"Stars On Thrash," the quintessential 1980s heavy metal compilation, immortalizes the era's iconic bands. Released in 1988, it is a sonic journey through the diverse sub-genres, showcasing the collaborative effort that shaped the future of heavy metal.


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Album Description & Collectors information:

This album "Stars on Thrash SLAYER Roadrunner compilation" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

Transcript of the liner notes with brief introduction to each of the bands:

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM One of the best thrash metal bands at the moment is without a doubt FLOTSAM and JETSAM. After the release of "Doomsday lot the deceiver", which is probably the best thrash album ever released. Jason Newsted Left the band to join METALLICA. With their new album everybody was afraid that FLOTSAM AND JETSAM couldn't manage without the influence from Jason, but they surprised the world with 'No Place For Disgrace'. To give you an idea of what No Place For Disgrace is all about we've put 'Dreams of Death' on this compilation album. Both albums are available on LP and CD!

MUCKY PUP "Lie 4 Def" is a track liom 'Can't You Take A Joke? the debut album from four-piece "thrashy-Hardcore" band MUCKY PUP. After playing together for 2 years they got their first big break with the song "You Stink But I Love It" which won them the "Bloom County' comic step contest and got them a flexi-disc in the best-seller, "Billy and the Boingers Bootleg'. Their increased popularity had enabled them to play with SAXON, TT QUICK, NUCLEAR ASSAULT etc. Their album is sure to make people rake nonce of this humorous, socially conscience band!

D.R.I. The legend all began in a Texas bedroom where four young musicians practiced against the will of parent who streamed incessantly for the band to turn down the volume. Over and over they were referred to as 'Dirty Rotten Imbeciles" for their indulgence in the punk and hardcore scene by their parents that questioned their reasoning. Instead of winding down the band's will they rolled with the punches and assumed the name. They would be known as "DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES". Until now they've recorded 3 albums for Roadrunner Records: "Dirty Rotten LP", 'Crossover' and 'Four of a Kind". All albums also available on Compact Disc.

PESTILENCE PESTILENCE is one of the now signings from Roadrunner Record. Hailing from Germany and the Netherlands, PESTILENCE were actually formed in early '86. Randy Meinhard, the only German bandmember, linked up with Patrick Mameli a guitar player as well) and after two weeks they recruited drummer Marco Foddis. After some line up changes and the 4-song demo "Dysentery" they found in Martin van Drunen the perfect man on bass and vocals. PESTILENCE appeared with 'The Hatred Within" on the Roadrunner "Teutonic Invasion Part II" sampler and in apnl 1988 they were signed to Roadrunner Records Worldwide. With their debut album "Malleus Maleficarum" they will definitely kick ass and show the world what technical trash metal is all about.

TOXIK from NY comes melodic speed metallers. TOXIK. Formed by Josh Christian and Mike Sanders. who played together en an earlier incarnation at the band called TOKYO. They did not feel that TOKYO was progressing in a healthy direction and played their last gig as TOKYO in July 1981 and reemerging shortly alter with a new collection of songs and a new name: TOXIK Shortly after they recorded their famous demo and the band got signed to Roadrunner Records Worldwide in summer of '87 At the heart of this band es Josh Cristian, a multi instrumentalist who composers all of TOXIK's music and lyncs. Listen to their high quality and exciting debut album "World Circus" Also on CD TOXIK made quite a splash at this year's Dynamo Open Air Festival, paving the way for huge success with their second album, due for release in early '89.

PARADOX Germany's most promising speed metal hand is called, PARADOX. Formed in early 1986 by Charly Steinhauer and Axel Blaha who both played in WARHEAD and wanted to start their own band. With favorite bands like METALLICA, FLOTSAM & JETSAM and ANTHRAX they soon developed their own style of Melodic Thrash Metal. They appeared on Roadrunner's sampler "Teutonic Invasion Part I" and were signed to Roadrunner Records Worldwide in early '87 With the release of their debut album "Product of Imagination" PARADOX proves that they are here to stay!!! Look out for their new album, which will hit the stores early nest year

S.O.D. This band needs no introduction. The famous "STORM TROOPERS OF DEATH" who released their album "Speak English Or Die" back in 1985 are more popular then ever. Their debut album, which features Scott Ian and Charlie Bonanto from ANTHRAX is sold the best hardcore album ever made. Billy Milano at his best!!!! Also available on Compact Disc.

Scott Ian ( full-name Scott Ian Rosenfeld ) is an American guitarist and founding member of "Anthrax" and "Stormtroopers of Death". His wife "Pearl Aday" is daughter of the singer "Meat Loaf". In his musical career he has performed with the bands: Anthrax (USA) , Damnocracy, Doom Squad, Four-X, Motor Sister, Pearl, Posehn, S.O.D. STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH (USA) , Slam Jam, The Damned Things.

ACROPHET ACROPHET are four young musicians from the suburban hell, Brookfield, Wisconson. Formed in 1986 as a five-piece metal band, within one year they had a sell-produced tape "The Answer Within" reviewed in international underground fanzines. Live, ACROPHET leave little time for you to leave the hall to pin In tact going to a gig is almost a test of physical endurance. Sragediving as a sport entenng the "circle" as a nte of manhood. ACROPHET is one of the most promising bands for 1989, listen to LP/CD "Corrupt Minds'.

GOTHIC SLAM From now on, when people hear the name GOTHIC SIAM, they will think of hard, driving, no nonsense power metal. On their debut album for Tornd/ Roadrunner Records, "Killer Instinct". this New Jersey quintet creates a near perfect blend of speed, power and catchy rills that will surely have listeners remernbenng GOTHIC SLAM long after the album is over!

SLAYER Speed metal Gods SLAYER started their illustrious career 1983 by releasing the famous "Show No Mercy' LP. SLAYER has been called by many the latest and heaviest band on earth. This is quite a statement to give to one band, but in the past years SLAYER seems to have lived up to their stature. The "Show No Mercy" live track is taken from the LP/CD "Live Undead" which also features "Aggressive Perfector". "Show No Mercy" and many other live tracks.

SACRED REICH From the Phoenix. Arizona desert SACRED REICH has started a legend that has already preceeded the release of their first album "Ignorance". Their demo "Draining You of Live" was one of the most sought after underground tapes to make the rounds. Drummer Greg Hall was seriously considered to replace Dave Lombardo from SLAYER when he went AWOL Kerry King from SLAYER performed several times with SACRED REICH and they're still good friends. Kerry once said about drummer Greg; "Greg looks like Fred Flinstone, but the man can jam SACRED REICH is all metal, hard, fast powerful and here to stay.

ZNOWHITE Forming the band ZNOWHITE in 1982 turned out to be quite beneficial for then Columbia College music student Ian Tafoya. Recruiting his brother on drums. cousin on bass and fellow student Nicole Lee on vocals resulted four months later in the sack "Hellbent" on Metal Massacre III After a few years of struggling, touring. releasing records on their own label POLYDISC and several line up changes they were signed worldwide to Roadrunner Records, which resulted in the bnlliant LP/CD "Act of God". which has been described as 'cap in crunch without the milk".

THE GREAT KAT! The most remarkable lady in heavy metal today is without a doubt the outrageous KAT. Claiming to be metal's fastest female guitanst which she definitely is, she surpnsed and conquered the underground metal scene with her awesome debut album "Worship Me Or Die" Not only is she a Julliard graduate violin virtuoso, she also has a way with words everything you've read about her is true, If you like to know more aboute THE GREAT KAT call her... if you've got the guts... USA 212-199-9392 WORSHIP HER OR DIE!!! KAT SLAVE CLUB, P.O. BOX 20554. Columbus Circle anon. New York NY 10023 U

ATROPHY This is THE thrash find of 1988. After Roadrunner Records received the demo "Chemical Dependency" from Arizona thrashers ATROPHY they immediately got in touch with the band and signed them worldwide. ATROPHY has just finished recording their debut album with star producer Bill Metoyer (FLOTSAM & JETSAM) titled "Socialized Hate'. This LP/CD has to be heard to be believed and is a MUST for every self respecting thrasher.

HADES Who doesn't remember their fantastic debut album "Resisting Success". which came out early 1987, and still is a well selling item. With the track "Opinionate" they show what their second LP/CD. titled 'If At First You Don't Succeed" is all about Hades will have a long career if they keep producing this high level speed / techno metal with its own, unique sound. "If At First You Don't Succeed" is an album which belongs in every heavy metal record collection.


Music Genre:

Death Metal / Thrash Metal 

Record Label Information:

RoadRunner RR 9498

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1988 Made in Holland / Netherlands
Complete Track-listing of the album "Stars on Thrash SLAYER Roadrunner compilation"

The detailed tracklist of this record "Stars on Thrash SLAYER Roadrunner compilation" is:

    Side One:
  1. Flotsam & Jetsam - Dreams of Death
  2. Mucky Pup - Lie 4 Def
  3. D.R.I. - Manifest Destiny
  4. Pestilence - Commandments
  5. Toxik - Heart Attack
  6. Paradox - Paradox
  7. Stormtroopers of Death - Kill Yourself
  8. Acrophet - Corrupt Minds
    Side Two:
  1. Gothic Slam - Fought for Death
  2. Slayer - Evil has no Boundaries (Live)
  3. Sacred Reich - Death Squad
  4. Znowhite - Baptised by Fire
  5. Kat - Satan Says
  6. Atrophy - Chemical Dependency
  7. Hades - Opionioate!
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