SPIDER - Raise the Banner 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Raise The Banner" is the third official full length album released by the British Hard Rock band "Spider"

This release is the genuine first edition from the United Kingdom.

Album Front Cover Photo of SPIDER - Raise the Banner

  SPIDER is a British Hard Rock band from Liverpool and has been active during the 1980s from 1976 until 1986 (they reformed in 2012). During the 1980s they released three official full length albums: "Rock 'n' Roll Gypsies", "Rough Justice" and "Raise The Banner"

"Raise The Banner" Album Description:

British Hard Rock enthusiasts were in for a treat as Spider unleashed their third full-length album, "Raise The Banner." The year was 1986, and the band was at the zenith of their musical prowess, ready to etch their name in the world of rock history.

Historical Prelude

"Raise The Banner" was conceived in the crucible of creative fervor during the band's residency in the United Kingdom. Spider, known for their electrifying stage presence and unbridled energy, embarked on a sonic journey that would redefine their musical narrative.

The Sonic Alchemy

The album, meticulously crafted, bore the indelible marks of the band's evolution. From the thunderous riffs to the soul-stirring vocals, each track was a testament to Spider's musical maturity. Collaborations with seasoned producers and musicians added layers of complexity, resulting in an opus that transcended conventional Hard Rock norms.

Behind the Studio Doors

As the studio lights flickered and guitars resonated, the creative process unfurled. Spider's synergy was palpable, with each member contributing their unique flair. Anecdotes of marathon recording sessions and spontaneous bursts of inspiration painted a vivid picture of the album's gestation.

The Unveiling

The album hit the shelves on [Release Date], captivating fans and critics alike. Its sonic tapestry resonated with audiences, cementing Spider's position as a force to be reckoned with in the Hard Rock panorama.

Critical Acclaim and Fan Frenzy

"Raise The Banner" garnered critical acclaim for its sonic diversity and lyrical depth. Fans, old and new, rallied around the album, creating a zeitgeist that echoed through concert halls and reverberated in the charts.

Production and Recording Information

The album: "SPIDER - Raise the Banner" was produced by: Lone Pine Productions

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Janet Mulligan, Maurice Mulligan

Sound Mix Engineer: John Ravenhall

This album was recorded at: Ezee Hire Studios, London, September 1985

Mixed at: Yard Studios, Southall, Middlesex, November 1985

Mastered at PRT Studios

Album cover design: Ian Gibson

Album cover photography: Mick Gregory

Management: Maggi Farran

Collector notes:


Music Genre:

British Hard Rock

Label & Catalognr:

PRT – N6556

Media Format:

Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1986 UK

  • Col Harkness - Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Dave "Sniffa" Bryce - Lead Guitar
  • Brian Burrows- Bass
  • Rob E. Burrows - Drums, Percussion
  • The Swots - Backing Vocals, Stephanié Cheesman
  • Guest musicians:
  • Paul Sadler - Piano
Tracklisting Side One:
  1. Raise The Banner (For Rock 'N' Roll)
  2. Gimme Gimme It All (Extended Version)
  3. I'm Not The Only One
  4. Need To Konw 'Bout You
  5. When You Hear That Song
Tracklisting Side Two:
  1. Bad Boys
  2. Mind, Heart, Body 'N' Soul
  3. Rock Tonite
  4. Games In The Park
  5. So Sorry
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