraised middle finger.
Disco, Dance and EDM Vinyl Records Album Covers 12" Vinyl LP
Disco, Dance and EDM Vinyl Records Album Covers album front cover vinyl record

Boogie to 70s & 80s disco & dance hits! Some albums are NSFW (not safe for work), so listen with caution.

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Erotic and Fantasy Album Cover Art

Thumbnail Of  Erotic and Fantasy Art album front cover


Thumbnail Of  HIPGNOSIS album front cover

HR Giger Album Covers

Thumbnail Of  HR Giger Album Covers album front cover

Morbid, Gore and Skulls Album Cover artwork

Thumbnail Of  Morbid, Gore and Skulls Album Cover artwork album front cover

Psychedelic Album Covers

Thumbnail Of  Psychedelic Album Covers album front cover

Sexy & EROTIC Album covers with some nudity

Thumbnail Of  Sexy & EROTIC Album covers with some nudity  album front cover

Album Covers and Artwork by Dutch Top Photographer ANTON Corbijn

Thumbnail Of  Top Photographers album front cover

Weird, Funny & Absurd Album Cover Art

Thumbnail Of  Weird, Funny & Absurd Album Cover Art album front cover