SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise INCL OIS Nudity 12" Vinyl EP Album

Savage Grace is a Power/Speed Metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA. During the 1980s they have been active from 1981 until 1991. After the release of the EP "The Dominatress" in 1984, "Master of Disguise" was released in 1985 and was their first official full-length recording.

This album "SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise" includes the original custom made inner sleeve (OIS) with album production details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork

This is the first album released by the record label: "Black Dragon".

Front Cover Photo Of SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise
Album Description:

In the heart of the 1980s, a musical storm was brewing within the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, USA. Emerging from the tumultuous realm of heavy metal, a genre known for its thunderous riffs and unapologetic energy, a band named SAVAGE GRACE emerged. With their unique blend of power and speed metal, they etched their mark into the world of music history. Among their notable releases, "Master of Disguise" stands tall as a testament to their artistry, not only in sound but also in the vinyl form it was presented.

Hailing from the City of Angels, SAVAGE GRACE was a force to be reckoned with in the 1980s metal scene. Their musical journey began in 1981, and they embarked on a decade-long odyssey that would leave an indelible mark on the genre. In 1985, the band released their debut full-length album, "Master of Disguise", a record that would solidify their presence in the realm of heavy metal.

"Master of Disguise" was a milestone not only for its musical prowess but also for its distinct visual identity. Wrapped in an iconic album cover, it featured a daring display of artistry that boldly challenged conventions. The front cover showcased a provocative image: a nude woman bound to a police motorcycle, with a grinning police officer standing by. This daring visual, while raising eyebrows, encapsulated the audacious spirit of the band and the era's rebellious ethos.

Within the grooves of the vinyl, listeners were treated to a sonic journey that merged power and speed metal influences. The album's musical landscape was a testament to the band's technical prowess and creative ingenuity. "Master of Disguise" was a testament to the band's ability to craft intricate guitar work, powerful vocals, and driving rhythms that captivated audiences and left an enduring impact on the metal community.

But "Master of Disguise" was more than just an auditory experience. The original custom-made inner sleeve (OIS) contained intricate album production details, complete song lyrics, and captivating artwork. This attention to detail transformed the vinyl into a multi-sensory masterpiece, allowing listeners to immerse themselves not only in the music but also in the visual and textual elements that complemented it.

The album marked a significant milestone for SAVAGE GRACE as it was also their debut release under the record label "Black Dragon". This partnership marked a turning point in their career, introducing their music to a wider audience and solidifying their place in the metal pantheon.

Behind the scenes, a team of talented individuals contributed to the creation of this magnum opus. James Sutton took on the role of producer, sound mix engineer, and sound engineer, shaping the sonic landscape of the album. Executive producer Rick Knutson played a crucial role in bringing the project to fruition, while Ken Perry's expertise as a mastering engineer ensured the album's sonic quality. The album's captivating visuals were the result of the creative work of photographers Anton Soggiu, Cory Brandon, and Josh Sommers, along with cover models Bill Schubottom and Robin Snow.

The band's lineup consisted of Mike Smith on vocals, Christian Logue on guitars and vocals, Mark Marshall on guitars, Brian East on bass (who also performed in Agent Steel), and Dan Finch III on drums. Their collective talents converged to create an album that would resonate with metal enthusiasts for generations to come.

Banned Album Cover:

The album cover of SAVAGE GRACE's "Master of Disguise" was subject to controversy and bans in certain regions. The cover featured a provocative image of a nude woman tied to a police motorcycle with a grinning police officer standing by. This bold and risqué visual stirred up considerable attention and debate, especially during the time of its release in the 1980s when societal norms and censorship standards were more conservative.

Due to its explicit nature, the album cover faced censorship and bans in various countries and regions. Some record stores and distributors refused to carry the album or displayed it with alternative covers to comply with local regulations and to avoid potential backlash from customers or authorities. The explicit imagery clashed with the moral and artistic sensibilities of some communities, leading to restrictions on its distribution and display.

It's important to note that the bans and censorship of album covers were not uncommon during that era, as many artists pushed boundaries and explored provocative visuals as a part of their artistic expression. Despite the controversies and bans, these album covers often became iconic symbols of their time, reflecting the rebellious spirit of rock and metal music.

In the case of "Master of Disguise", the album cover's provocative nature became an integral part of its legacy, contributing to the album's notoriety and the band's image. The ban and censorship surrounding the cover only added to the mystique and allure of the album, making it a conversation piece among fans and collectors.

While the album cover's explicit content may have led to bans and restrictions in certain places, it also became a symbol of the band's fearless approach to both their music and their visual presentation, leaving a lasting impression on the history of heavy metal.

Album Fact Sheet: SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise Nudity

Music Genre:

 Heavy Metal / Speed Metal 

Album Production Information:

The album: "SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise Nudity" was produced by: James Sutton - Producer, Sound Mix, Sound Engineer

Rick Knutson - Executive Producer

Ken Perry - Mastering Engineer

Anton Soggiu - Photography

Bill Schubottom - Cover Model

Cory Brandon - Photography

Josh Sommers - Covert Art, Photography

Robin Snow - Album Cover model

Record Label Information:

 Black Dragon Records – BD 001

Record Format:

 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

  1985 France
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise Nudity
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Mike Smith - Vocals
  • Christian Logue - Guitars, Vocals
  • Mark Marshall - Guitars
  • Brian East - Bass (also performed in Agent Steel)
  • Dan Finch III - Drums
Complete Track-listing of the album "SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise Nudity"

The detailed tracklist of this record "SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise Nudity" is:

    Track-listing Side One:
  1. Lions Roar 1:15
  2. Bound To Be Free 4:34
  3. Fear My Way 4:12
  4. Sins Of The Damned 4:20
  5. Into The Fire 3:26
    Track-listing Side Two:
  1. Master Of Disguise 4:02
  2. Betrayer 4:47
  3. Sons Of Iniquity 4:37
  4. No One Left To Blame 4:07
  5. ? ! ?

SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise High Resolution & Quality Photos

Front Cover Photo Of SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise
Front Cover Photo Of SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise


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Photo Of The Back Cover SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise
Photo of album back cover SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise


Photo One Of The Original Custom Inner Sleeve SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise
Photo One Of The Original Custom Inner Sleeve SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise


Photo Two of the original custom inner sleeve SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise
Photo Two of the original custom inner sleeve  SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise


Close up of record's label SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise Side One:
Close up of record's label SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise Side One

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