HEXX - Quest for Sanity England 12" Vinyl LP ALbum

- A Journey Through HEXX's "Quest for Sanity"

HEXX's "Quest for Sanity" (1988) stands as a pivotal 12" vinyl LP in American heavy metal history. This masterful album, blending aggressive riffing with melodic interludes, explores the complexities of the human psyche through profound lyrics. Enhanced by Michael Whelan's surreal artwork, the LP's visual identity complements its sonic intensity. While not achieving mainstream success, "Quest for Sanity" has left an enduring impact on subsequent metal generations, solidifying HEXX's place in the genre's rich tapestry.

Album Front Cover HEXX - Quest for Sanity

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HEXX - Quest for Sanity England 12" Vinyl LP

"Quest for Sanity" Album Description:

In the world of heavy metal history, there are albums that stand out not only for their sonic prowess but also for their ability to encapsulate a moment in time. HEXX's "Quest for Sanity," a 12" vinyl LP released in 1988, is one such masterpiece that captures the essence of the American heavy metal scene during the late '80s.

A Glimpse into HEXX:

HEXX, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, emerged during the fertile period of the '80s when the metal scene was evolving and diversifying. The band showcased a unique blend of traditional heavy metal with elements of thrash and power metal, creating a sound that was both ferocious and melodic. "Quest for Sanity" marked a pivotal moment in HEXX's career, showcasing their musical evolution and thematic exploration.

Lyrically Profound:

Beyond its musical prowess, "Quest for Sanity" delves into thematic depths that elevate it from a mere heavy metal album to a thought-provoking exploration of the human psyche. The lyrics navigate through introspective themes, touching on the complexities of the mind, existential dilemmas, and the eternal quest for sanity in a world gone mad. HEXX's ability to marry poetic lyricism with the raw energy of heavy metal is a testament to their artistic maturity.

Album Artwork and Visual Identity:

No exploration of a vinyl LP is complete without considering its visual aspects. The album artwork for "Quest for Sanity" is a striking representation of the chaos within the human mind. The cover, designed by renowned artist Michael Whelan, features a surreal depiction of distorted faces and swirling colors, encapsulating the album's thematic core. The visual identity of "Quest for Sanity" complements its sonic intensity, creating a holistic experience for the listener.

Collector Notes:  This record must be played at 33Rpm

Music Genre:

  Hardcore Thrash Metal Music

Album Production:

Quest for Sanity was recorded at Starlight Sound Richmond, CA.

Production & Sound engineer: John Marshall

Kent Mathieu - Cover Art

Record Label Information:

  Under One Flag M Flag 22
1988 G.W.O.D Squad Music
Packaging:  This album includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by Hexx and photos.

Media Format:

  12" mini-LP / EP

Year & Country:

  1988 Made in England
Band Members and Musicians on: Hexx Quest for Sanity
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Clint Bower - Vocals, Guitars
  • John Shafer - Drums
  • Bill Peterson - Bass
  • Dan Watson - Guitars
Track Listing of: Hexx Quest for Sanity
    Side One:
  • Twice as Bright
  • Fields of Death
  • Mirror of the Past
    Side Two:
  • Racial Slaughter
  • Sardonicus
Album cover photos of : Hexx Quest for Sanity

High Resolution Photo hexx quest for sanity

High Resolution Photo Album Back Cover  

High Resolution Photo hexx quest for sanity

High Resolution Photo of the Original Custom Inner Sleeve (OIS) #1 with a collage of band photos. 

High Resolution Photo hexx quest for sanity

High Resolution Photo of the Original Custom Inner Sleeve (OIS) #2 with artowork illustrations and lyrics of all the songs on this album 

High Resolution Photo hexx quest for sanity

Enlarged High Resolution Photo of the Record's Under One Flag Record Label  

High Resolution Photo hexx quest for sanity  

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