VARIOUS ARTISTS - Death ... Is Just the Beginning - 12" VINYL LP ALBUM

"Death ... Is Just the Beginning" is a split/compilation album with tracks by some rare and scarce death metal bands. A complete listing of all these are bands are listed under the track-listing. This web-page has hi-res photos of the album covers, record label and a detailed description.


High Resolution Photo DEATH Is Just the Beginning Vinyl Record

Album Description:

In the realm of music history, certain albums stand as milestones, encapsulating a specific genre's essence and serving as a focal point for enthusiasts. The enigmatic world of death metal found one of its definitive markers in the form of the "Death ... Is Just the Beginning" compilation. This 12" vinyl LP album, adorned with evocative cover art, has become a cherished artifact for collectors of vinyl records from the 1970s to the early 1990s.

Released during an era when death metal was traversing the underground, this album emerged as a monumental showcase of the genre's diversity and raw power. Its compilation nature allowed the album to capture the essence of multiple bands, providing a panoramic view of the vibrant death metal landscape of its time.

Unveiling the Compilation's Dark Tracks

The track listing of "Death ... Is Just the Beginning" reads like an index of hidden gems from the death metal underworld. Each track unveils a unique perspective on the genre, showcasing the fusion of aggression, technicality, and macabre themes that define death metal.

Side One: A Descent into Darkness

The album plunges listeners into its sonic abyss with the eerie and anticipatory introduction from Defecation, titled "Intro/Granted Wish". The mood then shifts, and Atrocity's "Life is Along and Silent River" envelops the listener in a torrent of blistering riffs and guttural vocals. Incubus follows with "Massacre of the Unborn", a track that exemplifies the genre's penchant for exploring disturbing subject matter with unapologetic intensity. Dismember's "Defective Decay" further immerses us in a world of relentless aggression, while Righteous Pigs' "Overdose" injects a dose of controlled chaos. Disharmonic Orchestra closes Side One with "Disappeared with Hermaphrodite Choirs", a title that alone hints at the unorthodox and boundary-pushing nature of the death metal scene.

Side Two: Unleashing the Unrelenting

Flipping the record introduces us to Master's rendition of Black Sabbath's classic "Children of the Grave", translated through the lens of death metal's brutality. Abomination's "Impending Doom" is a sonic onslaught that lives up to its foreboding title. Pungent Stench's "Suspended Animation" twists and contorts musical boundaries with its unpredictable tempo shifts and twisted lyrics. Benediction's "Grizzled Finale" melds technical precision with unrelenting aggression, and Revenant's "Degeneration" explores the darker corners of the human psyche. The album reaches its climax with Death Strike's "Mangled Dehumanization Outro", leaving a lingering sense of closure.

Unearthing the Essence

"Death ... Is Just the Beginning" is more than a compilation album; it's a sonic time capsule that captures the evolution and innovation within the death metal subgenre. The vinyl record itself becomes a canvas upon which these bands paint their stories of darkness, chaos, and contemplation.

For collectors like yourself, this album holds not only the auditory experience of the bands' offerings but also a piece of history. It's a reflection of a time when death metal was carving its niche in the world of music, unapologetically challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of musical expression.

In an era dominated by digital streaming and convenience, the allure of vinyl records remains steadfast. The tactile sensation of placing the needle onto the grooves, the warmth of analog sound, and the immersive ritual of engaging with an album cover—these are experiences that cannot be replicated in the digital realm. And "Death ... Is Just the Beginning" captures all these sensations, inviting collectors and enthusiasts alike to explore the sinister harmonies of death metal's early days.

Music Genre:

  Death metal Hardcore Punk Crossover Thrash Metal Music

Record Label Information:

  Nuclear Blast Records NB 043


This album includes the original company inner sleeve with album details, and photos of the bands

Media Format:

  12" Vinyl LP Gramophone

Year & Country:

  1990 Made in Germany
Track Listing of: Death ... Is Just the Beginning
    Side Two:
  1. Master - Children of the Grave
  2. Abomination - Impending Doom
  3. Pungent Stench - Suspended Animation
  4. Benediction - Grizzled Finale
  5. Revenant - Degeneration
  6. Death Strike - Mangled Dehumanization Outro
    Side One:
  1. Defecation - Intro/Granted Wish
  2. Atrocity - Life is Along and Silent River
  3. Incubus - Massacre of the unborn
  4. Dismember - Defective Decay
  5. Righteous Pigs - Overdose
  6. Disharmonic Orchestra - Disappeared with Hermaphrodite Choirs
Album cover photos of : Death ... Is Just the Beginning

Photo of Front Cover 
High Resolution Photo DEATH Is Just the Beginning Vinyl Record  
Photo of Album's Back Cover  

High Resolution Photo DEATH Is Just the Beginning Vinyl Record


High Resolution Photo DEATH Is Just the Beginning Vinyl Record


High Resolution Photo DEATH Is Just the Beginning Vinyl Record