AARONSROD - Illusions Kill - 12" Vinyl LP Album

This album "Illusions Kill" by "Aaronsrod" has been produced by "Rick Asher Keefer" and released in 1986. It has been recorded at the "Sea West Studios" during 1985. The album cover was designed/drawn by "Frank Jensen" and the photos on the back cover were done by "Eddee Louie".

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Album Description:

In the realm of heavy metal, certain albums stand out as iconic representations of the genre's power and intensity. Among them is AARONSROD's "Illusions Kill", a seminal 12" vinyl LP album released in 1986. Produced by the talented Rick Asher Keefer, this masterpiece of metal was recorded at the renowned Sea West Studios in Hawaii during 1985.

"Illusions Kill" captivated listeners from the moment its striking album cover design, created by Frank Jensen, caught their eye. Jensen's artistry perfectly captures the album's themes of darkness, mystique, and relentless energy. Complementing the visual experience, the back cover features captivating photographs by Eddee Louie, adding depth to the album's enigmatic aura.

As the needle settles into the groove and the first track explodes into life, it becomes clear that AARONSROD is not just another run-of-the-mill metal band. Led by the powerful and dynamic vocals of Angelo Jensen, the band's lineup boasts an impressive array of talented musicians. Brian Spalding's intricate guitar work weaves a tapestry of sonic mastery, while Neil Delaforce's expertly executed guitar solos and backing vocals elevate the songs to new heights.

Behind the drum kit, Gerard Gonsalves sets a furious pace, driving the album forward with thunderous precision. And anchoring the band's sound is Edward Dysarz, whose commanding bass lines provide a solid foundation that resonates with every thunderous note.

"Illusions Kill" is a relentless assault on the senses, taking listeners on a journey through the darkest corners of the human psyche. Each track explores themes of inner turmoil, disillusionment, and the deceptive nature of reality. From the raw energy of the opening track to the haunting melodies that emerge throughout the album, AARONSROD captures the essence of heavy metal with a unique blend of aggression and finesse.

Released on RoadrunneR Records with the catalog number RR 9690, "Illusions Kill" quickly garnered attention and acclaim within the metal community. The album's impact was not limited to its initial release; it has since become a sought-after collector's item, revered by fans and aficionados alike.

AARONSROD's "Illusions Kill" remains a testament to the enduring power of heavy metal music. With its captivating album artwork, stellar production, and masterful performances, this LP continues to stand the test of time. It is a must-have for any true metal connoisseur, a testament to the band's legacy and a powerful reminder of the impact heavy metal can have on its listeners.

Music Genre:

 Heavy Metal 

Album Production Information:

 The album: "AARONSROD - Illusions Kill" was produced by: Rick Asher Keefer

This album was recorded at: Sea-West Studios, Hawaii

Logo and graphic design: Frank Jensen

Album cover photography: Eddee Louie

Record Label Information:

  RoadrunneR Records RR 9690

Record Format:

 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

  1986 Made in Netherlands
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: AARONSROD - Illusions Kill
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Angelo Jensen - Vocals
  • Brian Spalding - Guitars
  • Neil Delaforce - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
  • Gerard Gonsalves - Drums
  • Edward Dysarz - Bass
Complete Track-listing of the album "AARONSROD - Illusions Kill"

The detailed tracklist of this record "AARONSROD - Illusions Kill" is:

    Track-listing Side One:
  1. Do Me In
  2. I Wanna Take You Higher
  3. She Say... No Way!
  4. Never Cry Wolf
  5. Russian Roulette
    Track-listing Side Two:
  1. Hard As Stone
  2. Deceiving Eyes
  3. Mirage
  4. Roll The Dice
  5. Khoram's Blade
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