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WISHBONE ASH is a British Rock band having their most successful period during the 1970s.


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WISHBONE ASH Band Description:

Wishbone Ash is a British rock band formed in 1969, which gained popularity in the early 1970s as pioneers of the twin-lead guitar sound that has since become a signature of classic rock. The band's original lineup consisted of Martin Turner on bass guitar and lead vocals, Steve Upton on drums, Ted Turner on lead guitar and vocals, and Andy Powell on lead guitar and vocals. Over the years, the band has seen numerous lineup changes, but Powell has remained a constant member throughout, making him the band's longest-serving member.

Wishbone Ash's sound is characterized by their use of harmony and melody, and their twin-lead guitar sound. Their music has been described as a mix of hard rock, progressive rock, and folk rock, which was influenced by bands such as Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin.

The band's debut album, "Wishbone Ash," was released in 1970 and received critical acclaim. The album featured songs such as "Blind Eye" and "Phoenix," which showcased the band's unique sound and style. The album also marked the beginning of the band's trademark twin-lead guitar sound, which was developed by Andy Powell and Ted Turner.

In 1971, Wishbone Ash released their second album, "Pilgrimage," which featured the songs "Jail Bait" and "The Pilgrim." The album also saw the introduction of Martin Turner's distinctive bass sound, which added to the band's unique style.

The band's third album, "Argus," released in 1972, is considered their breakthrough album and remains their most popular release. The album featured the hit single "Blowin' Free" and other fan favorites such as "Warrior," "Throw Down the Sword," and "The King Will Come." "Argus" is widely regarded as one of the greatest rock albums of all time, and it cemented Wishbone Ash's place in rock history.

After the success of "Argus," the band released a string of successful albums, including "Wishbone Four" (1973), "There's the Rub" (1974), and "New England" (1976). These albums continued to showcase the band's unique twin-lead guitar sound and their ability to write memorable melodies and harmonies.

Despite the band's success, they experienced several lineup changes in the late 1970s and early 1980s. However, Powell remained a constant member, and the band continued to release new music and tour.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Wishbone Ash continued to release new music and tour, with Powell and Turner being the only original members remaining in the band. They released albums such as "Strange Affair" (1991), "Bare Bones" (1999), and "Elegant Stealth" (2011). The band's music continued to showcase their unique sound and style, which has influenced many other rock bands over the years.

Wishbone Ash's legacy can be seen in their influence on other rock bands, particularly in their use of twin-lead guitars. Bands such as Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, and Lynyrd Skynyrd have all cited Wishbone Ash as an influence on their music.  

Wishbone Ash: Pioneers of Twin-Lead Guitar Rock Sound
WISHBONE ASH - Argus 12" Vinyl LP
WISHBONE ASH - Argus album front cover vinyl record

Wishbone Ash's "Argus" is a legendary 12" vinyl LP album that solidified the band's status as one of the pioneers of hard rock. Released in 1972, it is widely regarded as their greatest and most influential work, combining elements of progressive rock, folk, and heavy metal into a captivating musical journey.

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WISHBONE ASH - Classic Ash 12" Vinyl LP
WISHBONE ASH - Classic Ash album front cover vinyl record

"Classic Ash" is a compilation album by the British rock band Wishbone Ash. It features a selection of songs from the band's early albums, including "Argus," "Wishbone Four," and "There's the Rub." The album was released in 1996 and is considered a retrospective of the band's work during the 1970s.

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WISHBONE ASH - Hot Ash Live 12" Vinyl LP
WISHBONE ASH - Hot Ash Live album front cover vinyl record

"Wishbone Ash" emerged from the British rock scene in the early 1970s, gaining recognition for their twin-guitar approach and progressive sound. By the time the band reached the 1980s, they had already etched their name in the world of rock history. "Hot Ash Live" was conceived during a pivotal moment

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WISHBONE ASH - Live Dates 12" Vinyl 2LP
WISHBONE ASH - Live Dates album front cover vinyl record

The "Live Dates" album is a double LP featuring recordings from various concerts that took place across England in 1973. The album opens with "The King Will Come," a fan favorite that sets the tone for the rest of the record. The twin-lead guitar sound is immediately apparent, with Andy Powell and Ted Turner

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WISHBONE ASH - Locked In 12" Vinyl LP
WISHBONE ASH - Locked In album front cover vinyl record

Wishbone Ash emerged in the early 1970s from the British rock scene. Formed in 1969 by guitarist and vocalist Andy Powell, bassist Martin Turner, drummer Steve Upton, and guitarist Ted Turner, the band distinguished itself with its signature twin lead guitar sound. The interplay between Powell and Turner

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WISHBONE ASH - No Smoke Without Fire 12" Vinyl LP
WISHBONE ASH - No Smoke Without Fire album front cover vinyl record

Despite the stylistic evolution, "No Smoke Without Fire" retained Wishbone Ash's signature twin-lead guitar interplay. Tracks like "You See Red" and "Stand and Deliver" showcased the band's instrumental prowess while incorporating a more direct, radio-friendly sensibility.

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WISHBONE ASH - Pilgrimage 12" Vinyl LP
WISHBONE ASH - Pilgrimage album front cover vinyl record

The early 1970s was a time of great experimentation and innovation in rock music. Bands were venturing beyond traditional boundaries, incorporating diverse influences, and exploring new sonic textures. Wishbone Ash, with their signature twin-lead guitar harmonies and a blend of folk, rock, and progressive elements

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WISHBONE ASH - The Original Wishbone Ash 12" Vinyl LP
WISHBONE ASH - The Original Wishbone Ash album front cover vinyl record

The mid-1970s was a period of immense creativity and experimentation in rock music. Bands were pushing boundaries, blending genres, and exploring new sonic territories. Wishbone Ash, with their intricate guitar work and eclectic influences, were at the forefront of this musical exploration.

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