NEU! - Krautrock from Germany Vinyl Album discography

NEU! was a German band formed by Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother after their split from Kraftwerk in the early 1970s. Though the band had minimal commercial success during its existence, Neu! are retrospectively considered one of the founding fathers of Krautrock and a significant influence on artists including David Bowie, Brian Eno, Iggy Pop, PiL, Joy Division, Gary Numan, Ultravox, Simple Minds, Negativland, Stereolab, Boredoms, Radiohead, The Horrors, Electrelane, and much of the current electronic music scene.


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NEU! VINYL Discography 1973-1975

NEU! '75 Black Front Cover 12" Vinyl LP

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EMI Electrola 7243 5 30782 1 8 / Brain Motor Music , Year , Country

"NEU! '75," the debut album by German Krautrock pioneers Neu!, emerged during the experimental fervor of 1975. Recorded at Conny Plank's studio, the album's hypnotic rhythms and electronic textures set it apart. With its avant-garde approach and minimalist structures, "NEU! '75" left an indelible mark, influencing genres from post-punk to ambient, solidifying its status as a timeless masterpiece.

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NEU! - Brain Metronome 12" Vinyl LP

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Metronome Brain 1004 , 1972 , Germany

The unofficial NEU! Gatefold BRAIN METRONOME MICHAEL ROTHER 12" Vinyl LP Album, lacking serial numbers on the label, signifies the 1970s era of musical experimentation. Bootleg releases like this, unauthorized by artists or labels, offer collectors rare material but raise ethical concerns. The absence of standard identifiers emphasizes its unofficial nature, blending music and intrigue as a unique artifact from a transformative period in music history.

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NEU! 1st Album White Vinyl 12" LP

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Gronland / Brain / Motor Music 7243 5 307801 , Year , Country

Neu!'s groundbreaking 1972 debut album, a cornerstone of the Krautrock movement, remains influential. Released on white vinyl with a distinctive gatefold cover, it embodies the experimental spirit of the early 1970s. The production, featuring minimalist aesthetics and innovative studio effects, established Neu!'s signature sound. This edition's visual presentation reflects the era's penchant for unique album designs, enhancing the immersive listening experience and contributing to the band's enduring legacy.

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NEU! 2nd Album White Vinyl 12" LP

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  album front cover


Neu! 2, released in 1973 during the Krautrock era, showcases the genre's experimental spirit. This classic album, pressed on white vinyl with a captivating gatefold cover, epitomizes Neu!'s signature style. The 11-minute track "Für immer" highlights Klaus Dinger's rhythmic drumming and Michael Rother's layered guitar work. The production's simplicity and the album's tactile white vinyl gatefold enhance the overall immersive experience, making Neu! 2 a timeless and influential musical journey.

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