KRAFTWERK - Radio-Aktivität 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Radio-Aktivität" by KRAFTWERK, a pioneering electronic album from the 1970s, is explored in a limited edition 12" Vinyl LP by Horzu/Kling-Klang records. Released in 1975, the album delves into the societal impact of nuclear technology. The limited edition enhances the experience with meticulous production, exclusive bonus materials, and captivating cover art. A timeless masterpiece, this release ensures KRAFTWERK's legacy endures for audiophiles and collectors alike.

This web page has photos of album covers, inner sleeves, record labels together with production details, musicians and track-listing.

Album Front Cover Photo of KRAFTWERK - Radio-Aktivität Hörzu Kling-Klang

KRAFTWERK - Radio-Aktivität Hörzu Kling-Klang Essential Information

"Radio-Aktivität" Album Description:

In the world of electronic music, few names resonate as profoundly as KRAFTWERK. The German pioneers of the genre have left an indelible mark on the musical landscape, and one of their seminal works, "Radio-Aktivität," is a testament to their avant-garde brilliance. This expository article delves into the time period of the album's release and explores the production nuances of the limited edition issued by Horzu/Kling-Klang records.

Time Period: A Sonic Odyssey in the 1970s

"Radio-Aktivität" emerged during a period of musical exploration and experimentation – the 1970s. It was a time when artists across various genres were pushing boundaries, seeking novel sounds, and challenging conventional notions of composition. In this milieu, KRAFTWERK stood at the forefront, blending electronic innovation with thematic depth.

Released in 1975, "Radio-Aktivität" is a conceptual album that explores the impact of nuclear technology on society. The backdrop of the Cold War and increasing awareness of environmental issues provided the perfect canvas for KRAFTWERK to craft a narrative that was both timely and prescient. The album's thematic relevance resonated with listeners and critics alike, contributing to its lasting influence.

Production Excellence: The Limited Edition Unveiled

Horzu/Kling-Klang records, the visionary labels behind the limited edition of "Radio-Aktivität," added an extra layer of sophistication to an already groundbreaking album. The meticulous production process showcased the commitment to delivering an auditory experience that matched the conceptual depth of KRAFTWERK's music.

The limited edition 12" Vinyl LP Album is a collector's dream, featuring enhanced packaging and exclusive bonus materials. From the moment the needle touches the vinyl, listeners are treated to a sonic journey that transcends the ordinary. The analog warmth of vinyl complements KRAFTWERK's electronic landscapes, creating a rich, immersive listening experience.

The cover art of the limited edition is a visual masterpiece, aligning seamlessly with the album's thematic core. Horzu/Kling-Klang records understood the importance of visual storytelling, and the artwork became an integral part of the overall presentation. Collectors and enthusiasts alike appreciate the attention to detail in this limited edition release, elevating it beyond a mere musical artifact.

Legacy and Impact

As we reflect on KRAFTWERK's "Radio-Aktivität" and its limited edition from Horzu/Kling-Klang records, it becomes evident that this musical masterpiece transcends its time. The 1970s provided the fertile ground for its inception, but its influence extends far beyond that era. The limited edition, with its exquisite production values, ensures that the album remains a cherished gem for audiophiles and collectors.

Music Genre:


Label & Catalognr:

 Hörzu Kling-Klang 1C 062-82 087


This album includes the insert sheet with the 16 Kraftwerk stickers (one has been used on the front-cover)

This album includes a 12" promo insert sheet called: German Rock Paradise with a list of albums released by the bands: Triumvirat, Jail, Kraftwerk, Eloy, CAN, Gebruder Engel, Tanned Leather, Sweet Smok"Radio-Aktivität" is the 1975 studio Album by the German Progressive Rock / Krautrock band "Kraftwerk", it was produced by Ralf Hütter, Florian Schneider and recorded at the Kling-Klang Studio, Dusseldorf, Germany.

Media Format:

Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1975 Made in Germany


 The album: "Radioaktivität" was produced by: Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider

Musicians on: KRAFTWERK - Radio-Aktivität Hörzu Kling-Klang

Band-members, Musicians:

Ralf Hütter - vocals, keyboards and synthesizers.

Florian Schneider - vocals, keyboards and synthesizers.

Karl Bartos - electronic percussion.

Wolfgang Flür - electronic percussion.

Track-listing of: KRAFTWERK - Radio-Aktivität Hörzu Kling-Klang

Tracklisting Side One:
  1. Geiger Counter
  2. Radio Activity
  3. Radioland
  4. Airwaves
  5. Intermission
  6. News
Tracklisting Side Two:
  1. The Voice of Energy
  2. Antenna
  3. Radio Stars
  4. Uranium
  5. Transistor
  6. Ohm Sweet Ohm


Front Cover Photo Of KRAFTWERK - Radio-Aktivität Hörzu Kling-Klang


KRAFTWERK - Radio-Aktivität Hörzu Kling-Klang front cover

 Note: The photos on this page are taken from albums in my personal collection. Slight differences in color may exist due to the use of the camera's flash. Images can be zoomed in/out ( eg pinch with your fingers on a tablet or smartphone ).

Photo Of The Back Cover KRAFTWERK - Radio-Aktivität Hörzu Kling-Klang


KRAFTWERK - Radio-Aktivität Hörzu Kling-Klang back cover

Close up of Side One record's label KRAFTWERK - Radio-Aktivität Hörzu Kling-Klang

" Radio-Aktivität Hörzu " Record Label Details: Black coloured label with Horzu Logo

Close up of Side One record's label KRAFTWERK - Radio-Aktivität Hörzu Kling-Klang
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