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Errol Dunkley's 1979 7" Single "OK Fred," a cover of John Holt's song, made a significant impact on the UK Singles Chart during the vibrant late '70s reggae scene. This chart-topping success reflects reggae's growing influence in the UK. The choice of the 7" format with a picture sleeve not only contributes to the era's music trends but also solidifies the song's lasting significance in the history of reggae. This web-page has hi-res photos of the album covers, record label and a detailed description.


High Resolution Photos of errol dunkley ok fred single

"OK Fred" Album Description:

Errol Dunkley's rendition of "OK Fred" stands as a notable contribution within the context of the late 1970s, a period marked by dynamic shifts in the music landscape, particularly in the realm of reggae. The 7" single release, housed in a distinctive picture sleeve, encapsulates the vibrancy and diversity of the musical scene during that time.

The cover version of John Holt's composition not only showcases Dunkley's vocal prowess but also highlights the interplay of different influences within the reggae genre. Dunkley, a Jamaican reggae artist, brings his unique style and interpretation to "OK Fred," infusing it with his signature sound that resonated with audiences globally.

The year 1979 was a pivotal moment for reggae in the UK, as the genre gained widespread popularity and recognition. Dunkley's "OK Fred" became a chart-topping success, making its mark on the UK Singles Chart. The single's inclusion in this influential chart during such a significant era solidifies its place in the chronicles of reggae music's impact on the global stage.

The choice of a 7" single format, accompanied by a picture sleeve, reflects the prevailing trends in music production and distribution during the late 1970s. This format was not only a popular means of delivering music to listeners but also served as a tangible and collectible artifact. The picture sleeve, in particular, adds an aesthetic dimension to the release, providing fans with a visual representation of the artist and the era.

Beyond its chart success, Dunkley's rendition of "OK Fred" contributes to the broader narrative of reggae's evolution and cross-cultural influence. The song's popularity in the UK signifies the genre's ability to transcend geographical boundaries and find resonance in diverse musical landscapes.

Music Genre:

Reggae, Dub, Dance, Disco
Record Collector's Info:  P/S Picture Sleeve , Rare French import
 Tracks side 1:  O.K. Fred (John Holt)
 Tracks side 2:  Rush me no badness (Errol Dunkley)

Record Label Information:

Celluloid CEL1 - 6502
Vinyl Record Format: 7" Single, PS Picture Sleeve  
Photos of Errol Dunkley - O.K. Fred on the 7" Picture Sleeve
High Resolution Photos of errol dunkley ok fred single  
  High Resolution Photos of errol dunkley ok fred single