BLIND GUARDIAN Vinyl Discography and Album Covers from 1989-1990

  "Blind Guardian" is a German ( aka Teutonic ) Power metal band from Krefeld, West-Germany and was formed in 1984. The band's original name was "Lucifer's Heritage" by Kürsch, Olbrich, Markus Dörk and Thomas Stauch. In 1985 Dörk and Stauch left the band and were briefly replaced by Christof Theißen and Hans-Peter Frey. In 1987, Siepen joined and Stauch returned; under this line-up, which lasted 18 years (the longest in the band's history), the band changed their name to "Blind Guardian" and released their first album, Battalions of Fear, in 1988. During the 1980s They released three official albums 1988 Battalions of Fear, 1989 Follow the Blind, Blind Guardian and 1990 Tales from the Twilight World. The musical style of "Blind Guardian" shows heavy influences from bands like "Helloween".


BLIND GUARDIAN - Battalions Of Fear Ltd Ed

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 Nuclear Blast – NB 4322-1 , 2018 , Europe

"Battalions Of Fear" is the limited to 500 light blue LPs with the remixed 2007 / remastered 2018 version of Blind Guardian's debut in gatefold cover

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BLIND GUARDIAN - Follow The Blind

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NRR No Remorse Records NR 1005 , 1989 , Germany

"Follow The Blind" was released in 1989 and is more in the vein of speed metal, compared to the style that would later define the band's unique sound. .

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BLIND GUARDIAN - Tales From The Twilight World

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No Remorse Records – NRR 1014 , 1990 , Germany

  "Tales from the Twilight World" is the third official full-length album by the German Power metal band "Blind Guardian". One of the guest musicians is "Kai Hansen" from the bands "Helloween" and "Gamma Ray".

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