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- Neat Records Release includes Lyrics Sleeve

"Terror Squad," the explosive creation by Artillery, commands attention on a 12" Vinyl LP Album, graced with a Lyrics Sleeve courtesy of Neat Records. This Danish thrash metal masterpiece delivers a relentless sonic assault, showcasing Artillery's technical prowess. With precision and intensity, "Terror Squad" becomes a defining chapter in the band's legacy. Neat Records' inclusion of a Lyrics Sleeve enhances the experience, offering fans a deeper connection to the lyrical depth within this influential thrash metal album.   This album "ARTILLERY - Terror Squad" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by Artillery


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Artillery's Terror Squad: Thrashing Onslaught from the Danish Underground (1987)
Album Description:

In 1987, thrash metal was a headbanging hurricane tearing across the globe. Metallica had unleashed the genre-defining "Master of Puppets," Slayer was fresh off the heels of "Reign in Blood," and Exodus was about to drop "Pleasures of the Flesh." Enter Artillery, Denmark's answer to the sonic brutality, with their sophomore album, "Terror Squad."

Released on the independent Neat Records label, "Terror Squad" wasn't adorned with the mega-budget production of its American counterparts. But who needs bells and whistles when you have pure, unadulterated aggression? The cover art is a testament to that: a simple, stark image of a skull with glowing red eyes, set against a black background. No monsters, no explosions, just pure, metallic menace.

Musically, "Terror Squad" is a masterclass in thrash. The Danish crew lays down a foundation of lightning-fast riffs, courtesy of guitarists Michael Stützer and Jørgen Sandau. Vocalist Flemming Rönsdorf snarls his way through tracks like the title cut and "The Challenge," his voice a perfect counterpoint to the sonic assault. Tracks like "At War With Science" delve into more progressive territory, showcasing Artillery's ability to weave intricate instrumental passages into their thrashing framework.

While not as overtly controversial as some of their contemporaries, "Terror Squad" did push boundaries. Songs like "Decapitation of Deviants" hinted at a darker side, and the album's relentless energy was sure to raise a few parental eyebrows.

Recorded at Elsound Studio in Denmark, "Terror Squad" benefitted from the production talents of Lars Overgaard and Lars "Schlachterbummel" Christensen. They managed to capture the raw power of Artillery's live performance, resulting in an album that feels both immediate and timeless.

Music Genre:

  Hardcore Crossover Thrash Metal (Denmark)

Album Production information:

 This album: "ARTILLERY - Terror Squad" was produced by: Lars Overgaard and Artillery

During the 1980s the Danish Thrash Metal band Artillery have released two official full-length albums "Fear of Tomorrow" and "Terror Squad", both albums have been produced by "Artillery" and the producers Lars O. Christensen and Nis Bogvad.

Record Label Information:

  NEAT Records RR 9615

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record

Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram

Year & Country:

  1985 Made in Holland
Band Members and Musicians on: ARTILLERY - Terror Squad
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Flemming Rönsdorf : Vocals
  • Michael Stützer : Lead Guitars
  • Jørgen Sandau : Rhythm Guitars
  • Morten Stützer : Bass
  • Carsten Nielsen : Drums

Michael Stutzer (Guitars) is brother of "Morten Stutzer". The brothers Michael (Guitars) and Mortem Stutzer (Bass) have performed together in the bands: Artillery, Abracadabra, Devil's Symphony, Missing Link, Unicorn and Voodoo. During the 1980s they have been credited on the albus "Fear of Tomorrow" and "Terror Squad".

Track Listing of: "ARTILLERY - Terror Squad"

The Songs/tracks on "ARTILLERY - Terror Squad" are

  1. The Challenge 4:13
  2. In the Trash 4:47
  3. Terror Squad 5:47
  4. Let There Be Sin 3:53
  5. Hunger and Greed 5:04
  6. Therapy 4:03
  7. At War with Science 7:10
  8. Decapitation of Deviants 4:37
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