DARK WIZARD Reign of Evil NETHERLANDS Mausoleum Records 12" LP ALBUM VINYL

Dark Wizard, the Netherlands' Heavy Metal conjurors, etched their legacy with the enigmatic "Reign of Evil" 12" LP Album Vinyl, the band's final offering under NETHERLANDS Mausoleum Records. Preceded by the 1984 EP "Devil's Victim," the 1985 opus weaves haunting melodies with occult themes, creating a timeless masterpiece. The vinyl's ominous cover art and relentless tracks encapsulate Dark Wizard's enduring influence in the realm of Heavy Metal.


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"Reign of Evil" Album Description:

In the world of Heavy Metal history, certain bands emerge like mythical creatures from the depths of the underground scene, leaving an indelible mark on the genre. Dark Wizard, a formidable Heavy Metal outfit hailing from the Netherlands (Holland), stands as one such entity. Their sonic sorcery comes to life in their only and final full-length album, "Reign of Evil," a magnum opus that etches their legacy in the metal tapestry.

A Prelude to Darkness: "Devil's Victim" EP:

Before the reign, there was a harbinger—Dark Wizard's ominous presence was first felt with the release of the 1984 extended play record, "Devil's Victim." This EP served as an aural invocation, introducing listeners to the band's raw power and occult-inspired lyrical themes. The ominous atmosphere and potent riffing of "Devil's Victim" hinted at the brewing storm that would manifest in their later and final work.

"Reign of Evil": An Unveiling:

The year 1985 marked the unleashing of Dark Wizard's sole full-length album, "Reign of Evil." Produced under the NETHERLANDS Mausoleum Records banner, the 12" LP Album Vinyl became a vessel for the band's musical alchemy. The cover art, adorned with dark imagery and arcane symbols, provided a visual prelude to the musical journey within.

Legacy and Impact: "

Reign of Evil" stands as a testament to Dark Wizard's prowess as architects of atmospheric and sinister Heavy Metal. While the band's journey was brief, their impact endures through this final offering. The vinyl release on the revered NETHERLANDS Mausoleum Records adds a layer of mystique, making it a coveted item among collectors and enthusiasts.

Music Genre:

 Heavy Metal (although because of the lyrics and shows, they were often referred to as a Black Metal band)

Album Production Information:

The album: "DARK WIZARD - Reign of Evil" was produced by: Gerard Haitsma

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Roel Toering

This album was recorded at: Stable Studios, Arnhem, Netherlands

Album cover photography: Paul Haverkort

Record Label Information:

 Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8386

Media Format:

 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

 1985 Belgium
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: DARK WIZARD - Reign of Evil
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Vocals - Berto van Veen. Berto van Veen, the charismatic vocalist of Dark Wizard, is a seasoned performer whose commanding stage presence and powerful vocal delivery have been pivotal in defining the band's dark sound. With a rich and diverse musical background, Berto's emotive voice weaves tales of the occult, leaving an indelible mark on the Heavy Metal landscape.
  • Guitars - Marcel de Groot. Marcel de Groot, the guitarist of Dark Wizard, is the mastermind behind the band's intricate and haunting guitar work. His razor-sharp riffs, melodic solos, and dark compositions define the band's signature sound. Marcel's skillful and emotive playing has left an enduring impact, solidifying Dark Wizard's place in the world of Heavy Metal history as architects of atmospheric malevolence.
  • Bass - Kees Reinders. Kees Reinders, the bassist of Dark Wizard, brings a thunderous and rhythmic foundation to the band's sonic tapestry. His intricate bass lines and dynamic stage presence contribute to the band's ominous aura, adding depth and heaviness to their sound. Kees's musical prowess is an integral element that resonates throughout the band's brief yet impactful career.
  • Drums - Tony White. Tony White, the rhythmic heartbeat of Dark Wizard, is the band's skilled drummer whose precise and powerful drumming style provides the backbone for their menacing compositions. Tony's versatility and technical proficiency behind the drum kit have been crucial in shaping the band's intense and atmospheric sound, making him an indispensable force within the Heavy Metal realm.
Complete Track-listing of the album "DARK WIZARD - Reign of Evil"

The detailed tracklist of this record "DARK WIZARD - Reign of Evil" is:

    Track-listing Side One:
  1. Mortal Agony
  2. Choice Of Life
  3. Judgement Day
  4. Master Of Time
    Track-listing Side Two:
  1. Evil Spirits
  2. Coming Out Of The Sky
  3. Death Struggle Thriller
  4. Reign Of Evil
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