THE MACHINE - Drie 12" Vinyl 2LP Album

"The Machine" unfolds its sonic journey in "Drie," a 12" Vinyl 2LP Album. Hailing from the Rotterdam area in the Netherlands, this Dutch Stonerrock band crafts a mesmerizing experience. "Drie" represents a pinnacle in The Machine's discography, showcasing their prowess in the Stonerrock genre. With a distinctive blend of heavy riffs and atmospheric vibes, this album stands as a testament to The Machine's contribution to the vibrant Dutch Stonerrock scene. This album has been packaged as Gatefold (FOC) cover design with artwork / photos on the inside cover pages

Album Front Cover Photo of THE MACHINE - Drie
"Drie" Album Description:

The Machine are masters at crafting sprawling, hypnotic epics within the world of stoner rock. Their 2011 album "Drie" on Elektrohasch Schallplatten is a sonic testament to this fact, a double LP journey into the heart of psychedelic soundscapes and heavy grooves.

Immersive Soundscapes and Hypnotic Riffs

"Drie" unfolds across four sides of vinyl, allowing The Machine to stretch out and build their sonic creations without constraint. Tracks like "Sunbow" and the massive "Tsiolkovsky's Budget" ebb and flow between shimmering psychedelic passages and crushing walls of fuzzed-out guitars. The hypnotic riffs and expansive sounds envelop the listener, drawing them into the band's immersive world.

"Pyro" kicks off the experience with a heady dose of stoner rock energy, and tracks like "Aurora" showcase their ability to blend mesmerizing beauty with raw power. The album's flow offers both bludgeoning heaviness and moments of atmospheric respite.

The Vinyl Experience

While "Drie" is available digitally, the double LP vinyl format enhances the listening experience. The physicality of the records, the artwork, and the very act of flipping sides all add a ritualistic element to engaging with the album. It invites you to disconnect and truly immerse yourself in the sonic journey that The Machine has crafted.

A Masterclass in the Genre

The Machine's "Drie" stands as an exceptional example of stoner rock and psychedelic music. It masterfully merges mesmerizing atmospherics with the raw power that defines the genre. For fans of bands like Colour Haze or Sungrazer, this album offers a satisfying odyssey into heavy rock's outer edges. While it's a long and demanding listen, it rewards those who surrender themselves to its immersive atmosphere.

THE MACHINE - Drie Essential Information

Music Genre:

Prog Rock, Stonerrock, Acid/Psych

Label & Catalognr:

 Elektrohasch Schallplatten EH 147

Media Format:

Double 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 460 gram  

Year & Country:

Year & Country:  2011 Germany

Musicians on: THE MACHINE - Drie

Band-members, Musicians:

Davy Boogaard - drums

David Eering - vocals, guitar

Hans van Heemst - bass guitar

Track-listing of: THE MACHINE - Drie

Tracklisting Side One:
  1. Pyro 5:06
  2. Sunbow 9:15
  3. Medulla 6:00
Tracklisting Side Two:
  1. Aurora 3:29
  2. Tsiolkovsky's Budget 15:50
Tracklisting Side Three:
  1. Paradox 1:55
  2. First Unique Prime 17:58
Tracklisting Side Four:
  1. Jam No. ? 10:21
  2. Y. 9:25


Front Cover Photo Of THE MACHINE - Drie


THE MACHINE - Drie front cover

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Photo Of The Back Cover THE MACHINE - Drie


THE MACHINE - Drie back cover

Photo One Of The Inner Gatefold THE MACHINE - Drie


THE MACHINE - Drie inner gatefold cover

Photo Two Of The Inner Gatefold THE MACHINE - Drie


THE MACHINE - Drie inner gatefold cover

Photo of "MACHINE, THE - Drie" 12" LP Record - Vinyl One:


Close up of Side One record's label THE MACHINE - Drie

Photo of "MACHINE, THE - Drie" 12" LP Record - Vinyl Two:


Side Two Close up of record's label THE MACHINE - Drie

Photo of "MACHINE, THE - Drie" 12" LP Record - Vinyl Three:


THE MACHINE - Drie vinyl lp record

Photo of "MACHINE, THE - Drie" 12" LP Record - Vinyl Four:


THE MACHINE - Drie vinyl lp record