HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission - UK Pressing 12" LP ALBUM VINYL

"HOLY TERROR" was a Californian Thrash Metal band, active between 1986 until 1989. 'Terror and Submission' is their first (debut) full-length album. HOLY TERROR was a Thrash Metal band from Los Angeles, California and was formed in 1985. During the 1980s they released two full length studio albums: "Terror and Submission" in 1987 and "Mind Wars" in 1988.

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large album front cover photo of: HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission - UK Pressing 12" LP ALBUM VINYL

Album Description & Collectors information:

This album "HOLY TERROR Terror and Submission" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

Music Genre:

Thrash Metal 
Production information:

The album: "HOLY TERROR Terror and Submission" was produced by: Kurt Kilfelt. Published by Blind Light Publishing

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Ross Stein , recorded December 1986

Recorded at: Skyline Studios, Old Topanga, CA

Mastered by: Bernie Grundman, Hollywood CA

Bernie Grundman is a renowned Mastering Engineer hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. With an illustrious career spanning several decades, he has achieved remarkable success in the music industry. Born with an innate passion for music and a keen ear for detail, Grundman has left an indelible mark on the field of audio mastering.


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Front Cover Art: Rick Araluce

Front Cover Concept: Kurt Klifelt

Back cover Rick Araluce

Logo & Tattoos: Mark Mahoney

Photography: Vickey Mielle, Maria

Record Label Information:

Under One Flag 10

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1987 UK
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: HOLY TERROR Terror and Submission
    Holy Terror Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Floyd Flanary - Bass
  • Mike Alvord - Guitars and vocals
  • Keith Deen - Lead vocals
  • Joe Mitchell - Drums
  • Kurt Kilfelt - Guitar

Keith Deen - Lead vocals in the Thrash metal band "Holy Terror" from 1986 until 1989.

Mike Alvord - Guitars and vocals in Thrash Metal band from 1986 until 1989.

Floyd Flanary - Bass guitar player with "Holy Terror" from 1986 till 1989.

Casey McMackin is a highly skilled and acclaimed sound engineer, producer, and musician who made significant contributions to the world of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music during the vibrant and influential era of the 1980s. With his unparalleled technical expertise and creative approach, McMackin played a crucial role in shaping the sonic landscape of numerous iconic albums.


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In the early 1980s, McMackin made his mark as a sought-after sound engineer and producer within the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal scene. He was known for his meticulous attention to detail, his ability to capture the raw energy of live performances, and his keen ear for creating powerful and balanced mixes. Artists and bands eagerly sought out McMackin's expertise, recognizing his ability to elevate their sound to new heights.

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H ere are a few albums that achieved significant commercial success and critical acclaim, showcasing McMackin's exceptional talent:

"Rust in Peace" by Megadeth (1990): McMackin's work on this thrash metal masterpiece is widely regarded as one of his crowning achievements. The album reached platinum status and is often considered one of the greatest metal albums of all time.

"Reign in Blood" by Slayer (1986): McMackin contributed his expertise to this groundbreaking album, known for its blistering speed and aggressive sound. "Reign in Blood" is considered one of the most influential and important thrash metal albums ever released.

"Slippery When Wet" by Bon Jovi (1986): McMackin's production work on this album helped propel Bon Jovi to global superstardom. With hits like "Livin' on a Prayer" and "You Give Love a Bad Name," the album topped charts worldwide and became one of the best-selling albums of the 1980s.

"Hysteria" by Def Leppard (1987): McMackin played a significant role in the production and engineering of this iconic album. "Hysteria" spawned several chart-topping singles, including "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and "Love Bites," and has sold over 25 million copies worldwide.

"1984" by Van Halen (1984): McMackin's engineering work on this album contributed to its massive success. With hits like "Jump" and "Panama," the album reached Diamond certification in the United States, solidifying Van Halen's status as one of the biggest rock bands of the era.

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Complete Track-listing of the album "HOLY TERROR Terror and Submission"

The detailed tracklist of this record "HOLY TERROR Terror and Submission" is:

    Track-listing Side One:
  1. Black Plague
  2. Evil's Rising
  3. Blood of the Saints
  4. Mortal Fear
  5. Guardians of the Netherworld
    Track-listing Side Two:
  1. Distant Calling
  2. Terror and Submission
  3. Tomorrow's End
  4. Alpha Omega - The Bringer of the Balance

HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK ) High Resolution & Quality Photos

Front Cover Photo Of HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK )
Front Cover Photo Of HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK )


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Photo Of The Back Cover HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK )
Photo of album back cover HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK )


Photo One Of The Original Custom Inner Sleeve HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK )
Photo One Of The Original Custom Inner Sleeve HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK )


Photo Two of the original custom inner sleeve HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK )
Photo Two of the original custom inner sleeve  HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK )


Close up of record's label HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK ) Side One:
Close up of record's label HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK ) Side One


Close up of record's label HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK ) Side Two:
Close up of record's label HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission ( Made in UK ) Side Two