Jimmy Cliff - Give the People What They Want 12" VINYL LP ALBUM

Album Summary:  "Give the People What They Want" is an album by Jimmy Cliff, released in 1981. The album features a mix of reggae and pop music, and includes the singles "Reggae Nights" and "Sitting in Limbo". The album was well received and helped to establish Jimmy Cliff as a major figure in the world of reggae music. Produced by Jimmy Cliff and Oneness for Sunpower productions Tortola

Music Genre:

Reggae Music 

Album Packaging / Information:

Original insert with lyrics of all songs performed by Jimmy Cliff

Record Label Information:

WEA 99 160 (99160)

Media Format:

12" Vinyl LP Record 

Year & Country:

1983 Made in Germany
Album cover photos of : Jimmy Cliff - Give the People What They Want
Photo of Front Cover 
Jimmy Cliff Give the People what they want
Close-up Photo of "Jimmy Cliff" Record Label 
Jimmy Cliff Give the People what they want  
Band Members and Musicians on: Jimmy Cliff - Give the People What They Want
  • Jimmy Cliff
  • Earl "Chinna" Smith
  • Betram "Ranch" McClean
  • Radcliff "Duggie" Bryan
  • Robbie Shakespeare
  • Jimmy "Senyah" Haynes
  • Sly Dunbar
  • Michael Richards
  • Carlton "Santa" Davis
  • Ancel Collins
  • Augustus Pablo
  • Phil Ramacon
  • Wally Badarou
  • Uzziah "Sticky" Thompson
  • Sydney Wolfe
  • Harry Powell
  • Zoot "Scully" Simms
  • Dean Fraser
  • Hedley Bennett
  • Ronald "Nambo" Robinson
  • David Maden
  • Bobby Ellis
  • Arnold Brekenridge
  • The Tamlins
  • Barry Biggs
  • Pam Hall
  • Audrey Hall
  • Zoot "Scully" Simms
  • Michael Rose and Ducky Simpson from Black Uhuru
Track Listing of: Jimmy Cliff - Give the People What They Want
    Side One:
  1. Son of Man
  2. Give the People What They Want
  3. Experience
  4. Shelter of Your Love
  5. Majority Rule
    Side Two:
  1. Let's Turn The Tables
  2. Material World
  3. World in Trap
  4. What Are You Doing With Your Life
  5. My Philosophy
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  Jimmy Cliff (born James Chambers 1948) is a Jamaican musician, singer, and actor. He began his career in the early 1960s and is considered one of the pioneers of reggae music. He is best known for his hit songs "Wonderful World, Beautiful People," "You Can Get It If You Really Want," and "Many Rivers to Cross."

  Cliff first gained international fame with his album "Hard Road to Travel" in 1967, which included the hit song "Wonderful World, Beautiful People". He followed this success with the album "Jimmy Cliff" in 1969 which included the hit song "You Can Get It If You Really Want". He continued to release successful albums throughout the 1970s, including "Another Cycle" and "Give The People What They Want."

  In addition to his music career, Cliff has also acted in several films, including "The Harder They Come," which he starred in and co-wrote the music for. The film was a major hit and helped to introduce reggae music to a wider audience. He also appeared in other films such as Club Paradise and Marked for Death.

  Cliff has been honored with numerous awards and accolades throughout his career, including being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010. He continues to tour and perform to this day.