NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust - Gatefold 12" 2LP VINYL Album

This album "NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold" is the live album by Neil Young & Crazy Horse, recorded during his fall 1978 "Rust Never Sleeps" tour. The show at the Cow Palace, San Francisco was filmed and was the performance used in the concert film Rust Never Sleeps; however, the album Live Rust was composed of performances recorded at the Cow Palace and other venues during the tour and was released in 1979.

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Front Cover Photo Of NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold

Album Description:

In the vast world of rock music, there are few artists who have left an indelible mark on the genre like Neil Young. A true musical iconoclast, Young's ability to blend heartfelt songwriting with raw, electrifying performances has garnered him a loyal following and cemented his place in rock history. One of his most celebrated live albums, "Live Rust", recorded with his longtime backing band Crazy Horse, showcases Young's unparalleled talent and captures the essence of his powerful live shows. Released as a 2LP gatefold 12" vinyl, "Live Rust" remains a cherished artifact for fans and a testament to the enduring brilliance of Neil Young.

The Power of Live Performance:
Live albums hold a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts. They capture the energy, spontaneity, and raw emotion that can only be experienced in a live setting. "Live Rust" exemplifies this in every way, as Neil Young and Crazy Horse deliver an electrifying performance that is nothing short of captivating. From the opening chords of "Sugar Mountain" to the blistering guitar solos on "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)", the album showcases the band's ability to create an immersive sonic experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional studio recordings.

The Intimacy of Vinyl:
The decision to release "Live Rust" on 2LP gatefold 12" vinyl was a deliberate one, aiming to capture the essence of the live experience and provide listeners with an immersive journey. Vinyl records offer a warmth and depth that digital formats often struggle to replicate. The larger format of a 12" vinyl allows for stunning album artwork, lyrics, and liner notes, further enhancing the overall experience for the listener. Holding the gatefold in your hands and delicately placing the records on the turntable creates a ritualistic connection between the listener and the music, immersing them in Neil Young's world.

Cultural Significance:
"Live Rust" was released in 1979, a time when rock music was undergoing significant changes. The album emerged as a reflection of the era, capturing the spirit of the counterculture movement and serving as a rallying cry for a generation disillusioned by social and political unrest. Neil Young's thought-provoking lyrics and unapologetic passion resonated with audiences around the world, solidifying his status as a voice of a generation.

Legacy and Influence:
Decades after its release, "Live Rust" continues to inspire and influence musicians and fans alike. The album showcases the enduring power of Neil Young's music, transcending generational boundaries and reminding us of the timeless nature of his artistry. The fiery guitar solos, the introspective ballads, and the unbridled energy captured on the 2LP gatefold 12" vinyl serve as a testament to Young's ability to connect with listeners on a deep, emotional level.


 Gatefold (FOC) cover design with artwork / photos on the inside cover pages

Music Genre:

  Country Folk Rock, Pop 

Album Production Information:

 The album: "NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold" was produced by: David Briggs

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): David Hewitt , Record's Plant Recording Truck

This album was mastered by: David Gold (Gold Star Recording Studios)

Record Label Information:

  Reprise REP 64 041

Media Format:

  Double 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 480 gram  

Year & Country:

  1979 Made in Germany
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Neil Young: lead guitar, harmonica, piano, lead vocals

    Neil Young, born: Neil Percival Young, born on 12 November 1945, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a legendary singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Renowned for his distinctive voice, poetic lyrics, and versatile musical style, Neil Young has established himself as one of the most influential and enduring musicians of his generation.

    Young's passion for music was evident from an early age. He began playing the ukulele at the age of five, and by his teenage years, he had already taken up the guitar and harmonica. Inspired by artists like Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry, he formed his first bands, The Jades and subsequently The Squires, in his early teens. These early experiences ignited Young's desire to pursue a career in music.

    In the mid-1960s, Neil Young co-founded the band Buffalo Springfield, which became a prominent part of the burgeoning folk-rock scene. Their self-titled debut album in 1966 showcased Young's songwriting skills and featured the classic track "For What It's Worth," which became an anthem for the 1960s counterculture movement. Despite internal conflicts, Buffalo Springfield released three albums before disbanding in 1968.


    Following the breakup of Buffalo Springfield, Young embarked on a highly successful solo career that would span several decades. His debut solo album, "Neil Young," was released in 1968, and he followed it up with a string of critically acclaimed albums, including "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" (1969), which introduced his backing band, Crazy Horse. This album featured the classic tracks "Cinnamon Girl" and "Down by the River," solidifying his reputation as a masterful songwriter and guitarist.

    Throughout the 1970s, Neil Young released a series of influential albums that showcased his musical versatility. Albums like "After the Gold Rush" (1970) and "Harvest" (1972) brought him widespread commercial success and produced timeless classics such as "Heart of Gold" and "Old Man." Young's music during this period was characterized by his introspective lyrics, melodic hooks, and his ability to effortlessly switch between acoustic folk and electric rock.

    Neil Young's career took various creative turns in the subsequent decades. He formed several different backing bands, including the country-rock-oriented Stray Gators and the hard-hitting Crazy Horse, with whom he would collaborate intermittently throughout his career. Young continued to experiment with his sound and tackle a diverse range of topics in his music, often using his platform to address social and political issues.

    Young's discography is vast and diverse, and he has released numerous critically acclaimed albums, including "Rust Never Sleeps" (1979), "Freedom" (1989), and "Harvest Moon" (1992). His willingness to explore different genres, from rock and folk to country and grunge, has solidified his status as an iconoclastic artist who refuses to be confined by conventional boundaries.

    In addition to his solo work, Neil Young has collaborated with various musicians, including Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, with whom he produced politically charged anthems like "Ohio" and "Woodstock." He has also been an advocate for environmental causes, most notably with his involvement in the annual Farm Aid concerts, which raise funds and awareness for family farmers.

    Neil Young's contributions to music have earned him numerous accolades and inductions into prestigious halls of fame, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. His artistic integrity, unwavering commitment to his vision, and ability to connect with audiences through his honest and emotive music have made him an enduring and beloved figure in the world of rock and folk music.

    Even after decades in the industry, Neil Young remains an active musician, continually creating new music and captivating audiences with his live performances. His legacy as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist continues to inspire generations of musicians, ensuring that his influential voice will resonate for years to come.

  • Crazy Horse on all tracks except those marked (*)
  • Frank Sampedro: Guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Billy Talbot: Bass, vocals
  • Ralph Molina: Drums, vocals
Complete Track-listing of the album "NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold"

The detailed tracklist of this record "NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold" is:

    Track-listing :
  1. Sugar Mountain - 5:02
  2. I Am a Child - 3:01
  3. Comes a Time - 3:15
  4. After the Gold Rush - 3:49
  5. My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) (Young, Jeff Blackburn) - 4:12
  6. When You Dance I Can Really Love - 3:42
  7. The Loner - 4:53
  8. The Needle and the Damage Done - 3:06
  9. Lotta Love - 2:51
  10. Sedan Delivery - 4:50
  11. Powderfinger - 5:43
  12. Cortez the Killer - 6:19
  13. Cinnamon Girl - 3:22
  14. Like a Hurricane - 8:03
  15. Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) (Young, Blackburn) - 4:37
  16. Tonight's the Night - 7:12

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold High Resolution & Quality Photos

Front Cover Photo Of NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold
Front Cover Photo Of NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold


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Photo Of The Back Cover NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold
Photo of album back cover NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold


Photo One Of The Inner Gatefold NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold
Photo of the left page inside cover NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold


Photo Two Of The Inside Pages NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold
Photo of the right page inside cover NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold


Photo One Of The Original Custom Inner Sleeve NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold
Photo One Of The Original Custom Inner Sleeve NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold


Photo Two of the original custom inner sleeve NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold
Photo Two of the original custom inner sleeve NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold


Close up of record's label NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold Side One:
Close up of record's label NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Live Rust 2LP Gatefold Side One

Record Label Details: Reprise Records REP 64 041 ( 2RX-1-2296)

Harvest Moon to Ragged Glory: Neil Young's Iconic Vinyl Discography of Four Decades.

Band Description:

  Neil Young is a legendary musician, songwriter, and activist who has had a significant impact on the music industry for over five decades. Born in Toronto, Canada, on November 12, 1945, Young is widely regarded as one of the most influential and innovative musicians of his generation. His unique style and poetic lyrics have won him a legion of fans and accolades, including inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Early Life and Career:

Neil Young's early life was marked by significant challenges, including a difficult family life, struggles with polio, and a diagnosis of epilepsy. Despite these challenges, he showed an early interest in music, learning to play guitar and harmonica as a teenager. In 1960, he formed his first band, The Squires, and began playing in local clubs and bars.

Young's career took off in the mid-1960s when he joined the Buffalo Springfield, a folk-rock band that blended elements of rock, folk, and country music. With the band, he recorded hits such as "For What It's Worth" and "Mr. Soul." However, Young left the band in 1968 to pursue a solo career.

Solo Career: Young's solo career began with his eponymous debut album in 1969. The album featured the hit song "The Loner" and established Young's signature sound, which blended country, rock, and folk music. Over the next few years, he released several successful albums, including "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere," "After the Gold Rush," and "Harvest."

During this time, Young also began to experiment with different musical styles, including hard rock and electronic music. He recorded several albums with his backing band, Crazy Horse, and collaborated with artists such as Stephen Stills, David Crosby, and Graham Nash.

In the late 1970s, Young's career took a more experimental turn with the release of albums such as "Trans," which featured electronic and synthesized music. While some fans and critics were skeptical of this direction, Young continued to push the boundaries of his music, creating an enduring legacy as an innovator.

Impact on the Music Industry:

Neil Young's impact on the music industry is undeniable. His unique sound and poetic lyrics have influenced countless musicians, and his activism and outspokenness have inspired generations of fans. Young has been a champion for social justice and environmental causes, using his platform to raise awareness of issues such as climate change and Indigenous rights.

Young has also been a vocal advocate for high-fidelity audio, creating the PonoPlayer, a digital music player that promised to deliver high-quality sound. While the device was not a commercial success, it helped to raise awareness of the importance of sound quality in music.