Wild Hearts S/T Self-Titled 12" Vinyl LP Album

The Wild Hearts' self-titled 12" Vinyl LP Album encapsulates the vibrant essence of its time period, showcasing musical prowess and innovation. This collector's gem includes two insightful newspaper articles, delving into the band's dynamic presence and shedding light on the enigmatic Paul Etterlin. The LP stands as a testament to an era defined by artistic evolution and the enduring allure of Wild Hearts' musical legacy.


Photo of "Wild Hearts" Album's Front Cover 

Album Description:

In the ever-evolving landscape of rock music, certain albums stand as iconic landmarks, etching their names into the world of musical history. The self-titled 12" Vinyl LP by Wild Hearts is undoubtedly one such gem. Released under the watchful eyes of producers Glenn Miller and the band itself, this album is a testament to the raw power and unbridled creativity that defines rock and roll. With band members Tosho Yakkatokuo, Misty Jarvis, Paul Etterlin, and Mega Horvath at the helm, this record weaves a sonic tapestry that captures the essence of rock's soul-stirring energy.

At the heart of this masterpiece lies an intriguing feature – two newspaper articles dedicated to both the enigmatic "Wild Hearts" Band and the notable Paul Etterlin. This addition not only offers a unique glimpse into the band's persona but also adds an extra layer of depth to the vinyl experience.

- A Symphony of Sound-

The Wild Hearts Self-Titled 12" Vinyl LP is a sonic journey that takes listeners on a whirlwind ride through the realms of rock. From the first needle drop, the album's raw energy is palpable, vibrating through the speakers and immersing the audience in a world of musical enchantment.

Tosho Yakkatokuo's blistering guitar solos slice through the air like lightning, while Misty Jarvis's powerhouse vocals soar with an untamed grace. Paul Etterlin's basslines anchor the tracks with a pulsating rhythm that's impossible to resist, and Mega Horvath's drumming provides the heartbeat that propels the music forward. The chemistry between these musicians is undeniable, resulting in a seamless fusion of talent that's a joy to experience.

- A Glimpse Behind the Curtain-

What truly sets this vinyl LP apart is the inclusion of two newspaper articles, shedding light on both the enigmatic "Wild Hearts" Band and the enigmatic Paul Etterlin. This addition transforms the album from a mere collection of tracks into a storytelling experience, inviting listeners to delve deeper into the lives and personalities behind the music.

The articles provide intriguing insights into the band's formation, influences, and journey to musical prominence. They unravel the mystery surrounding Paul Etterlin, offering glimpses into the mind of a creative genius. It's a rare opportunity to understand the artists on a more personal level, adding layers of context to the already captivating tunes.

- A Timeless Addition to Music Collections-

The Wild Hearts Self-Titled 12" Vinyl LP isn't just an album; it's a piece of art that deserves a place in every rock enthusiast's collection. Its timeless melodies, electrifying performances, and the added dimension of the newspaper articles make it a standout creation that's bound to be cherished for generations to come.

Music Genre:

  Swiss Rock New Wave Pop with heavy influences of bands like "Talking Heads"

Album Production Information:

  The album: "Wild Hearts" was produced by: Glenn Miller and Wild Hearts

Record Label Information:

  DINO Music LP CH 161 +SUISA+

Media Format:

  12" Vinyl LP  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 220 gram  

Year & Country:

  1986 Made in Switzerland
Band Members and Musicians on: Wild Hearts S/T Self-Titled
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Tosho Yakkatokuo
  • Misty Jarvis
  • Paul Etterlin
  • Mega Horvath
Track Listing of: "Wild Hearts"

The Song/tracks on "Wild Hearts" are

    Side One:
  • Dreams in Spain
  • Jungle Talk
  • The Heat of Love
  • Day After Day
  • The Visitors
    Side Two:
  • Cure in my Heart
  • Dust on the Moon
  • No Time For Me
  • Life Wire
  • Bad Girl
Album cover photos of : Wild Hearts S/T Self-Titled
Photo of "Wild Hearts" Album's Front Cover 
Photo of "Wild Hearts" Album's Front Cover 
Photo of "Wild Hearts" Album's Back Cover  
Photo of "Wild Hearts" Album's Back Cover    
Photo of the two news paper articles  
Photo of the two news paper articles  
Close-up Photo of "Wild Hearts" Red "Dino Music" LP CH 161 Record Label 
Close-up Photo of "Wild Hearts" Red "Dino Music" LP CH 161 Record Label   
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