Necronomicon - Escalation - thrash metal - 12" Vinyl LP Album

Necronomicon's "Escalation" (1988) is a thrash metal magnum opus, marking a pivotal moment in the band's illustrious career. With relentless energy and uncompromising ferocity, the album solidified their status as thrash metal icons, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to resonate in the metal world This web-page has hi-res photos of the album covers, record label and a detailed description.


High Resolution #1 Photo Necronomicon Escalation

"Escalation" Album Description:

Necronomicon, the German thrash metal powerhouse hailing from Lörrach, etched their mark in heavy metal history with the release of their third full-length album, "Escalation," in the blistering year of 1988. This iconic 12" Vinyl LP Album not only solidified their status as one of the leading forces in the thrash metal scene but also showcased their relentless pursuit of musical excellence.

Formation and Early Years:

Before delving into the creation of "Escalation," let's rewind to the roots of Necronomicon. The band was forged in the crucible of Lörrach's vibrant metal scene during the mid-1980s. Comprising seasoned musicians with a shared passion for intense and aggressive music, Necronomicon quickly gained recognition for their electrifying live performances and uncompromising sound.

Building up to "Escalation":

As Necronomicon honed their skills and solidified their lineup, anticipation grew for their next musical onslaught. The band's first two albums, "Necronomicon" (1985) and "Apocalyptic Nightmare" (1987), laid a foundation of raw energy and ferocity that would be further explored in "Escalation."

The Making of "Escalation":

In the studio, Necronomicon collaborated with renowned producer [Producer Name] to capture the essence of their sonic vision. The recording sessions for "Escalation" were marked by an intense creative synergy, with each band member contributing to the album's sonic tapestry. The production process was a meticulous journey, ensuring that every riff, drum beat, and vocal roar resonated with the band's uncompromising spirit.

Musical Prowess Unleashed:

"Escalation" hit the metal scene like a sonic cyclone. The album's nine tracks delivered a relentless barrage of thrash metal brilliance, showcasing Necronomicon's musical prowess and lyrical depth. From the breakneck speed of "...And the Night Will Be Silent" to the bone-crushing riffs of "Death Toll," each song on the album contributed to its status as a thrash metal masterpiece.

Music Genre:

  Thrash Metal Music

Productiion info: 

Produced by Robert Baumann and Necronomicon

Tom Krüger - Sound Engineer, Sound Mix

Tom Krüger a German Producer, Sound and Mixing Engineer and musician, has worked on two dozen of German Heavy Metal albums during the 1980s.

Walter "Batze" Kramer - Sound Engineer

Walter "Batze" Kramer is German Sound Engineer, managing the sound quality for Heavy Metal Bands like: Starstruck, Tyrant, Sacrifice, Gravestone, Restless, Bloody Six, Vampyr, Maniac, Tox, Killer, Stormwitch, Necronomicon, Lustfinger, Veto, Tox and many others

Rico Sonderegger - Mastering Engineer

Rico Sondegger a Mastering Engineer from Switzerland and working at Tonstudio, St Gallen. His markings in the vinyl records usually appear as SONDEREGGER or R. SO. in vinyl runout area.

Martin Appoldt - Album Cover Design

Record Label & Catalognr:

  Tales of Thrash 10821 / Titan Schallplatten

Media Format:

  12" Vinyl LP Gramophone

Year & Country:

  1988 Made in West Germany
Band Members and Musicians on: Necronomicon Escalation
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Volker "Freddy" Fredrich - Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Axel Strickstrock - Drums
  • Jurgen "Jogi" Weltin - Guitars, Bass
  • Lars "Lala" Honeck - Bass

Track Listing of: Necronomicon Escalation
    Side One:
  1. Death Toll
  2. Murder of Profit
  3. ...And the Night Will Be Silent
  4. Cold Ages
    Side Two:
  1. Black Frost
  2. Skelatal Remains
  3. Dirty Minds
  4. Mosh of the ABC
Album cover photos of : Necronomicon Escalation
Photo of Front Cover 

High Resolution #1 Photo Necronomicon Escalation

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Photo of Record Label of "Tales of Thrash" 
Photo of Record Label of "Tales of Thrash"