"Heretic's 'Breaking Point,' a poignant chapter in their musical journey, echoes through the grooves of the 12" Vinyl LP. Released prior to the band's dissolution following Mike Howe's departure to Metal Church, this album remains a testament to their artistic zenith. Notably, some members found new musical avenues, contributing to David Wayne's project Reverend. The vinyl format immortalizes Heretic's legacy, capturing the essence of their sound before the inevitable evolution of its members."


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Collectors information / Album Description: 

After the album "Breaking Point" had been released, Mike Howe joined Metal Church, and Heretic fell apart. Some of the members later appeared in David Wayne's (ex-Metal Church vocalist) project Reverend .

"Breaking Point" is the first official full-length album released by the American Power/Speed/Thrash Metal band "Heretic". This album was produced by Bill Metoyer and Kurt Vanderhoof. Sound engineers have been Brian Carlstrom, Ken Paulakovich, Leon Johnson, Scott Campbell. In Europe the album was released under the "RoadrunneR/Metal Blade Records" record label.

This album "HERETIC Breaking Point" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and photos of Heretic. 

Bill Metoyer a well-known American music producer and sound engineer who has worked in the heavy metal genre. He has produced and engineered albums for a number of notable heavy metal bands, including Slayer, Armored Saint, and Cryptic Slaughter.

Metoyer is known for his expertise in capturing the raw energy and intensity of heavy metal music, and for his ability to bring out the best in the bands he works with. His work has helped to define the sound of heavy metal and has had a significant impact on the genre.

In addition to his production and engineering work, Metoyer has also been involved in other aspects of the music industry, including music education and artist development. He is highly regarded by musicians and fans alike for his contributions to the heavy metal genre, and continues to be an influential figure in the world of heavy metal music.during the 1980s he was Vice-President and in-house sound-engineer of Metal Blade Records. As such he has produced and taken care of the sound of many Heavy Metal bands. Most notable: Flotsam and Jetsam, Fates Warning, Helstar, Savage Grace, Tyrant, Slayer, Trouble, Sacred Reich, Armored Saint, Atrophy, Abattoir, Bitch, D.R.I, Dark Angel, Cryptic Slaughter, Lääz Rockit, Morbid Angel, Omen, Lizzy Borden, Mentors and many others.

Bryan Carlstrom (Brian Carlstrom) an versatile and experienced Producer and Sound Engineer in rock, hip-hop, punk, jazz, heavy metal, etc. This document covers the heavy metal bands and albums he has produced or engineered during the 1980s, which include bands like "Sacred Reich", Tyrant, Incubus, Pandemonium, etc.

Ken Paulakovich is a sound engineer who started in the mid-1980s and has engineered several dozen of albums. Bands he has worked for, include bands like "Sacred Reich", Tyrant, Incubus, Pandemonium, etc.

"Brian Carlstrom" and "Ken Paulakovich" having been working on the same albums on several occasions. These albums include: "Money Talks - Cryptic Slaughter", "A Distant Thunder - Helstar", "Serpent Temptation - Incubus", "The Kill, Pandemonium", "Ignorance - Sacred Reich", "Depths of Death - Sentinel", "Too Late to Pray - Tyrant". "Scott Campbell" worked also with them on "Money Talks - Cryptic Slaughter", and "Tyrant - Too late to Pray".

Scott Campbell a Freelance Sound Engineer has been engineering (in the late 1980s) the vinyl albums of several Heavy Metal bands including: Sacred Reich, Flotsam And Jetsam, Bitch, Masi, Heretic, Rigor Mortis, Dr Kow, Tyrant, Cryptic Slaughter

Music Genre:

 USA Power / Thrash Metal

Album Production Information:

 The album: "HERETIC Breaking Point" was produced by: Bill Meteyer and Kurdt Vanderhoof

Record Label Information:

 Metal Blade Records RR 9534

Media Format:

 12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

 1988 Made in Holland
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Band Members and Musicians on: HERETIC Breaking Point
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Mike Howe - vocals
  • Bobby Marquez - guitars
  • Brian Korban - guitars
  • Dennis O'Hara - bass
  • Rick Merrick - drums
Track Listing of: "HERETIC Breaking Point"

The Songs/tracks on "HERETIC Breaking Point" are

  1. Heretic 03:32
  2. And Kingdoms Fall 04:50
  3. The Circle 05:13
  4. Enemy Within 03:16
  5. Time Runs Short 06:31
  6. Pale Shelter (instrumental) 03:35
  7. Shifting Fire 03:54
  8. Let 'em Bleed 03:01
  9. Evil For Evil 03:49
  10. The Search 07:02
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