Guru Guru - Känguru 12" LP ALBUM VINYL

"Guru Guru's "Känguru" beckons listeners into a sonic exploration on a 12" LP vinyl, serving as the third installment from the influential German Krautrock band. Recorded in 1972, this album encapsulates Guru Guru's avant-garde spirit and innovative approach. With experimental compositions and intricate rhythms, "Känguru" remains a testament to the band's contribution to the Krautrock movement, showcasing their ability to push musical boundaries and create a unique auditory experience.

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GURU GURU - Känguru 12" LP ALBUM VINYL  front cover

Guru Guru's "Känguru": A Sonic Journey Through Krautrock's Experimental Heart
Album Description:

In the heart of the early 1970s, amidst a wave of musical experimentation and social upheaval, emerged Guru Guru's "Känguru," a seminal album in the Krautrock genre. Released in 1972, "Känguru" stands as a testament to the band's innovative spirit and fearless exploration of sound.

Historical Context

The early 1970s in Germany was a time of profound cultural and artistic transformation. The Krautrock movement was in full swing, challenging traditional rock conventions and pushing the boundaries of musical expression. Bands like Can, Amon Düül II, and Faust were forging new sonic territories, and Guru Guru was at the forefront of this avant-garde movement.

Musical Exploration

"Känguru" is a sonic odyssey that defies easy categorization. It seamlessly blends elements of rock, jazz, psychedelia, and free improvisation. The album opens with "Oxymoron," a sprawling, hypnotic track that sets the stage for the experimental journey ahead. "Immer Lustig" follows, a playful and energetic piece with intricate rhythms and infectious grooves. The album's B-side features "Baby Cake Walk," a quirky and off-kilter track with a distinct carnivalesque vibe, and "Ooga Booga," a wild and unhinged free-form jam.

Music Genre

"Känguru" firmly establishes Guru Guru as pioneers of Krautrock. The album's experimental nature, extended improvisations, and unconventional song structures are hallmarks of the genre. It's a testament to the band's willingness to break free from traditional rock constraints and embrace a more expansive and exploratory approach to music-making.

Production Team and Recording Studio

The album was produced by the legendary Conny Plank, known for his work with Kraftwerk, Neu!, and Cluster. Plank's innovative production techniques and sonic vision played a crucial role in shaping the unique sound of "Känguru." The album was recorded at Windrose-Dumont-Time Studios and mixed at Star-Musik-Produktion Hamburg, both renowned for their state-of-the-art facilities and contributions to the Krautrock sound.

Music Genre:


Album Production Information:

The album: "Guru Guru – Känguru" was produced by: Conny Plank and Guru Guru

Conny Plank: Legendary producer of Krautrock. Shaped the sound of Kraftwerk, Neu!, Cluster & more. A true pioneer in electronic music. Learn more about him

This album was recorded at: Windrose-Dumont-Time Studios, Mixed at Star-Musik-Produktion Hamburg

Album cover design: Heinz Dofflein and Guru Guru

Album cover photography: Tad Ludicke, Heidelberg

Record Label Information:

Brain 0060.400 LC 3230

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record

Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram

Year & Country:

1972 Germany
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: Guru Guru – Känguru
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Bass, Vocals – Uli Trepte
  • Cover – Guru Guru, Heinz Dofflein
  • Drums, Vocals – Mani Neumeier
  • Engineer – Conny Plank
  • Guitar, Vocals – Ax Genrich
Complete Track-listing of the album "Guru Guru – Känguru"

The detailed tracklist of this record "Guru Guru – Känguru" is:

    Track-listing Side One:
  1. Oxymoron
  2. Immer Lustig
    Track-listing Side Two:
  1. Baby Cake Walk
  2. Ooga Booga


Front Cover Photo Of GURU GURU - Känguru 12" LP ALBUM VINYL


GURU GURU - Känguru 12" LP ALBUM VINYL  front cover

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Photo Of The Back Cover GURU GURU - Känguru 12" LP ALBUM VINYL


GURU GURU - Känguru 12" LP ALBUM VINYL  back cover

Close up of Side One record's label GURU GURU - Känguru 12" LP ALBUM VINYL

"Känguru" Black Colour Brain / Mettronome Record Label Details: Brain 0060.400 LC 3230 ℗ 1972 Metronome Musik GMBH Sound Copyright

"Känguru" Black Colour Brain / Mettronome Record Label Details: Brain 0060.400 LC 3230 ℗ 1972 Metronome Musik GMBH Sound Copyright