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 Baron Rojo is a Spanish heavy metal band that was formed in 1980 in Madrid, Spain. The band is considered one of the pioneers of heavy metal music in Spain and has been active for over four decades, producing numerous albums and performing countless concerts throughout their career.

 Baron Rojo's musical style can be described as a mix of heavy metal, hard rock, and punk rock. They have been influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Motörhead, and their music is characterized by fast-paced guitar riffs, powerful drum beats, and charismatic vocals. Their lyrics often deal with social and political issues, reflecting the band's commitment to their beliefs and the struggles they have faced throughout their career.

 One of the defining characteristics of Baron Rojo is their energetic live performances. The band is renowned for their powerful and engaging live shows, which often feature elaborate light and pyrotechnic displays. They have played countless concerts throughout Spain and Europe, and have also toured extensively throughout South America. In addition to their live shows, Baron Rojo has also been a major influence on the Spanish heavy metal scene, inspiring countless other bands and musicians to pursue their own careers in the genre.

 Despite facing many challenges throughout their career, Baron Rojo has remained dedicated to their craft and has continued to produce new music and perform live shows. In recent years, the band has collaborated with a number of other artists, including members of other Spanish heavy metal bands, and has also released several re-recorded versions of their classic songs. This has allowed them to reach new audiences and introduce their music to a new generation of fans.

BARON ROJO - Larga Vida Al Rock & Roll

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Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8328 , Year , Country

"Larga vida al Rock and Roll" is the first official studio album released by the Spanish Heavy Metal band "Barón Rojo". All songs are sung in the Spanish Language.

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BARON ROJO Metalmorfosis incl 7” Limited Edition

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Chapa Discos HS-35062 , 1983 , Spain

This album is a Limited Edition (Ltd Ed) and includes the original custom inner sleeve, it also includes the 7" Single with songs not available on the LP. This release was limited to 20000 copies

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Thumbnail Of  BARON ROJO - No Va Mas album front cover

Serdisco 30312222 , 1988 , Spain

BARON ROJO - No Va Mas is the Sixth album by this Spanish Heavy Metal / Hard Rock band and was released in 1988.

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BARON ROJO - Volumen Brutal  

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Kamaflage Records – KAM LP 4 , UK ( United Kingdom )

This album "BARON ROJO - Volumen Brutal" is the second album by the Spanish Heavy Metal Band: "Baron Rojo"

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