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  Barrabás was actually a Spanish band formed in Madrid in the early 1970s. The band was one of the leading acts of the Spanish progressive and hard rock scene, and they achieved significant success both nationally and internationally.

  Barrabás's music was heavily influenced by American funk and soul, as well as by European progressive rock and hard rock. Their sound was characterized by its heavy grooves, driving basslines, and powerful horns, and they were known for their energetic and danceable live performances.

  One of the key factors in Barrabás's success was their innovative approach to music. The band was not afraid to experiment with new sounds and styles, and they constantly pushed the boundaries of what was possible in the Spanish rock scene. Their willingness to take risks and explore new musical avenues earned them a reputation as one of the most creative and adventurous bands of their time.

  Barrabás released several albums throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and they achieved significant commercial success both in Spain and abroad. They were particularly popular in Latin America, where they developed a large and dedicated following among fans of progressive and hard rock.

  Today, Barrabás is remembered as one of the pioneering bands of the Spanish progressive and hard rock scene. Their innovative and energetic music continues to influence new generations of musicians, and their legacy as one of the greatest Spanish rock bands of all time remains intact.

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BARRABÁS - Bestial 12" Vinyl LP
BARRABÁS - Bestial album front cover vinyl record

Barrabas Bestial is a studio album by the Spanish band Barrabás, released in 1982. The band was formed in the early 1970s and was one of the most influential Latin funk bands of the era. The band's sound combined elements of rock, funk, soul, and Latin rhythms, and their music was widely popular across Europe

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BARRABÁS - Piel de Barrabás 12" Vinyl LP
BARRABÁS - Piel de Barrabás album front cover vinyl record

"Piel de Barrabás" is a notable album in the history of Latin funk music. While it may not have had the same raw energy and innovation as the band's earlier work, its commercial success and catchy hooks helped

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BARRABÁS - Power 12" Vinyl LP
BARRABÁS - Power album front cover vinyl record

"Power" is Barrabás' 1972 studio album. The album showcases the band's unique fusion of Latin, funk, and rock music and features iconic tracks such as "Wild Safari" and "Woman." It was a commercial success and helped establish the band as a major force in the Latin funk genre.

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BARRABÁS - Soltad a Barrabas 12" Vinyl LP
BARRABÁS - Soltad a Barrabas album front cover vinyl record

Soltad a Barrabás is a seminal album in the history of Latin funk music. Its fusion of different musical styles and its socially conscious lyrics continue to inspire musicians and fans around the world. Barrabás proved that music can be both entertaining

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BARRABÁS - Wild Safari 12" Vinyl LP
BARRABÁS - Wild Safari album front cover vinyl record

"Wild Safari" is a classic of funk, soul, and rock music. The album's concept, themes, and innovative sound continue to resonate with music lovers today. The album's success established Barrabas as one of the most important bands of the Spanish music scene and paved the way for their continued success

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