Xband - Pleasure of Life (Punk) - 7" Vinyl Single

Xband's 1985 punk rock masterpiece, "Pleasures Of Life," encapsulates the raw spirit of rebellion in a 7" vinyl single. Emerging from the DIY ethos of the '80s punk scene, the band's defiant sound and limited physical release contributed to its cult status. This sonic rebellion continues to resonate, making "Pleasures Of Life" a cherished artifact among punk enthusiasts and a symbol of punk's enduring countercultural legacy.


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"Pleasure of Life" Album Description:

In the annals of punk rock history, certain gems stand out, not just for their sonic prowess but also for the defiant spirit they encapsulate. One such rarity is the 1985 release, "Pleasures Of Life," the sole record from the American punk rock/crossover band Xband. Issued as a 7" vinyl single, this musical artifact holds a special place in the hearts of punk enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Formation of Xband: To truly appreciate the significance of "Pleasures Of Life," it's essential to delve into the origins of Xband. Formed during the vibrant punk scene of the early '80s, Xband emerged as a force fueled by rebellion and a desire to challenge the musical norms of the era. Comprising a lineup of passionate musicians, the band embarked on a sonic journey that would culminate in the creation of their iconic single.

The Making of "Pleasures Of Life":

The recording process for "Pleasures Of Life" was a testament to the DIY ethos that punk rock embodies. Xband, like many punk acts of the time, didn't have the luxury of elaborate studios or big-budget productions. Instead, they harnessed the raw energy of their music in the most authentic way possible.

The album's tracks, characterized by frenetic guitar riffs and rebellious lyrics, were a sonic manifestation of the punk subculture's ethos. "Pleasures Of Life" became a rallying cry for those seeking an escape from the mainstream and a haven for those who embraced the countercultural spirit.

The 7" Vinyl Release:

In an era dominated by LPs and cassettes, the choice of a 7" vinyl single was a deliberate one. This format, synonymous with the roots of punk, allowed Xband to deliver their message with succinct intensity. The limited physical release added an element of exclusivity, turning "Pleasures Of Life" into a sought-after collector's item in later years.

Reception and Legacy:

While Xband may not have achieved mainstream success, the impact of "Pleasures Of Life" reverberates through punk music history. The single garnered a cult following, with its raw, unapologetic sound resonating with fans of the genre. The rebellious spirit captured in those tracks continues to influence punk musicians to this day.

Music Genre:

  Punk Crossover Metal

Collector's info:

  P/S Picture Sleeve + Insert  
Tracks:  NCT, Behind The Wall, Moondog, Stop This Now 

Record Label Information:

  YoMamas Records  

Vinyl Record Format:

  7" Record, PS Picture Sleeve    

Year & Country:

  1986 Made in USA  
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High Resolution Photo Xband Pleasure of Life ( Punk )   
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High Resolution Photo Xband Pleasure of Life ( Punk )   
Photos of Record's Label
High Resolution Photo Xband Pleasure of Life ( Punk )