LEATHERWOLF Heavy Metal / Hard Rock USA

Description: LEATHERWOLF is a Heavy/Power Metal band from Huntington Beach, California. This Heavy Metal band was formed in 1981 and active from 1981 until 1991 and 1999 until today, with a break inbetween (calling themselves "HailMary"). Between 1980 and 1991 Leatherwolf released three official full length albums, the first two of these albums have the same album-name.

Leatherwolf: The Vinyl Years (1980s Discography)" - featuring album cover photos of their self-titled debut album and "Leatherwolf"

Band Information:

  Leatherwolf is a heavy metal band that formed in the early 1980s in Orange County, California. They are known for their powerful and melodic sound, combining elements of traditional heavy metal with progressive and neoclassical influences. With their technically proficient musicianship and catchy songwriting, Leatherwolf has earned a loyal following over the years and remains an important presence in the metal scene.


 Leatherwolf was formed in 1981 by lead vocalist/guitarist Michael Olivieri and drummer Dean Roberts. The original lineup also included bassist Carey Howe and guitarist Geoff Gayer. They quickly gained a following in the local metal scene with their high-energy live shows and unique sound. In 1984, they signed with the independent record label Tropical Records and released their self-titled debut album, which received critical acclaim and helped establish the band as a rising force in metal.

 In 1986, Leatherwolf signed with the major label Island Records and released their second album, "Leatherwolf", which featured the hit single "The Calling". The album showcased the band's technical prowess and strong songwriting skills, and solidified their place in the metal world. However, the band experienced some internal tensions and lineup changes over the next few years, leading to a hiatus in the early 1990s.

 In 1999, Olivieri and Roberts reunited with guitarist Carey Howe to record a new album, "Wide Open", which featured a revamped lineup and a more modern sound. The album received positive reviews and helped re-establish the band's presence in the metal scene. Leatherwolf continued to tour and release new music throughout the 2000s and 2010s, with Olivieri and Roberts remaining the core members of the band.

 Musical Style

 Leatherwolf's music is characterized by its powerful, melodic riffs, soaring vocals, and intricate guitar solos. The band's early sound drew heavily from traditional heavy metal and NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, but they also incorporated neoclassical and progressive elements into their music, adding a unique flavor to their sound. Leatherwolf's musicianship is highly technical, with the band members showcasing their virtuosity through complex solos and arrangements.

 Lyrically, Leatherwolf often explores themes of personal struggle and perseverance, with many songs touching on topics like loneliness, addiction, and self-doubt. The band's lyrics often have a relatable quality, and are delivered with an emotive and powerful vocal performance from Olivieri.


 Leatherwolf has been cited as an influence by many metal bands over the years, and has inspired a dedicated fanbase of metal enthusiasts. Their technical musicianship and catchy songwriting have earned them a place in the pantheon of metal legends, and their influence can be heard in the work of many bands in the genre today.

 Despite some lineup changes and challenges over the years, Leatherwolf has remained a vital force in the metal scene, and continues to tour and release new music. Their legacy is one of dedication to their craft, perseverance through adversity, and a commitment to delivering powerful and memorable metal music to their fans.

  LEATHERWOLF - Self-Titled ( 1984 ) 12" Vinyl LP Album

LEATHERWOLF - Self-Titled ( 1984 )

Steamhammer SH 0030, SPV GmbH SPV 08-1854 , 1984 , Germany

This is the 1984 debut official full-length album by the American Heavy Metal band "Leatherwolf". This album is also known as "Endangered Species", NOT to be confused with the "Leatherwolf" album released in 1987.

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  LEATHERWOLF - Self-Titled ( 1987 ) 12" Vinyl LP Album

LEATHERWOLF - Self-Titled ( 1987 )

ISLAND 208 897 , 1987 , Netherlands / Germany

This is the first "Leatherwolf" album released on Island Records

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  LEATHERWOLF - Street Ready 12" Vinyl LP Album

LEATHERWOLF - Street Ready

ISLAND 209 781 , 1989 , Germany

"Street Ready" is the third full length album by the American Heavy Metal "Leatherwolf", the album was released in 1989 and was their last album before their split in 1991.

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