Sex Gang - Children Beasts - Illuminated Records 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Beast" is the first album released by the Gothic Rock, Post Punk band"Sex Gang Children". The album was released in 1982 on the "Illuminated Records" record label.

  "The Sex Gang Children" were originally called "Panic Button". The name "Sex Gang Children" was taken from a William Burroughs novel by Malcolm McLaren as a possible name for the band that became Bow Wow Wow and was one of the names that Boy George went through before choosing "Culture Club". SGC vocalist Andi Sexgang tried to persuade George to use the name, but when Culture Club drummer Jon Moss passed on the idea, Andi decided that the name should not go to waste.


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Album Description:

"Beast" is a remarkable album that marked the debut of the Gothic Rock and Post Punk band, Sex Gang Children. Released in 1982 under the "Illuminated Records" record label, this album showcased the band's unique sound and laid the foundation for their future success in the alternative music scene.

Originally known as "Panic Button", Sex Gang Children underwent a transformation both in their name and musical style. The inspiration for their new name came from a William Burroughs novel, suggested by Malcolm McLaren as a potential moniker for the band that would eventually become Bow Wow Wow. Interestingly, this name was also considered by Boy George before he settled on "Culture Club". Andi Sexgang, the vocalist of Sex Gang Children, attempted to persuade Boy George to adopt the name but was unsuccessful. However, when Culture Club drummer Jon Moss declined the idea, Andi seized the opportunity and decided to use the name for his own band.

"Beast" was a defining moment for Sex Gang Children, introducing their distinctive Gothic Rock and Post Punk sound to the world. The album was produced by Nicky Garratt, a notable figure in the punk and alternative music scene, and the sound/recording engineer was Jason Stokes. The recording took place at Denmark St Studios W I, adding to the album's raw and edgy vibe.

The band consisted of talented musicians and performers who contributed to the album's captivating sound. Rob Stroud showcased his skills on the drums, providing a solid foundation for the songs. Dave Roberts displayed his prowess on the bass, delivering deep and resonant tones. Terry MacLeay's guitar work added layers of atmospheric melodies and haunting riffs. Andi Sexgang, in addition to his role as the vocalist, showcased his versatility by playing the piano and guitar on the album.

"Beast" features an eclectic mix of songs that capture the essence of Sex Gang Children's musical identity. The album is divided into two sides, with each side offering a distinct experience. Side One kicks off with the title track, "Beasts", an intense and haunting composition that sets the tone for the rest of the album. It immerses the listener in a dark and atmospheric soundscape, with Andi Sexgang's mesmerizing vocals leading the way. Following "Beasts" is "Sense of Elation", a track that showcases the band's ability to blend poetic lyrics with a driving rhythm, creating a captivating listening experience.

Side Two continues to captivate the listener with its compelling songs. "Times of Our Lives" takes a more melodic approach, featuring intricate guitar work and introspective lyrics that explore the complexities of existence. The album concludes with "Cannibal Queen", a standout track that exemplifies Sex Gang Children's ability to create a fusion of haunting melodies and infectious hooks, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

"Beast" was a significant release for Sex Gang Children, as it firmly established their unique style within the Gothic Rock and Post Punk genres. The album's combination of atmospheric instrumentation, evocative lyrics, and Andi Sexgang's distinct vocals created a compelling and immersive listening experience. It garnered critical acclaim and helped solidify the band's place in the alternative music scene of the 1980s.


Music Genre:

Gothic Rock, Post Punk

Album  Production information:

The album: "Beasts" was produced by: Nicky Garratt

Sound/Recording engineer: Jason Stokes

Recorded at Denmark St Studios W I

Record Label Information:

Illuminated Records ILLL 112 / Shout & Scream Music

Media Format:

12" Vinyl Stereo Full-Length Mini-LP / EP  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 230 gram  

Year and Country:

1982 Made in England
Band Members and Musicians on: Sex-Gang Children Beasts
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Rob Stroud - Drums
  • Dave Roberts - Bass
  • Terry MacLeay - Guitars
  • ANDI - Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Track Listing of: "Beasts"

The Songs/tracks on "Beasts" are

    Side One:
  • Beasts
  • Sense of Elation
    Side Two:
  • Times of Our Lives
  • Cannibal Queen
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