NIRVANA - Incesticide 12" Vinyl LP Album

Incesticide is a compilation album by the American rock band Nirvana. It consists of their 1990 non-album single "Sliver", B-sides, demos, outtakes, covers, and radio broadcast recordings. This web page has photos of album covers, inner sleeves, record labels together with production details, musicians and track-listing.


large photo of the album front cover of: NIRVANA - Incesticide

Album Description:

Released in 1992, Nirvana's "Incesticide" is a sonic tapestry that captures the raw essence of the band during their formative years. This compilation LP offers a glimpse into the creative journey of one of the most influential rock bands of the era.

"Incesticide" showcases Nirvana's versatility, featuring a blend of tracks ranging from energetic punk anthems to melancholic ballads. The album opens with the catchy riff of "Dive," setting the tone for a rollercoaster ride through the band's repertoire. Tracks like "Sliver" and "Been a Son" exemplify Nirvana's ability to craft infectious melodies with a punk edge, while covers such as "Molly's Lips" and "Son of a Gun" pay homage to the band's punk rock roots.

What sets "Incesticide" apart is its raw authenticity. The album's B-sides and demos offer a glimpse into Nirvana's creative process, showcasing their unfiltered talent and the evolution of their sound. From the haunting vocals of "Aneurysm" to the frenetic energy of "Stain," each track carries a distinctiveness that solidifies Nirvana's place in music history.

Commercially, "Incesticide" achieved moderate success, serving as a bridge between Nirvana's groundbreaking debut album, "Bleach," and their meteoric rise to fame with "Nevermind." While it may not have attained the same level of commercial acclaim as their subsequent releases, its impact on the alternative music scene cannot be overstated.

Beyond its commercial success, "Incesticide" remains a testament to Nirvana's artistic integrity. It captures the essence of a band unapologetically pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. From the gritty production to the visceral lyrics, each element contributes to the album's enduring legacy.

Music Genre:

  Grunge, Alternative, Punk, Rock
Production:  All songs written by Kurt Cobain, Chris Novoselic
Record Label:  Geffen Records GEF 24504


  Original custom inner sleeve with album details, and photos. 

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 

Year & Country:

  1992 Made in Holland
Track Listing of: NIRVANA Incesticide
    Side One:
  1. Dive
  2. Sliver
  3. Stain
  4. Been a Son
  5. Turnaround
  6. Molly's Lips
  7. Son of a Gun
  8. (New Wave) Polly
    Side Two:
  1. Beeswax
  2. Downer
  3. Mexican Seafood
  4. Hairspray Queen
  5. Aero Zeppelin
  6. Big Long Now


Photos of the LP's cover: NIRVANA Incesticide
Photo of NIRVANA Incesticide Album's Front Cover 
NIRVANA Incesticide 12" vinyl LP  
Photo of NIRVANA Incesticide Album's Inner Sleeve

NIRVANA Incesticide 12" vinyl LP

NIRVANA Incesticide 12" vinyl LP

NIRVANA Incesticide 12" vinyl LP

NIRVANA Incesticide 12" vinyl LP