Thrash Thunder, Captured in Sonic Fury, Immortalized by Dee Lippingwell's Lens.

Defiance's 1989 debut album, "Product of Society," epitomizes the Bay Area thrash metal scene. Featuring vocalist Ken Elkington and adorned with Ed Repka's iconic artwork, the LP's recording sessions with a notable producer yielded a powerful sonic experience. This landmark release, addressing societal issues, solidified Defiance's place in thrash history, leaving an enduring legacy that resonates across generations of metal enthusiasts.

High Resolution Photo #1 DEFIANCE Product Of Society
"Product of Society" Album Description:

In the world of thrash metal history, Defiance's debut album, "Product of Society," stands as a testament to the genre's electrifying evolution during the late 1980s. Released on the esteemed Roadracer Records in 1989, this iconic 12" vinyl LP not only showcased the raw power of Defiance's music but also marked a pivotal moment in the band's journey.

The Genesis of Defiance:

Defiance emerged from the thriving thrash metal scene of the San Francisco Bay Area, a hotbed of musical creativity that birthed legends like Metallica, Slayer, and Exodus. Formed in 1985, the band underwent several lineup changes before solidifying into the ensemble that would produce their groundbreaking debut album.

The lineup for "Product of Society" featured Ken Elkington on vocals, a distinctive element of the album's sonic identity. Elkington's vocal prowess added a unique dimension to Defiance's sound, contributing to the album's distinctiveness within the thrash metal landscape.

The Making of "Product of Society":

The recording sessions for "Product of Society" took place at a crucial juncture in the evolution of thrash metal. Defiance, eager to make their mark, collaborated with renowned producer to capture the intensity and energy that defined their live performances. The result was a sonic onslaught that resonated with fans and critics alike.

The album's production, spearheaded by a collaboration between the band and seasoned professionals, ensured a balanced and powerful sound. Each instrument, from the thunderous drums to the searing guitars, was meticulously crafted to create an auditory experience that mirrored the ferocity of Defiance's live shows.

The cover art, a visual representation of the album's title, was crafted by the legendary Ed Repka. Known for his iconic work with numerous thrash metal bands, Repka's artwork for "Product of Society" became synonymous with the album, adorning countless t-shirts and posters.

Impact and Legacy:

"Product of Society" was not just an album; it was a statement. Defiance's debut showcased their musical prowess, addressing societal issues with unbridled aggression. The intensity of tracks like [Omitted Track Names] resonated with fans, solidifying the album's place in the thrash metal pantheon.

While Defiance's lineup would undergo further changes in the years that followed, "Product of Society" remains a timeless artifact of an era when thrash metal was pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms. Its influence can be heard in the work of subsequent generations of metal bands, ensuring that Defiance's legacy endures.

Music Genre:

  Thrash Metal 

Album Production information:

The album: "DEFIANCE - Product of Society" was produced by: Jeff Waters, and Monte Connor

Jeff Waters has been guitarist with the Canadian Heavy Metal band Annihilator since 1984. He has been guest-guitarist in numerous recordings by other bands, as well as producer of many bands.

  Monte Conner is a former Senior Vice President of A&R for Roadrunner Records. He started at Roadrunner in December 1987. He has worked with numerous bands including, Slipknot, Trivium and King Diamond.

The bands he has signed, in alphabetical order, are: Amen, Annihilator, Artillery, Atrocity, Atrophy, Believer, Biohazard, Both Worlds, Brujeria, Buzzov-en, Jerry Cantrell, Keith Caputo, Cavalera Conspiracy, Chimaira, CKY, Coal Chamber, Cynic, Dååth, Death, Deicide, Defiance, DevilDriver, Dirty Americans, Disincarnate, Dommin, Downthesun, Earth Crisis, Exhorder, Fear Factory, Floodgate, Glassjaw, Gojira, Gorguts, Gruntruck, Heathen, Immolation, Kinetic Dissent, Last Crack, Leadfoot, Life Of Agony, Machine Head, Malevolent Creation, Murderdolls, Nailbomb, Obituary, Optimum Wound Profile, Pestilence, Porcupine Tree, Powersurge, Realm, Revoker, Rush, Sadus, Sanctity, Sepultura, Shank 456, Skin Chamber, Slipknot, Solitude Aeturnus, Sorrow, Soulfly, Spineshank, Star Star, Stone Sour, Storm Corrosion, Suffocation, Taking Dawn, 36 Crazyfists, Times of Grace, To My Surprise, Toyshop, Treponem Pal, Trivium, Type O Negative, Wednesday 13, Willard, The Workhorse Movement

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Paul Blake, Frank D'Onofrio

This album was recorded at: Flasco Bros Studios, New Westminster, Canada, September - October 1988

Tom Coyne - Mastering Engineer

Tom Coyne is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished and respected mastering engineers in the music industry. With his exceptional talent, meticulous attention to detail, and a career spanning several decades, Coyne has played an instrumental role in shaping the sound of countless iconic albums.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Tom Coyne developed a passion for music at an early age. He was captivated by the sonic nuances of records and the transformative power of the mastering process. Eager to pursue his dreams, Coyne embarked on a journey to acquire the technical skills and knowledge necessary to become a mastering engineer.

Coyne's career began in the late 1970s when he joined the legendary Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs in New York City. Under the guidance of experienced engineers, he honed his craft and gained a deep understanding of the intricacies of audio mastering. His exceptional ear for detail and innate musicality quickly set him apart, earning him a reputation for delivering exceptional sonic quality.

In the 1980s, Coyne's career soared as he collaborated with a wide range of artists across various genres. He worked with renowned acts such as Madonna, The Rolling Stones, U2, and Miles Davis, among many others. His expertise in shaping the overall sound and balance of albums became sought after by both emerging artists and established superstars.


As the music industry evolved and entered the digital age, Coyne adapted to the advancements in technology without compromising his commitment to excellence. He embraced digital mastering tools while staying true to his analog roots, ensuring that his work retained its signature warmth and clarity. This adaptability and dedication to quality made him a trusted collaborator for artists and record labels alike.

Coyne's work has been recognized with numerous accolades and awards throughout his career. He has received multiple Grammy nominations and has been involved in Grammy-winning projects, solidifying his status as a mastering engineer of exceptional talent and expertise. Additionally, his contributions to the industry have been acknowledged by organizations such as the TEC Awards and the Recording Academy.

Beyond his mastering work, Coyne is known for his mentorship and willingness to share his knowledge with aspiring engineers. He has lectured at universities, participated in industry conferences, and mentored emerging talents, helping to shape the next generation of mastering engineers.

Album cover Illustration: Ed Repka

Edward J. Repka, commonly known as Ed Repka, is an accomplished American artist renowned for his exceptional talent in creating highly-detailed illustrations, particularly within the heavy metal music industry. With his distinctive style and intricate artwork, Repka has made a significant impact on the visual aesthetics associated with this genre of music. His contributions to album covers and merchandise for numerous bands have solidified his position as a respected figure in the world of heavy metal art.

Born and raised in the United States, Repka developed a passion for art from a young age. He honed his skills by studying illustration and fine arts, eventually graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Inspired by renowned artists such as Frank Frazetta and H.R. Giger, Repka forged his own unique style characterized by its attention to detail and dynamic compositions.

Repka's artistic journey intertwined with the rise of heavy metal music during the 1980s. It was during this time that he became associated with some of the most influential bands in the genre. His collaboration with thrash metal icons Megadeth resulted in the creation of their iconic mascot, Vic Rattlehead, which graced the covers of several of the band's albums, including "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?" and "Rust in Peace." The striking imagery of Vic Rattlehead perfectly captured the rebellious and provocative spirit of the band's music, earning Repka widespread recognition.


Beyond his work with Megadeth, Repka has collaborated with numerous other bands, leaving an indelible mark on the heavy metal genre. He has created album covers for bands such as Death, Municipal Waste, Nuclear Assault, and Toxik, among many others. Each of these illustrations showcases his meticulous attention to detail and ability to translate the essence of the music into captivating visual imagery.

One of Repka's notable strengths lies in his ability to bring fantastical and macabre concepts to life. His artwork often features nightmarish creatures, dystopian landscapes, and vivid depictions of horror. Through his skillful use of color and intricate linework, he manages to evoke a sense of awe and intrigue, effectively complementing the aggressive and intense nature of heavy metal music.

While Repka has become synonymous with heavy metal art, his talent extends beyond this genre. He has worked on projects ranging from video game covers to comic book illustrations, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Despite his success and recognition within the heavy metal community, Repka remains humble and approachable, appreciating the support and enthusiasm of his fans.

Album cover photography: Dee Lippingwell

Dee Lippingwell, born in 1925, is a renowned Canadian photographer celebrated for her contributions to the field of rock and roll photography. With a career spanning several decades, Lippingwell captured iconic moments in music history, particularly during the 1960s and 1970s. Her portfolio includes striking images of legendary musicians, providing a visual chronicle of the dynamic and transformative era of rock music. Dee Lippingwell's work continues to be recognized for its artistic and historical significance in the realm of music photography.

Record Label Information:

Roadracer RO 9504

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Matrix / Stamper codes / Runout (A Side): RO 9504-A LIC3 571857 Matrix / Stamper codes / Runout (B Side): RO 9504-B LIC3 871087

Year & Country:

1988 Made in Holland
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: DEFIANCE - Product of Society
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Ken Elkington - Lead vocals
  • Doug Harrington - Lead/Rhythm guitars
  • Jim Adams - Lead/Rhythm guitars
  • Mike Kaufmann - Bass
  • Matt Vander Ende - drums
Complete Track-listing of the album "DEFIANCE - Product of Society"

The detailed tracklist of this record "DEFIANCE - Product of Society" is:

    Track-listing Side :
  1. "The Fault" - 3:09
  2. "Death Machine" - 3:54
  3. "Product of Society" - 3:27
  4. "Forgotten" - 3:43
  5. "Lock Jaw" - 3:40
  6. "Insomnia" - 3:55
  7. "Deadly Intentions" - 2:53
  8. "Aftermath" - 1:27
  9. "Tribulation" - 5:04
  10. "Hypothermia" - 5:18
High Quality Photo of Album Front Cover  "DEFIANCE - Product of Society"
High Quality Photo of Album Front Cover  "DEFIANCE - Product of Society"

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Album Back Cover  Photo of "DEFIANCE - Product of Society"
Album Back Cover ¬†Photo of "DEFIANCE - Product of Society"  
Close-up Photo of RoadraceR Record Label of "DEFIANCE - Product of Society" - Side One:
Close-up Photo of RoadraceR Record Label of "DEFIANCE - Product of Society" - Side One:  
Close-up Photo of RoadraceR Record Label of "DEFIANCE - Product of Society" - Side Two:

Close-up Photo of RoadraceR Record Label of "DEFIANCE - Product of Society" - Side Two: