"Bonjour L'Enfer" by Devil's Records unleashes the best of French Heavy and Thrash Metal on a captivating 12" vinyl LP. This NWOBHM compilation features stellar tracks by top French metal bands, including Killers, Sortilege, Vulcain, and more. Immerse yourself in the raw power and diversity of the French metal scene, encapsulated in this dynamic collaboration by Devil's Records.This web-page has hi-res photos of the album covers, record label and a detailed description.


Album Front Cover

Devil's Records - Bonjour L'Enfer: A French Heavy Metal Onslaught
Album Description:

Released in 1985, "Bonjour L'Enfer" (Hello Hell) marked Devil's Records' bold entry into the French heavy metal scene. This compilation 12" vinyl LP showcased a diverse array of French bands, solidifying the country's unique contribution to the genre's global landscape.

Historical Context

The mid-1980s was a time of burgeoning creativity and experimentation in the heavy metal world. While the US and UK scenes were thriving, a new wave of bands was emerging in Europe, each with their own distinct sound and cultural influences. "Bonjour L'Enfer" arrived at this pivotal moment, capturing the energy and diversity of the French heavy metal scene.

Musical Exploration

The album features a diverse range of musical styles within the heavy metal genre. From the raw aggression of Vulcain to the more melodic sensibilities of Sortil├Ęge, "Bonjour L'Enfer" showcases the breadth and depth of French metal talent. The compilation also features speed metal elements, particularly in tracks by ADX and Killers, adding an extra layer of intensity to the overall sound.

Music Genre

"Bonjour L'Enfer" firmly belongs to the heavy metal genre. However, the compilation's diverse tracklist transcends simple categorization. The album showcases a blend of heavy metal, speed metal, and even hints of thrash, reflecting the evolving and experimental nature of the French metal scene at the time.


"Bonjour L'Enfer" did not generate any significant controversies. However, the album's title and cover art, which featured demonic imagery, did raise some eyebrows among more conservative listeners. This, however, only served to fuel the album's appeal among fans who were drawn to the rebellious spirit and dark aesthetic of heavy metal.

Production Team and Recording Studio

"Bonjour L'Enfer" was a compilation album, featuring tracks from various bands recorded at different studios. The production team behind each individual track likely varied, contributing to the album's diverse sound. While specific details about the recording studios and production teams are not readily available, the overall sound quality of the album reflects a commitment to capturing the raw energy and intensity of the French heavy metal scene.

Music Genre:

French Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal

Album Production Information:

The album: "DEVIL's RECORDS BONJOUR L'ENFER" was produced by:
Devil's Records and Madrigal

Record Label Information:

DEVIL's Records MAD 2017

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record

Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram

Year & Country:

1985 Made in France

The Songs/tracks on "DEVIL's RECORDS BONJOUR L'ENFER" are

    Side One:
  1. VULCAIN - Dame de Fer
  2. Square - Rock Stars
  3. Killers - Chevalier du Deshonneur
  4. Epsylon - Reincarnation
  5. A.D.X. - Caligula
    Side Two:
  1. Sortilege - Majeste
  2. Strattson - Au Coeur du Temps
  3. Der. Kaiser - Sages des Fers
  4. Morsure - No Moral
  5. Vulcain - Ebony
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