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"Onslaught" Band Biography:

 Onslaught is a British thrash metal band that was formed in Bristol, England, in 1982. They are known for their aggressive sound, socially conscious lyrics, and high-energy live performances. Over the years, the band has experienced numerous lineup changes, but they have consistently maintained a reputation as one of the UK's most important thrash metal acts.

Early Years

Onslaught was formed in 1982 by guitarist Nige Rockett and drummer Steve Grice. The original lineup also included vocalist Jase Stallard and bassist Paul Hill. The band's early sound was heavily influenced by the Bay Area thrash metal scene, which was then in its infancy. Onslaught's first release was the 1983 demo, "What Lies Ahead," which helped establish the band's reputation as a formidable live act.

In 1985, Onslaught released their debut album, "Power From Hell," which was an instant classic of the thrash metal genre. The album showcased the band's raw, aggressive sound and socially conscious lyrics. "Power From Hell" was followed by the equally well-received "The Force" in 1986, which helped solidify Onslaught's position as one of the UK's premier thrash metal acts.

Lineup Changes and Hiatus

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Onslaught experienced numerous lineup changes, with Rockett and Grice being the only consistent members. In 1989, the band released their third album, "In Search of Sanity," which featured a more polished sound and a greater emphasis on melody. The album received mixed reviews and failed to achieve the commercial success of their previous releases.

Following the release of "In Search of Sanity," Onslaught went on hiatus, with Rockett and Grice pursuing other musical projects. In 2004, the band reformed with a new lineup and released the album "Killing Peace," which was well-received by fans and critics alike.

Recent Years

Since their reunion in 2004, Onslaught has released four additional albums: "Sounds of Violence" (2011), "VI" (2013), "Live at the Slaughterhouse" (2016), and "Generation Antichrist" (2020). These albums have been praised for their return to the band's roots, with a focus on raw aggression and socially conscious lyrics.

Onslaught has also maintained a busy touring schedule, with appearances at major metal festivals around the world, including Wacken Open Air and Bloodstock Open Air. The band's live shows are known for their high-energy performances and passionate audience.

ONSLAUGHT - In Search Of Sanity 12" Vinyl LP

Thumbnail Of  ONSLAUGHT - In Search Of Sanity 12" Vinyl LP album front cover

London 828 142 , 1989 , Holland

Onslaught's 1989 album "In Search Of Sanity" marked a pivotal moment in thrash metal's evolution. With a revamped lineup featuring Steve Grimmett, the album blended aggression with refined melodies, showcasing the band's sonic evolution. Fan reactions were mixed, highlighting the challenges of navigating the shifting metal landscape. Ultimately, the album stands as a unique chapter in Onslaught's discography before their temporary disbandment in 1991.

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ONSLAUGHT - Let There Be Rock 12" Maxi Single

Thumbnail Of  ONSLAUGHT - Let There Be Rock 12" Maxi Single album front cover

Under One Flag 12 FLAG 103 , 1987 , England

ONSLAUGHT's 1987 Maxi Single Vinyl "Let There Be Rock" is a thrash metal masterpiece, encapsulating the fervor of the late '80s metal scene. Produced by Chris Tsangarides at Great Linford Manor in July 1987, the cover of the AC/DC classic is a sonic journey, proudly bearing the mark of "Made in England." This iconic release remains a collector's treasure, symbolizing an era when British metal reigned supreme.

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ONSLAUGHT - The Force 12" Vinyl LP

Thumbnail Of  ONSLAUGHT - The Force 12" Vinyl LP album front cover

Under One Flag FLAG 1 / Published by Take Out Music , 1986 , Gt Britain

Onslaught's "The Force," released under the inaugural "Under One Flag" label with the catalog number FLAG1, is a seminal thrash metal masterpiece. The album, featuring aggressive vocals by Sy Keeler and relentless guitar work by Nige Rockett, marks a historic moment in metal history. With iconic tracks like "Let There Be Death," it remains a cornerstone of the genre, unleashing a sonic force on its 12" vinyl LP.

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