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"Heavy Pettin's 1985 opus, 'Rock Ain't Dead,' a pivotal offering in the NWOBHM scene, is encapsulated in the UK pressing 12" Vinyl LP. Hailing from Glasgow and forged in 1981, Heavy Pettin' delivers a potent blend of Heavy Metal. This second studio album underscores the band's sonic prowess, embodying the spirit of the era. The UK pressing on vinyl preserves the raw energy, making it a cherished artifact for fans and collectors alike."

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High Resolution #1 Photo HEAVY PETTIN Rock Aint Dead

""Rock Ain't Dead" Album Description:

In the fickle world of popular music, where trends rose and fell in quick succession, Heavy Pettin's 1985 album "Rock Ain't Dead" stood as a bold statement. Emerging from the vibrant Scottish metal scene, the band's sophomore effort doubled down on classic hard rock and heavy metal when other artists were dabbling in synthesizers, pop sensibilities, and the glam rock aesthetic.

Emerging from Glasgow in 1981, Heavy Pettin' was at the forefront of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), an era that produced titans like Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. However, by 1985, the raw energy of the NWOBHM was being overshadowed by the rise of hair metal and other more commercial trends. "Rock Ain't Dead" was Heavy Pettin's defiant answer, a record unapologetically rooted in hard-hitting riffs, soaring vocals, and energetic rhythms.

The album showcased a band hitting their stride, refining the sound established on their debut album "Lettin' Loose." Tracks like the anthemic title song "Rock Ain't Dead," the blistering "Sole Survivor," and the driving "Hell is Beautiful" exemplified Heavy Pettin's mastery of classic heavy metal songwriting. They weren't just recycling old formulas – they expanded their sound with intricate guitar work, anthemic choruses, and powerhouse drumming.

The production team behind "Rock Ain't Dead" played a crucial role in realizing the band's powerful vision. Notably, Mark Dearnley, known for his work with AC/DC and Ozzy Osbourne, lent his expertise, ensuring the album had a crisp, punchy sound that held its own against the era's biggest records.

Frontman Steve 'Hamie' Hayman was undeniably the heart and soul of Heavy Pettin'. His high-pitched, passionate vocals and flamboyant stage persona were both trademarks of the band's sound and image. Hayman's lyrics often explored escapism, youthful rebellion, and the sheer joy of rock and roll. While sometimes dismissed as simple, they embodied the spirit of the genre.

While "Rock Ain't Dead" didn't achieve huge commercial success at the time, it resonated deeply with a dedicated fanbase, particularly in Europe. The album underscored Heavy Pettin's commitment to a pure, unadulterated strain of heavy metal, a move that gained them lasting respect within the metal community. However, there was some mild controversy around the album's themes of fast cars, women, and rock 'n' roll excess, which some found dated even within the context of heavy metal.

Album cover photos of : HEAVY PETTIN - Rock Ain't Dead
High Resolution #1 Photo HEAVY PETTIN Rock Aint Dead  
Photo of "HEAVY PETTIN - Rock Ain't Dead" Album's Back Cover
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Close-up Photo of "HEAVY PETTIN - Rock Ain't Dead" Record Label 
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