ALIEN FORCE - HELL AND HIGH WATER Danish Heavy Metal 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Hell and High Water," Alien Force's 1985 debut album, encapsulates the essence of Danish Heavy Metal during the vibrant 1980s. Featuring raw, analog production and powerful performances by band members Peter Svale Andersen, Henrik Rasmussen, Michael Østerfeldt, and Michael Rasmussen, the LP stands as a testament to the era's sonic identity. With bold album artwork, it remains a cherished gem in Heavy Metal history, offering a nostalgic journey into the rebellious spirit of the time.


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"Hell and High Water" Album Description:

In the vibrant tapestry of Heavy Metal history, the 1980s stands out as a golden era, witnessing the rise of numerous bands that left an indelible mark on the genre. Among them, the Danish Heavy Metal band Alien Force emerges with their debut album, "Hell and High Water." Released in 1985, this LP not only showcases the musical prowess of the band but also provides a snapshot of the time period and the production intricacies of the era.

The Band:

Alien Force comprised talented musicians who contributed significantly to the album's distinctive sound:

1. Peter Svale Andersen - Vocals

2. Henrik Rasmussen - Guitar

3. Michael Østerfeldt - Bass & Backing Vocals

4. Michael Rasmussen - Drums

Their collective expertise and creative synergy laid the foundation for "Hell and High Water," setting the stage for an immersive musical experience.

Time Period:

The mid-1980s was a transformative period for Heavy Metal, witnessing the genre's expansion and diversification. Bands worldwide were experimenting with different elements, fusing traditional Heavy Metal with new sounds, and creating a plethora of sub-genres. In Denmark, Alien Force emerged during this dynamic era, adding their unique flavor to the global Heavy Metal landscape.

Production and Sound:

The production of "Hell and High Water" reflects the sonic aesthetics prevalent in the mid-1980s. Characterized by analog recording equipment and the distinctive warmth of vinyl, the album carries the raw and authentic sound that defined the era. The guitars, driven by Henrik Rasmussen's skillful playing, deliver powerful riffs, while the rhythm section, anchored by Michael Østerfeldt and Michael Rasmussen, provides a solid foundation for the album's intensity.

The vocals of Peter Svale Andersen soar above the instrumentals, delivering lyrics that often touch upon themes typical of Heavy Metal – rebellion, fantasy, and a hint of the occult. The combination of Andersen's vocal style and the instrumental prowess of the band contributes to the overall sonic identity of "Hell and High Water."

Album Artwork:

The visual aesthetics of the album cover also capture the spirit of the time. In an era marked by elaborate and often fantastical artwork, "Hell and High Water" doesn't disappoint. The cover, with its bold imagery, aligns with the rebellious and edgy ethos of Heavy Metal, providing a visual representation of the sonic journey that awaits the listener.

Music Genre:

  Danish Heavy Metal

Album  Production information:

The album: "Alien Force - Hell and High Water" was produced by: Michael Brenner

This album was recorded at: Alla Studio Copenhagen

Record Label Information:

  Arg! Records

Media Format:

  12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

Band Members and Musicians on: Alien Force - Hell and High Water
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Peter Svale Andersen - vocals
  • Henrik Rasmussen - guitar
  • Michael Østerfeldt - bass & backing vocals
  • Michael Rasmussen - drums
Track Listing of: "Alien Force - Hell and High Water"

The Songs/tracks on "Alien Force - Hell and High Water" are

  1. To You 04:20
  2. Get It Out 04:29
  3. Ripper 05:24
  4. Nervous 04:24
  5. Fly Away 05:25
  6. Stranger 05:40
  7. Night Of Glory 04:26
  8. Hell And High Water 05:26
  9. Time Is Out 04:56
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Enlarged High Resolution Photo of the Record's label Alien Force - Hell and High Water

Enlarged High Resolution Photo of the Record's label Alien Force - Hell and High Water


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