Warlord - Thy Kingdom Come - 12" VINYL LP ALBUM

  Warlord is an 1980s heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. Warlord should not to be confused with Warlord UK. Warlord was mostly active in the 80's. This page has quality photos of album covers, record label and a detailed description.


large album front cover photo of: Thy Kingdom Come

Music Genre: 

Progressive Heavy Metal

Album Production information:


Produced by Warlord

Album coverart by Ioannis/Third Image

Ioannis Vassilopoulos a graphics artist from Athens, Greece who has during the 1980s illustrated a dozen of album covers for heavy metal bands like: Hallows Eve, Fates Warning and others.

Record Label Information:

Metal Blade Records RR 9637

Media Format:

12" 150 grams vinyl LP 

Year & Country:

1987 Made in Holland

Album cover photos of : Warlord Thy Kingdom Come

Photo of Front Cover 
High Resolution Photo Album Front Cover of Warlord - Thy Kingdom Come https://vinyl-records.nl
Photo of Album's Back Cover  
High Resolution Photo Album Back Cover of Warlord - Thy Kingdom Come https://vinyl-records.nl  
Close-up Photo of Record Label 

Enlargedd High Resolution Photo of the Record's label Warlord - Thy Kingdom Come https://vinyl-records.nl  

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Band Members and Musicians on: Warlord Thy Kingdom Come

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Bill Tsamis - Guitars
  • Dave Watry
  • Rick Cunningham - Vocals
  • Mark S. Zonder - Drums

Track Listing of: Warlord Thy Kingdom Come

The Song/tracks on "Warlord Thy Kingdom Come" are:

    Side One:
  • Mrs Victoria
  • Aliens
  • Child of the Damned
  • Beginnings
  • Lucifer's Hammer
    Side Two:
  • Black Mass
  • Lost and Lonely Days
  • Soliloguy
  • Deliver us from Evil
  • Hands and Feet... Thunder Child's Farewell