Dazed For Days is the 1983 and second album by the American Rock band "Wendy & The Rockets" with the Australian lead singer Wendy Stapleton

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Album Description:

Wendy & The Rocketts were an all-female new wave band from Los Angeles, California, active in the 1980s. "Dazed for Days" was their only full-length album, released in 1982 on vinyl LP.

The album received positive reviews upon its release, with critics praising the band's energy and Cruise's songwriting. However, despite the critical acclaim, the album failed to achieve mainstream success and the band disbanded shortly after its release.

"Dazed for Days" is considered a cult classic among fans of new wave and punk rock, with the vinyl LP being a sought-after collector's item.

Music Genre:

  Female Fronted Hard Rock, Wendy's" real name is "Wendy Stapleton" 

  Wendy Stapleton is an Australian singer, actress, and performer. She was born on 4 June 1954, in Melbourne, Australia. Stapleton has been active in the Australian music scene since the 1970s and is best known for her work as a vocalist in the band "Wendy and the Rocketts"", which she formed in 1980.

In addition to her work with Wendy and the Rocketts, Stapleton has also released several solo albums and has appeared in numerous Australian stage productions, including the lead role in the musical "Mamma Mia!". She has also acted in several television shows and films.

Throughout her career, Stapleton has won numerous awards and accolades, including two ARIA Awards, the highest honor in Australian music. She is widely regarded as one of Australia's most talented and versatile performers, with a career that has spanned over four decades.