VIXEN Hard Rock USA vinyl discography 1988-1990

Vixen was an all-female Glam Metal band originally from St Paul, Minnesota and later from Los Angeles, California. The Vixen band was mainly active from 1973 until 1991 with a re-surrection around 2001 (after a legal battle over the band's name). Between 1988 and 1990 they released two full-length albums and two singles.


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VIXEN Band Description:

The Vixen band is an all-female rock band that was formed in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1980. The band comprises Janet Gardner, Jan Kuehnemund, Share Ross, and Roxy Petrucci. The band was initially called Genesis but changed its name to Vixen in 1981.

The band's original lineup consisted of Kuehnemund on guitar, Gardner on vocals, Pia Maiocco on bass, and Laurie Hedlund on drums. However, the band's lineup changed over the years, and Gardner, Kuehnemund, Ross, and Petrucci are considered the classic Vixen lineup.

Vixen's music is a blend of hard rock and glam metal, with heavy riffs, catchy hooks, and powerful vocals. The band's sound was influenced by classic rock acts such as Led Zeppelin and Queen, as well as glam metal bands like Van Halen and Motley Crue.

In 1984, Vixen released their self-titled debut album on EMI Records. The album was a commercial success, reaching No. 41 on the Billboard 200 chart and spawning the hit singles "Edge of a Broken Heart" and "Cryin'." The band's music videos for these songs received heavy rotation on MTV, and Vixen quickly became one of the most popular all-female bands of the 1980s.

In 1988, Vixen released their second album, "Rev It Up." The album was another commercial success, reaching No. 27 on the Billboard 200 chart and featuring the hit single "How Much Love." The album also spawned a successful world tour, which saw Vixen opening for bands like Ozzy Osbourne and Bon Jovi.

However, the band's success was short-lived, and Vixen disbanded in 1991 due to internal conflicts and personal issues. Kuehnemund continued to perform under the Vixen name with a new lineup, but the band's popularity had waned, and they were unable to replicate the success of their earlier years.

In 1997, the classic Vixen lineup reunited for a short-lived reunion tour. However, the reunion was cut short when Kuehnemund was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2013. The remaining members of Vixen continued to perform under the Vixen name with a new lineup, but they have never been able to recapture the magic of the classic lineup.

Despite their relatively short career, Vixen had a significant impact on the music industry. They were one of the few all-female bands to achieve commercial success in a male-dominated industry, and they paved the way for future female rockers such as Joan Jett, Lita Ford, and Halestorm. Their music and style inspired countless young women to pick up a guitar and start their own bands.

In addition to their music, Vixen also broke down barriers for women in the music industry. They were one of the first bands to be signed to a major record label, and they proved that women could be just as successful as men in the rock and roll world. They were also advocates for women's rights and empowerment, and their message resonated with female fans around the world.  

Vixen: The All-Female Rock Band that Broke Barriers and Inspired Generations of Women in Music.

VIXEN - Edge of a Broken Heart 12" Maxi Single

Thumbnail Of  VIXEN - Edge of a Broken Heart 12" Maxi Single album front cover

EMI Manhattan 12 MT 48 , 1988 , USA

This is the 12" Maxi Single version of the track "Edge of a Broken Heart", which was taken from Vixen's self-titled debut album.

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VIXEN - Rev It Up USA Export 12" vinyl LP

Thumbnail Of  VIXEN - Rev It Up USA Export 12" vinyl LP album front cover

EMI USA 064-792923   , 1990 , USA Export

"Rev It Up" is the 1990 full length album by the all-female American Heavy Metal / Hard Rock band "Vixen", this record is the USA export edition.

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VIXEN - Vixen (Self-titled) 12" Vinyl LP

Thumbnail Of  VIXEN - Self-titled 12" Vinyl LP album front cover

EMI Manhattan 064.7 46991 1 , 1988 , EEC

"Vixen" is the self-titled debut album by the all-female American Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band "Vixen" , it was released during 1988. Two singles have been released from this album "Edge of a Broken Heart" and "Love Made Me".

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