Mad Max -Night of Passion 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Night of Passion" by Mad Max reverberates on a 12" Vinyl LP Album, showcasing the prowess of this German Hard Rock band from Munster. Formed in 1982, Mad Max left an indelible mark on the hard rock scene. In 1988, with Michael Voss, J├╝rgen Breforth, Roland Begrmann, and Axel Kruse at the helm, the band reached new heights. This album, a testament to their artistry, encapsulates Mad Max's contribution to the vibrant era of hard rock during their active years from 1982 to 1989.


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Album Production information:

Dirk Steffens - Sound Engineer, Producer

Dirk Steffens is a notable figure in the German music industry as a record producer. He has worked with several prominent bands and artists, particularly in the hard rock and heavy metal genres. Here are some details about Dirk Steffens and the artists and recordings he has produced.

Kalle Trapp - Producer, Sound Engineer, Musician

Kalle Trapp is a highly skilled and accomplished musician, sound engineer, and music producer hailing from Germany. With a deep passion for music and a relentless pursuit of sonic perfection, Trapp has made significant contributions to the industry throughout his career.


Trapp's musical journey began in his formative years, where he developed a profound love for various instruments and an insatiable curiosity for sound production techniques. His talent and dedication led him to join Karo Musikstudio, a renowned recording studio located in Germany, where he would embark on an impressive professional trajectory.

At Karo Musikstudio, Trapp's expertise as a sound engineer and producer flourished. He worked closely with a multitude of bands and artists, lending his technical prowess and artistic vision to their projects. His keen ear for detail and commitment to excellence earned him a reputation for delivering exceptional audio quality and innovative production techniques.

Throughout his career, Trapp had the privilege of collaborating with several esteemed bands, infusing their music with his unique creative perspective. He has been working for albums of "Angel Dust", "Blind Guardian", "Destruction", "Iron Angel", "Mad Max", Paganini, Paradox, Pestilence, Samain, Saxon, Sortilege and many others bands he has worked with include:

1. Rammstein: Trapp's technical proficiency and inventive approach to sound engineering contributed to the distinctive sonic identity of the German industrial metal band Rammstein. His collaborations helped shape the band's powerful and captivating sound.

2. Scorpions: Trapp's skills as a sound engineer and music producer were instrumental in his collaborations with the iconic German rock band Scorpions. He worked closely with the band to capture their energetic performances and enhance the impact of their music.

3. Tokio Hotel: Trapp's collaboration with the German pop-rock band Tokio Hotel showcased his ability to capture their unique sound and bring it to life in the studio. His contributions as a producer played a crucial role in the band's success.

4. Silbermond: Trapp's technical expertise and meticulous attention to detail were in high demand during his work with the German rock/pop band Silbermond. He played a vital role in shaping their sound and ensuring a polished and captivating sonic experience for their listeners.

5. Wir Sind Helden: Trapp's collaborations with the German indie rock band Wir Sind Helden highlighted his versatility as a producer. He skillfully captured the band's alternative rock sensibilities, contributing to their distinctive and engaging sound.

Kalle Trapp's extensive work as a musician, sound engineer, and music producer at Karo Musikstudio has solidified his position as a respected figure in the industry. His dedication, technical expertise, and ability to adapt to different musical genres have made him a sought-after professional in the German music scene and beyond.

Beyond his collaborations with renowned bands, Trapp has also pursued solo projects, where he showcases his own musical compositions and production work. His solo endeavors reflect his diverse influences, innovative production techniques, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of conventional music.

Dan Johnson - Producer, Sound Engineer, Mix Engineer

Dan Johnson is a highly accomplished producer and sound engineer, renowned for his significant contributions to the heavy metal music scene during the vibrant 1980s era. His expertise in capturing and refining the raw power and intensity of heavy metal music has made him a respected figure in the industry. Johnson's extensive work with prominent bands such as Coroner, Crimson Glory, Death, Mad Max, and Savatage has solidified his reputation as one of the premier producers and sound engineers of his time.

Born with an innate passion for music, Dan Johnson developed a deep appreciation for heavy metal at a young age. Inspired by the driving energy and electrifying performances of the genre's pioneers, he became determined to contribute to the creation of groundbreaking metal music. With an unyielding dedication to his craft, Johnson honed his technical skills in sound engineering and production, constantly seeking to refine his understanding of the intricacies of heavy metal music.


In the early 1980s, Dan Johnson emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His keen ear for detail and his ability to capture the essence of a band's sound in the recording studio quickly set him apart from his peers. Bands were eager to collaborate with him, recognizing his talent for bringing out the best in their music. It was during this time that Johnson had the opportunity to work closely with the Swiss thrash metal band Coroner, helping to shape their unique sound and contributing to the success of their influential albums.

Continuing his streak of successful collaborations, Dan Johnson worked closely with the American progressive metal band Crimson Glory, pushing the boundaries of their sound and elevating their music to new heights. His production and engineering work on their critically acclaimed albums further solidified his reputation as an innovator within the heavy metal community.

Johnson's partnership with Death, the iconic American death metal band led by Chuck Schuldiner, showcased his versatility as a producer. He played a vital role in capturing the band's aggressive and intricate musical style, allowing their albums to resonate with fans and cementing Death's status as one of the most influential bands in the genre.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Dan Johnson continued to expand his horizons, collaborating with German hard rock band Mad Max and American progressive metal pioneers Savatage. His work with Mad Max resulted in albums that showcased the band's energy and intensity, while his contributions to Savatage's critically acclaimed releases brought out the grandeur and theatricality of their music.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dan Johnson has consistently demonstrated his unwavering commitment to quality and his ability to bring out the best in heavy metal music. His production and engineering work in the 1980s played a pivotal role in shaping the sound of numerous influential bands, leaving an indelible mark on the heavy metal genre. Today, his legacy endures as a testament to his exceptional talent and enduring contributions to the world of music.

Uwe Ziegler - Sound Engineer

Music Genre:

German Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Music  
Band Members and Musicians on: Mad Max Night of Passion
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Michael Voss - Vocals
  • Jurgen Breforth - Guitars
  • Roland Bergmann - Bass, Vocals
  • Axel Kruse - Drums, Vocals
Track Listing of: Mad Max Night of Passion
    The Song/tracks are:
  • Burning The Stage
  • Wait For The Night
  • R.i.p.
  • Dive Through The Sky
  • Wild And Seventeen
  • Hearts On Fire
  • Love Loaded
  • Night Of Passion
  • Starcrossed Lovers
  • Fox On The Run
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