Macabre - Grim Reality - 12" Vinyl LP Album

The 1st issue has been hand numbered and the very original 1987 Decomposed Records self released version of the first ever MACABRE LP "Grim Reality". This is the version that has some different artwork and was limited to only 500 copies.


Album Front cover photos of : Macabre Grim Reality

Album Description:

In the vast realm of extreme metal, few bands can claim to have left a lasting mark on the genre quite like Macabre. Formed in the early 1980s, this Chicago-based trio quickly gained recognition for their unique blend of death metal, thrash, and grindcore, coupled with their distinct lyrical focus on true crime and serial killers. One of their earliest and most revered releases was their debut LP, "Grim Reality". Released in 1987 as a self-produced 12" vinyl album on Decomposed Records, this limited edition artifact holds significant historical and musical value within the extreme metal community.

The 1987 Original: A Hand-Numbered Rarity

The first issue of "Grim Reality" represents the pinnacle of collectability for Macabre enthusiasts. Limited to a mere 500 copies, this version featured alternative artwork, making it a unique gem in the band's discography. The exclusivity and scarcity of this edition have turned it into a sought-after item among avid vinyl collectors and fans alike. Each copy was individually hand-numbered, adding a touch of authenticity to this extraordinary release.

Macabre's Unholy Trinity:

Macabre's lineup during the "Grim Reality" era consisted of three talented and dedicated musicians, each contributing their unique skills to the band's sinister soundscapes. Nefarious, handling the bass and vocals, delivered haunting, guttural growls that perfectly captured the dark themes explored in their music. Corporate Death, the guitarist and lead vocalist, unleashed a barrage of crushing riffs and eerie melodies, showcasing his technical prowess. Completing the trio was Dennis the Menace on drums and backing vocals, providing thunderous percussion and adding depth to the band's vocal arrangements.

"Grim Reality": An Auditory Descent into Darkness

The 12" vinyl LP format served as the ideal canvas for Macabre's haunting musical vision. With "Grim Reality", the band introduced their unique brand of extreme metal to the world. The album's production quality, although raw by today's standards, perfectly captured the raw intensity and rawness of Macabre's sound. From the opening track, "Night Stalker", to the closing epic, "Mass Murder", each song presented a macabre tale of true crime, narrated through the lens of the band's chilling lyrical approach.

The lyrics of "Grim Reality" delved deep into the twisted minds of notorious serial killers, recounting their heinous acts with a morbid fascination. Macabre's ability to blend visceral music with captivating storytelling set them apart from their contemporaries, creating a chilling and immersive experience for the listener. Songs like "Zodiac", "Jack the Ripper", and "Son of Sam" demonstrated the band's ability to craft catchy and memorable hooks amidst the darkness, leaving an indelible mark on the history of extreme metal.

Legacy and Influence:

"Grim Reality" stands as a testament to Macabre's lasting impact on the metal genre. The album showcased their early songwriting prowess, paving the way for future releases and solidifying their status as one of the pioneers of death metal. Macabre's fascination with true crime and serial killers would become their trademark and a significant influence on subsequent generations of extreme metal bands. Over the years, "Grim Reality" has gained recognition as a cult classic, revered by fans of extreme metal worldwide. Its limited edition status and alternative artwork make it a prized possession for collectors, and its dark and foreboding atmosphere continues to captivate new listeners, ensuring its place in the world of macabre music.

Collector's information:

 This album includes the original custom insert with artwork and lyrics of all songs by Macabre

Published by Schnozza Music

This is a re-issue on vinyl solutions, see record label 1989.

Music Genre:

  Thrash Metal, Punk Crossover Death Murder Speed Metal Music

Album Production:

  All songs by Macabre

Record Label Information:

  Decomposed Records SOL-18

Media Format:

  45rpm 12"LP 

Year & Country:

  1987 Made in UK
Band Members and Musicians on: Macabre Grim Reality
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Nefarious - bass/vocals
  • Corporate Death - guitar/load vocals
  • Dennis the Menace - Drums/backing Vocals
Track Listing of: Macabre Grim Reality
    Side One:
  1. Serial Killer
  2. Mr Albert Fish
  3. Disease
  4. Mass Murder
    Side Two:
  1. Son of Sam
  2. Hot Rods to Hell
  3. Ed Gein
  4. Natural Disaster
Album cover photos of : Macabre Grim Reality
Album Front cover photos of : Macabre Grim Reality
Photo of Album's Grim Reality Back Cover  
Photo of Album's Grim Reality Back Cover    
Artwork on the "Vinyl Solutions" SOL-18 Black and Yellow Record Label
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