WARRANT - First Strike 12" Vinyl EP Album

- Noise Records

This album "First Strike" by the German Speed Metal band: Warrant , is their first official recording and contains 6 tracks. The album front cover artwork was done by Phil Lawvere a cover illustrator in Berlin in the early eighties, when thrash metal was born. He created covers for bands such as Celtic Frost, Rage, Kreator, Vendetta, Death Row, and Helloween. The photo of the Warrant band on the back cover was taken by Fred Baumgart. A photographed since the mid-1980's several German Heavy Metal bands, including: Warrant, Ballantinez, Kreator, Rage, Deathrow, Voivod, Tankard.

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High Resolution Photo #1 WARRANT First Strike
First Strike: A Thrashing Debut from the German Underground
Album Description:

Emerging in the midst of Germany's burgeoning thrash metal scene, Warrant's "First Strike" EP, released in 1985 on Noise Records, was a raw and aggressive introduction to the band's sound.

Historical Context

1985 was a pivotal year for thrash metal, with bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Kreator releasing seminal albums. In Germany, the scene was particularly vibrant, with a wave of young bands eager to make their mark. Warrant's "First Strike" was a product of this exciting time, capturing the raw energy and rebellious spirit of the era.

Musical Exploration

"First Strike" showcased Warrant's unique blend of thrash and speed metal, with lightning-fast riffs, pummeling drums, and aggressive vocals. The songs were short, sharp, and to the point, reflecting the band's youthful energy and DIY ethos. Lyrically, the EP explored themes of rebellion, social commentary, and the darker side of human nature, resonating with a generation of disillusioned youth.

Production Team and Studio

The EP was produced by Horst Müller, a veteran of the German metal scene who had worked with bands like Helloween and Grave Digger. The recording took place at Caet Studio in Berlin, a well-known facility for its work with underground metal bands. Despite the limited budget, Müller managed to capture the raw power and intensity of Warrant's sound.

Musicians and Frontman

Warrant's lineup on "First Strike" consisted of:

  • Jörg Juraschek: Vocalist and bassist, Juraschek's growling vocals and driving basslines were the backbone of the band's sound.
  • Thomas Klein: Guitarist, Klein's blistering solos and intricate riffs added a melodic dimension to the band's aggression.
  • Lothar Wieners: Drummer, Wieners' relentless drumming provided the driving force behind Warrant's breakneck speed.

Music Genre:

Speed Metal 

Album Production information:

The album: "WARRANT - First Strike" was produced by: Horst Müller and Warrant

Horst Mueller - a sound engineer from Germany and has engineered the records of several German Metal bands, notable Destruction, Running Wild, Warrant and the Swiss Celtic Frost band, as well as many others. He has used several different aliases/pseudonyms, aliases used by Horst Mueller include: Horst "Hoddle" Muller, Horst H.I.F. "The Crazy Frog" Muller, Horst "The Only One" Muller, "Mad" Horst Muller

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Horst Müller

This album was recorded at: Caet Studio, Berlin, Germany

Caet Studios In the world of music, certain studios hold an iconic status due to their rich history and the multitude of talented artists who have graced their halls. One such studio is Caet Studios, located in the vibrant city of Berlin, Germany. Renowned for its exceptional sound recording capabilities, Caet Studios has become synonymous with the German Heavy Metal scene, serving as a creative hub for numerous influential bands during the 1980s.


The 1980s marked a golden era for Heavy Metal music, with the genre reaching new heights of popularity and cultural significance. German Heavy Metal bands, in particular, emerged as a force to be reckoned with, capturing the attention of both domestic and international audiences. Among these bands were Celtic Frost, Running Wild, and Destruction, who utilized Caet Studios as their creative sanctum.

Celtic Frost, a pioneering group in the Extreme Metal subgenre, left an indelible mark on the music world with their groundbreaking albums. Caet Studios served as the birthplace of their magnum opus, "To Mega Therion," released in 1985. The studio's pristine acoustics and state-of-the-art equipment allowed Celtic Frost to craft a sound that was as dark and atmospheric as their lyrical themes. Songs like "Circle of the Tyrants" and "Necromantical Screams" resonated with fans and established Celtic Frost as one of the most innovative and influential Metal bands of their time.

Running Wild, known for their pirate-themed anthems and energetic live performances, also found solace within the walls of Caet Studios. Their album "Under Jolly Roger," released in 1987, solidified their status as a leading force in German Heavy Metal. Caet Studios provided Running Wild with the ideal environment to capture their raw energy and intricate instrumentation, resulting in a record that showcased their trademark blend of speed and melody. Tracks like the eponymous "Under Jolly Roger" and "Raise Your Fist" became instant classics and continue to resonate with fans to this day.

Destruction, a band synonymous with the German Thrash Metal movement, sought refuge in Caet Studios to unleash their sonic assault. Their album "Infernal Overkill," released in 1985, epitomized the aggression and intensity that characterized the Thrash Metal genre. With Caet Studios' expertise, Destruction meticulously crafted a sonic landscape that showcased their breakneck speed and razor-sharp riffs. Tracks like "Total Desaster" and "Bestial Invasion" became anthems for the thrashing masses, solidifying Destruction's position as one of the genre's titans.

While Celtic Frost, Running Wild, and Destruction are just a few of the notable bands that graced Caet Studios during the 1980s, countless others followed suit. The studio's reputation for excellence attracted a multitude of emerging and established Heavy Metal acts, all eager to harness the power of its remarkable acoustics and cutting-edge recording equipment. Caet Studios became a pilgrimage site for musicians, offering a sanctuary where creativity and sonic innovation thrived.

Beyond its technical prowess, Caet Studios fostered a sense of community within the German Heavy Metal scene. Bands not only shared the same recording space but also collaborated and inspired one another, pushing the boundaries of the genre. The legacy of Caet Studios extends beyond the music it helped create, representing a pivotal era in German Heavy Metal history and leaving an indelible mark on the global music landscape.

Album cover design: Warrant

Cover Painting: Phil Lawvere (Artwork)

Phil Lawvere is an acclaimed artist and illustrator known for his iconic contributions to the world of metal album art. Through his distinct visual style, Lawvere has created some of the most recognizable and influential album covers in the history of heavy metal music. His dark, intricate, and often controversial artworks have left an indelible mark on the genre, solidifying his status as a legendary figure within the metal community.


Phil Lawvere was born on 28 February 1960, in Stuttgart, Germany. From a young age, he demonstrated a keen interest in art, fueled by his passion for music and the burgeoning rock and metal scene. Lawvere drew inspiration from the works of artists like H.R. Giger and Salvador Dalí, as well as from the intense and raw energy of metal music itself. These influences would later become instrumental in shaping his unique artistic vision.

Lawvere's breakthrough in metal album art came in the late 1980s when he was commissioned to create the cover artwork for German thrash metal band Kreator's sophomore album, "Pleasure to Kill" (1986) . This gritty and macabre artwork, depicting a tortured corpse, perfectly captured the aggressive and visceral nature of the band's music. The cover quickly became iconic and set the stage for Lawvere's future contributions to the genre.

Lawvere's artistic contributions extend beyond album covers. He has also created logos and additional artwork for bands such as Helloween, Tankard, and Whiplash, further cementing his influence on the metal aesthetic. Additionally, Lawvere has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, showcasing his versatility and mastery of various artistic mediums.

Phil Lawvere's impact on metal album art cannot be overstated. His unique and evocative visual style has influenced subsequent generations of artists and has become synonymous with the genre itself. The dark and atmospheric worlds he creates through his artwork serve as a visual representation of the music's intensity and power. Lawvere's contributions have elevated album covers to the realm of art, making them an integral part of the metal experience. .

Cover Layout: L+Z Grafik Design

L+Z Grafik Design, a number of graphics artists have been working at "L+Z Grafik Design" and creating the album cover artwork for bands like: "Warrant", "Witch Hunter", Rage. Graphics artists which worked for L+Z Grafik Design include Phil Lawvere and Ken Kelly.

Album cover photography: Fred Baumgart

Fred Baumgart photographed since the mid-1980's several German Heavy Metal bands, including: Warrant , Ballantinez , Kreator , Rage , Deathrow , Voivod , Tankard .

Record Company & Catalog number: 

Noise - N0019

Media Format:

12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year and Country:

1985 Germany
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: WARRANT - First Strike
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Jörg Juraschek (Vocals, Bass, Songwriter)
  • Thomas Klein (Guitar)
  • Lothar Wieners (Drums)
Complete Track-listing of the album "WARRANT - First Strike"

The detailed tracklist of this record "WARRANT - First Strike" is:

    Track-listing Side One:
  1. Intro
  2. Satan
  3. Ready To Command
  4. Condemned Forever
    Track-listing Side Two:
  1. Scavenger's Daughter
  2. Bang That Head
High Quality Photo of Album Front Cover  "WARRANT - First Strike"
High Resolution Photo #1 WARRANT First Strike

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Album Back Cover  Photo of "WARRANT - First Strike"
High Resolution Photo #2 WARRANT First Strike  
Photo of "WARRANT - First Strike" 12" LP Record - Side One:
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Photo of "WARRANT - First Strike" 12" LP Record - Side Two:
High Resolution Photo #4 WARRANT First Strike

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