SNIPER (Band, Japan) - Open The Attack 12" Vinyl LP Album

SNIPER a Heavy Metal band from Nagoya, Japan and was formed in 1981. "Open the Attack" is their first official full-length album and was released in 1984.. This album "Open The Attack" by Sniper was distributed by "Boudiscque Records", a well-known record shop in Amsterdam, Netherlands during the 1970s and 1980s.

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Large Album Front Cover Photo of SNIPER - Open The Attack

Album Description:

In the tapestry of global metal, regional scenes often spawn bands that leave an indelible mark on the genre. SNIPER, a formidable Heavy Metal force hailing from Nagoya, Japan, solidified their status with their debut album "Open The Attack", released on 12" vinyl LP in 1984. This sonic onslaught marked the inception of SNIPER's legacy and showcased their mastery of metal's aggressive spirit.

Forging a Metal Path

Formed in 1981, SNIPER quickly became synonymous with Japanese metal might. "Open The Attack" emerged as their thunderous declaration to the world. The album's release reverberated through the global metal community, a testament to SNIPER's resilience, power, and their ability to channel their passion into a relentless sound.

Conquering Through Sound

At the production helm stood Mohey-Shige-Hirano, a guiding hand that channeled SNIPER's raw energy into a cohesive auditory experience. Sound mixer Hico played a pivotal role in capturing the band's sonic ferocity, ensuring that every guitar riff, bass line, and drumbeat surged with unbridled intensity. The live recording location, Electric Lady Land, provided the ideal arena for SNIPER's metal attack to unfold.

Sonic Warriors Unleashed

"Open The Attack" introduced the world to the sonic warriors that constituted SNIPER's lineup. Shigehisa "Kinny" Kitao's vocals became the rallying cry that led the charge, a conduit for the band's emotive delivery. Masanori "Burny" Kusakabe's guitar work combined finesse with raw power, while Romi "Rommy" Murase's bass lines provided a sturdy foundation. Shunji Itou's drumming surged with unrelenting energy, driving the songs forward.

A Guest's Shred

Adding to the album's sonic tapestry was guest guitarist Reibun "Raven" Ōtani, whose shredding prowess amplified the album's intensity. Ōtani's contributions melded seamlessly with the band's sonic assault, enhancing the album's auditory diversity.

Global Distribution through Boudiscque Records

The album's reach extended beyond Japan's borders, thanks to the distribution by Boudiscque Records—a renowned record shop in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This extended reach enabled metal enthusiasts around the world to experience the electrifying onslaught that SNIPER unleashed.

Essential Album Information For: SNIPER - Open The Attack

Music Genre:

Heavy Metal

Label & Catalognr:

Megaton – MEGATON 0013

Media Format:

Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1985 Made in Holland ( printed on the record label near 3'o clock )

SNIPER - Open The Attack Production & Recording Information


Mohey-Shige-Hirano - Producer

Sound & Recording Engineers:

Hico - Sound Mixer

Recording Location:

The album "Open The Attack" was Live recorded at Electric Lady Land

Musicians on: SNIPER - Open The Attack

Band-members, Musicians:

Shigehisa "Kinny" Kitao - Vocals

Masanori "Burny" Kusakabe - Guitar

Romi "Rommy" Murase - Bass

Shunji Itou - Drums

Guest Musicians:

Reibun "Raven" Ōtani - Guitarist

Track-listing of: SNIPER - Open The Attack

Tracklisting Side One:
  1. Open The Attack
  2. Dadicate
  3. Black Rain
  4. Over The Sky
Tracklisting Side Two:
  1. Hard Time
  2. 眠れぬ夜
  3. Never Change
  4. Fire

SNIPER - Open The Attack High Resolution & Quality Photos

Front Cover Photo Of SNIPER - Open The Attack
Front Cover Photo Of SNIPER - Open The Attack


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Photo Of The Back Cover SNIPER - Open The Attack
Photo of album back cover SNIPER - Open The Attack


Close up of record's label SNIPER - Open The Attack Side One:
Close up of record's label SNIPER - Open The Attack Side One

MEGATON 0013 08-023500-20 Record Label Details: Made in Holland . STEMRA ℗ 1985

Photo of Side One of SNIPER - Open The Attack
Photo of Side One of SNIPER - Open The Attack


Photo of Side Two of SNIPER - Open The Attack
Photo of Side Two of SNIPER - Open The Attack