FISC - Heavy Metal from France 1982-1988 Vinyl Discography


Dive into the raw energy of FISC, a French heavy metal band that blazed a trail from 1982 to 1988. Based in Metz, their sound was a potent mix of classic metal influences, delivering a sonic assault of powerful riffs and soaring vocals. FISC's vinyl discography is a testament to the golden age of French heavy metal, offering a thrilling blast from the past for fans of the genre.

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Band Description:

 Fisc is a French heavy metal band that was formed in the late 1980s. The band's name is derived from the Latin word "fiscus," which means a treasury or a public chest. Fisc's music is known for its powerful guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and dynamic vocals. The band's sound is heavily influenced by classic heavy metal bands such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, as well as progressive rock acts like Pink Floyd.

 Fisc was founded in 1987 by guitarist and vocalist Patrick Fichaux, drummer Alain Dionisio, and bassist Olivier Spitzer. The band quickly gained a reputation in the French metal scene for their energetic live performances and their unique blend of heavy metal and progressive rock. In 1989, Fisc released their debut album, "Handle with Care," which was well-received by critics and fans alike. The album showcased the band's technical prowess and musical versatility, with songs ranging from fast-paced metal anthems to slower, more atmospheric tracks.

 Fisc's second album, "Break Out," was released in 1990 and further solidified the band's status as one of France's most promising metal acts. The album featured guest appearances from several notable musicians, including former Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di'Anno and guitarist Steve Blaze of the American band Lillian Axe. The album's lead single, "Midnight Sensation," became a fan favorite and helped to cement Fisc's reputation as a band that could compete with the best heavy metal acts in the world.

 Despite their early success, Fisc faced a number of challenges in the early 1990s. The rise of grunge and alternative rock led to a decline in the popularity of heavy metal, and the band's record label went bankrupt. Fisc continued to perform and record, but their momentum was slowed by these external factors. The band released several more albums over the next decade, but they were not as well-received as their early work.

 In recent years, Fisc has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. The band's classic albums have been reissued and remastered, and their music has been embraced by a new generation of metal fans. Fisc continues to tour and perform, and they remain an influential band in the French heavy metal scene.

 Fisc's legacy is built on their technical proficiency, their dynamic songwriting, and their unwavering commitment to heavy metal. The band's music is a testament to the enduring power of classic heavy metal, and their influence can be heard in the work of countless metal bands that have followed in their footsteps. Despite facing setbacks and challenges over the years, Fisc has remained true to their vision and their love of metal, and their music continues to inspire and excite fans around the world.

Index of FISC Featured Vinyl Album Discography and Album Cover Gallery

FISC - Break Out 12" LP

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Mausoleum Records SKULL 83107 , 1985 , Belgium

Fisc's "Break Out," the second full-length album by the French heavy metal band from Metz (1982-1988), is a sonic triumph in the 1980s metal landscape. Released on a 12" vinyl LP, the album showcases Fisc's musical synergy with dynamic guitar work, robust bass lines, and compelling vocals by Alain Duva. A pivotal piece in French heavy metal history, "Break Out" resonates with raw energy and enduring impact.

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FISC - Too Hot For Love 12" LP

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N.E.W Musidisc 2360  , 1987 , France

"Too Hot For Love" is the third album by the French Heavy Metal band "Fisc" and was released in 1987. It is a powerful and dynamic debut album that showcases Fisc's ability to blend hard rock and heavy metal with intricate guitar work and powerful vocals. While Fisc may not be a household name outside of France, "Too Hot for Love" remains a classic album that has influenced subsequent generations of rock musicians and stands as a testament to the power and passion of hard rock and heavy metal music.

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FISC - Tracker 12" LP

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Mausoleum Records SKULL 8352 , 1984 , Belgium

"Tracker," FISC's debut on MAUSOLEUM Records, resonates in French Heavy Metal history. Produced by Belgian maestro Jos Kloek, it epitomizes a harmonious blend of raw energy and melodic intricacies. The meticulous recording process, coupled with the warmth of the 12" Vinyl LP, enhances its sonic allure. Released on the esteemed MAUSOLEUM platform, "Tracker" solidifies FISC's place in Heavy Metal, leaving an indelible mark on the genre.

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