Pat BenAtar (Rock, USA) Vinyl Records Discography and Album Gallery 1980-1988

  Pat Benatar an American woman known as singer, songwriter, and actress best known for her Rock music successes during the later 1970s and 1980s. This web-page shows album covers of some of the records she released during the 1980s.


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Hit After Hit: Pat Benatar's 1980s Discography of Empowering Rock Anthems and Timeless Ballads"

Pat Benatar Information:

  Pat Benatar is a renowned American rock singer who rose to fame in the late 1970s and early 1980s with a string of hit songs. With her powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence, she quickly became one of the leading figures in the rock music scene. Over the course of her career, she has released a number of successful albums, won numerous awards, and paved the way for other female rock artists.

Early Life and Career:

Pat Benatar, whose real name is Patricia Mae Andrzejewski, was born in 1953, in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in a working-class family and began singing at an early age. She joined her first band, the Windstar, while in high school, and later performed with a variety of other bands in the New York City area.

In 1977, Benatar was introduced to producer and songwriter Mike Chapman, who helped her land a record deal with Chrysalis Records. Her first album, "In the Heat of the Night," was released in 1979 and included the hit songs "Heartbreaker" and "I Need a Lover." The album was a commercial success, and Benatar soon became a household name.

Musical Career:

Throughout the 1980s, Benatar continued to release successful albums and hit songs, including "Crimes of Passion," "Promises in the Dark," and "Love Is a Battlefield." She also collaborated with her husband, guitarist and songwriter Neil Giraldo, on many of her songs.

Benatar's music often dealt with themes of love, heartbreak, and female empowerment, and her powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence helped to inspire a new generation of female rock musicians. She was known for her tough, no-nonsense attitude and her willingness to push boundaries in a male-dominated industry.

Legacy and Impact:

Pat Benatar's impact on the music industry is still felt today. She has been credited with helping to break down barriers for women in rock music, and her success paved the way for other female artists to follow in her footsteps. She has won numerous awards throughout her career, including four Grammy Awards and multiple American Music Awards, and has sold over 30 million records worldwide.

Benatar has also been recognized for her philanthropic work, including her support of various charitable organizations and her advocacy for women's rights and LGBT rights.

PAT BENATAR - Crimes of Passion 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail Of  PAT BENATAR - Crimes of Passion 12" Vinyl LP album front cover

Chrysalis 202 845 , 1980 , Germany & Netherlands

"Pat Benatar's 'Crimes of Passion' (1980) is a timeless rock masterpiece, her second album that solidified her status as a musical force. With hits like 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot,' the LP showcases Benatar's vocal prowess and bold sound. A defining moment in '80s rock, the album remains a classic, a testament to Benatar's enduring influence."

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PAT BENATAR - Seven The Hard Way 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail Of  PAT BENATAR - Seven The Hard Way 12" Vinyl LP  album front cover

Chrysalis 207 429 , 1985 , Germany & Netherlands

"Pat Benatar's 'Seven the Hard Way' (1985) marks her seventh album in a prolific seven-year span. Fueled by dice-inspired symbolism, the LP captures Benatar's resilience and musical prowess. With hits like 'Invincible,' the album weaves a sonic journey, showcasing Benatar's indomitable spirit. A rock gem that solidifies her enduring impact, 'Seven the Hard Way' is a testament to her musical legacy."

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PAT BENATAR - Tropico 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail Of  PAT BENATAR - Tropico 12" Vinyl LP album front cover

Chrysalis 206 582 , 1984 , Germany & Netherlands

"Tropico," Pat Benatar's 1984 album, marked a pivotal shift in her career, fusing rock with new wave and synthesizers. The sixth consecutive Platinum-certified album in the U.S., it showcased Benatar's versatility and produced hits like "We Belong." The chart-topping success on the Billboard 200 solidified Benatar's position as an '80s rock icon, leaving a lasting legacy of artistic evolution and enduring influence.

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PAT BENATAR - Wide Awake in Dreamland 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail Of  PAT BENATAR - Wide Awake in Dreamland 12" Vinyl LP album front cover

Chrysalis 209146 , 1988 , Germany

"Pat Benatar's 'Wide Awake in Dreamland' (1988) stands as her final venture into rock music, concluding an era. With hits like 'All Fired Up,' the album embraces a blend of rock and pop influences. Reflecting the evolving sounds of the late '80s, it encapsulates Benatar's musical versatility. A poignant farewell to her rock roots, 'Wide Awake in Dreamland' remains a testament to her enduring artistry."

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