Jeremy Steig Gomez Chambers Lend Me Your Ears 12" Vinyl LP ALbum

"Lend Me Your Ears" is a jazz album released in 1972 by flutist Jeremy Steig, accompanied by bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Joe Chambers. The album features eight tracks of experimental jazz fusion, incorporating elements of rock, funk, and avant-garde music. This web page has photos of album covers, inner sleeves, record labels together with production details, musicians and track-listing.


High Resolution Photo JEREMY STEIG GOMEZ Chambers Lend Me Your Ears

Description / Collector's info:  Recorded 1978 at Cornet Studios, Cologne by Wolfgang Hirschmann
The 2007 market value of this record is around $40

Music Genre:

  Flute Acid Jazz Music

Album Production Information:

  Produced by Kurt Renker, Vera Brandes
Album cover photography: Jurgen holzer, Ralph Quinke
Album cover design: Dorothea Baehr

Record Label & Catalognr:

CMP (Contemp) Records CMP 3

Media Format:

  12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 

Year & Country:

  1978 Made in Germany
Band Members and Musicians on: Jeremy Steig Lend Me Your Ears
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Jeremy Steig

    Jeremy Steig was a renowned American jazz flutist and composer, born on 23 September 1942, in New York City, USA. He was born into a family deeply rooted in music; his father, William Steig, was a celebrated cartoonist and illustrator, while his mother, Elizabeth Steig, was a talented pianist. Growing up in such a creative environment, Jeremy's passion for music was nurtured from an early age.


    Steig started playing the piano at a young age but later switched to the flute, which became his primary instrument. He attended the High School of Music & Art in New York City, where he honed his skills and developed a deep love for jazz. After high school, he continued his musical journey, studying at the Manhattan School of Music and the Juilliard School of Music.

    In the mid-1960s, Jeremy Steig began his professional career, playing with various jazz groups and exploring avant-garde and free jazz styles. He quickly gained recognition for his innovative approach to the flute and his ability to blend various influences, including classical, jazz, and world music, into his playing.

    In 1969, Steig released his debut album, "Flute Fever", which showcased his distinctive style and established him as one of the most prominent jazz flutists of his time. The album received critical acclaim and helped him build a loyal fan base.

    During the 1970s, Jeremy Steig collaborated with a wide range of musicians, including Eddie Gomez, Don Alias, and Jan Hammer, among others. His versatility and willingness to experiment with different genres made him a sought-after artist in the jazz community.

    One of the significant collaborations in Jeremy Steig's career was with the blues-rock legend Johnny Winter. Steig played flute on Johnny Winter's albums "Still Alive and Well" (1973) and "Saints & Sinners" (1974). His flute added a unique and unexpected element to Winter's bluesy rock sound, creating an exciting and memorable fusion.

    Throughout his career, Jeremy Steig released numerous solo albums and contributed to various projects as a guest musician. Some of his notable works include "Fusion" (1972), "Wayfaring Stranger" (1980), and "Monium" (1996).

    Jeremy Steig's dedication to music and his willingness to push boundaries continued to inspire fellow musicians and flute players around the world. He left a lasting impact on the jazz community and beyond with his innovative and soulful approach to the flute. Tragically, Jeremy Steig passed away on w April 2016, but his musical legacy remains alive through his recordings and the influence he had on generations of musicians

  • Eddie Gomez
  • Joe Chambers
Track Listing of: Jeremy Steig Lend Me Your Ears
    Side One:
  • Testimonium
  • The rite of the Lynx
  • Ria

    Side Two:
  • Steam Shovel
  • Electric Nipple
  • Lend me your Ears
Album cover photos of : Jeremy Steig Lend Me Your Ears

High Resolution Photo JEREMY STEIG GOMEZ Chambers Lend Me Your Ears

High Resolution Photo Album Back Cover  

High Resolution Photo JEREMY STEIG GOMEZ Chambers Lend Me Your Ears

Enlarged High Resolution Photo of the Green with blue rim "CMP Records" Record's Label  

High Resolution Photo JEREMY STEIG GOMEZ Chambers Lend Me Your Ears  

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